Class 7 Adjectives Exercise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of the adjectives given in brackets.
  1. I have an __________ sister. (old) 
  2. Let’s discuss that at a ________ date. (late)
  3. The poor woman once had a __________ life. (happy)
  4. The child is the _________ in the class. (young)
  5. Please be __________ when you answer. (honest)
  6. This is the __________ dress I have ever bought. (expensive)
  7. He thinks he is the _________ boy in the class. (intelligent)
  8. Chirag has many ___________ friends. (old)
  9. June is the ____________ month of the year in many parts of India. (hot)
  10. Gold is the ____________ of all metals. (precious)


Question 2) Fill in the blanks with appropriate adjectives.
  1. Sit in your __________ chair. (actual/own/very).
  2. The ____________ tea ceremony is a beautiful cultural activity. (Japan/Japanese)
  3. There are ____________ options available. (none/own/six)
  4. What a _____________ pretty flower! (some/all/very)
  5. ____________ of the women were upset. (Few/Some/One)
  6. She looks ______________. (Europe/European/Europe-like)
  7. I bought ____________ mangoes from the seller. (actual/nine/sixth)
  8. One ___________ of the boys in the class were absent. (fought/group/amazing)


Question 3) Fill in the blanks with adjectives formed from the given words.
  1. The teacher often scolds Reba because she is __________. (talk)
  2. My uncle was a __________ (book) child. He would always be found in the school library.
  3. Pam always looked ___________ (cheer). No one knew that she had a ________ (tragedy) history.
  4. Though his relatives denied it, Shamik was the __________ (law) owner of the property.
  5. His ______________ (haste) decision cost him the respect of his __________________ (love) ones.


Question 4) Fill in the blanks with the comparative form of the given adjectives.
  1. There is _____________ (little) water in this bottle than in that.
  2. I have become __________ (wise) over the years.
  3. Villagers are usually ____________ (polluted) than cities.
  4. I’m feeling much _____________ (good) today than I did yesterday.
  5. ______________ (many) often than hot, people make this mistake.
  6. Children are usually ___________ (intelligent) than we think they are.
  7. The resort is ___________ (far) than what you told me.
  8. You have never met a ____________ (generous) person than Stephen.
  9. Rekha is the ___________ (pretty) of the two sisters.
  10. Of these two pairs of shoes, which one will last ____________ (long)?


Question 5) Complete the following sentences using the appropriate degree of comparison of the given adjectives. 
  1. She is ____________ than her brother. (smart)
  2. Ritu is the ____________ student in class. (soft-spoken)
  3. Arun speaks English __________ . (well)
  4. This dress is not really as ___________ as that one. (pretty)
  5. China is a ______________ country. (large)
  6. The sign of four, a Sherlock Holmes mystery, is the ____________ book I have read. (thrilling)
  7. Take the _____________ of the two ropes. (short)
  8. Mani Bakery sells the ___________ muffins in town. (good)