Argumentative Essay Topics For Class 8

Example 1 : Computers will Replace Books


One, I cannot believe all the big claims made on behalf of the computers. A computer can never and will never replace a book. A computer cannot give the same joy, which reading a book ourselves can give us. We will form our own opinions about a book and not be influenced by computers.

A computer cannot open new schools and colleges to educate more and more people. If everyone could study from computers there would not be a mad rush to admit children in schools. A computer can never replace a teacher or your book. You have to read to know more. A computer can tell us only that much which is fed into it. It cannot answer all our questions, clear all our doubts.

A book is your own. There is a simple joy in owning it. You can look at the pictures again and again and read your favorite stories again and again. You do not have to depend on electricity, help of your family members and permission to use it!

Books will remain forever.

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