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Q.21 On Teacher’s Day, the badge holders of your school organized a grand celebration to honour the teachers of your school. As the head boy of the school, write a report on the celebration in 125-150 words.

ANS.                         TEACHER’S DAY CELEBRATION

                                       A Report by: Head boy

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of our former president, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the badge holders of our school had organized a grand celebration on 5th September to honour the teachers of our school. The celebration took place in the assembly hall. The celebrations began at around 9:30 a.m. In the morning, senior students greeted the teachers warmly in a traditional way by putting tilak on their forehead and giving them a rose stick. The senior students were dressed up as teachers and played the role of different teacher’s. They counted the teacher’s effort by praising them. After honouring all the teacher’s,  the students performed activities like dsance, drama, singing and speech. They also organized few games like musical chair, dodge ball, balloon game etc. To make the day memorable teachers were made to dance and sing. In the end teachers were provided a lavish lunch by the seniors. It was indeed a great celebration.

Article Writing Class 12 Page 3


Q.22 As you were travelling by train. You happened to witness an accident at an unmanned level crossing. As the reporter of a newspaper, write a report on the accident, including details of the number of the people injured and the extent of damage caused.


                                      BY: REPORTER

I witnessed a horrible sight of a train accident at an unmanned level crossing while going to Udaipur, near Chittor, a bus carrying nearly 45 people happened to cross the railway track when suddenly the train arrived. It happened to collide with one of the bogies of the train and overturned badly , 23 people were seriously injured and they were immediately taken to a nearby hospital by the locals. The bogie was also derailed. The extent of damage caused was not yet estimated. Due to this accident, the train got delayed and the schedule of the other trains of the route was also disturbed.  It resulted into lot of inconvenienced to the passengers. Government has set up an enquiry to probe into a the matter. A sum of Rs. 50,000 was announced for all those injured.


Q.23 Maxim Gorky School, Kodailkanal celebrated “Nutrition Week” from 1st September to 7th September by arranging inter-school cookery contests, oratorical, painting and poster competition, besides talks by eminent nutritionists and medical professionals. There was an overwhelming response from students and parents. Prepare a report in 100-125 words to be published in your school magazine. You are Arjun/Anita, School pupil leader.

ANS.                              NUTRITION-WEEK

Maxim Gorky School, Kodaikanal celebrated Nutrition Week from 1st September to 7th September in the school auditorium. The celebration started with lightning  of candles by our respected Principal Sir followed by his inspirational speech on the present day’s health issue and the impact of diet on it. Different school participated in various competitions organized by the school. The competition included inter-school cookery contests. Oratorical, painting and poster competition, besides talk by eminent nutritionists and medical professionals was also organized. The students as well as their parents gave an overwhelming response because nowadays everybody is conscious about their health and well-being. The speech on the nutritional value of food by a student, was praised by all. The programme was a combined efforts of the teachers and the students and received a huge appreciation by the ones present there.

In the end, the results of the competitions organized were declared and the winners were awarded prizes by Principal Sir.

Article Writing Class 12 Page 3

Q.24 You are Roshan/Rohini, School Pupil Leader of Meerut Public School, Meerut. Your school joined a campaign organized by various agencies of your city to create awareness among people to conserve water. Write a report in 100-125 words highlighting the activities such as rain water harvesting etc.

ANS.                             WATER CONSERVATION

                       A Report By: Roshini (School Pupil Leader)

Water scarcity today has become a big issue which if not dealt with in time, will turn out to be a hazard. To make the people aware to conserve water, Meerut Public School joined a campaign organized by various agencies of the city. People in large numbers attended it and were asked to conserve every drop of water and not waste it unnecessarily. Small skits presenting the ways of conserving water were presented by the children. It was an easy approach as the venue of the campaign was the Public Park and the passers by also stopped to become a part of the campaign. Besides, importance of rain water harvesting and the method to do it was also explained. Without water there is no life. They were encouraged to improve water management practices that reduce the wastage of water and enhance the beneficial uses of water. Some ancient methods of water conservation should also be practiced. In case the water is not used wisely by any one, then heavy fine should be imposed. Public was motivated by this, and they join hands and took oath to use water properly and motivate others also.

Q.25 Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the topic. “Obesity among School Children.” You are Mohini/Mohit.


                                        By: Mohini

The most common problem found among the children in today’s scenario is the growing problem of obesity. This is the result of present day lifestyle where parents are much responsible for it. Even the tastes of the children have changed a lot and they are moving towards junk food like burgers, pizza, pasta and many more. These are not only harmful for their proper growth but also affect their metabolism. As the children are confined to their rooms playing on laptops,  computer games and mobiles, the outdoor activities have come to end. As a result more and more children are becoming obese and overweight. Which alarming because it causes health problems which in result, leading to social issue. They are likely to be teased by their peers and they tend to become inactive. One’s children become obese; it is very difficult to return to the original shape. Apart from this, the risk factors are very high. They are more prone to high blood pressure, week heart, diabetes, orthopedic disorders etc. So the remedy for this is the awareness, less intake of junk foods, consumption of homemade food, avoiding aerated drinks and more and more physical activities. Then only this problem can be overcome.

Article Writing Class 12 Page 3

Q.26 You are Ramesh/Ruchika. Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the topic, “Life without Modern Gadgets”.


                                    By: Ruchika

Science has made life easy, convenient, comfortable, better and more beautiful. Its achievement, discoveries and inventions are wonderful. Among them is the boon of gadgets. We cannot think of over life without gadgets as it would just be miserable. Every device or appliance has a unique purpose. They have revolutionized our life so much that without them we feel handicapped. Beginning from kitchen, gadgets like mixer, microwave oven, refrigerator and water purifier have proved to be a boon. Cell phones are the center of our life. I-phones and I-pad have huge potential, we can listen to our favorite music while travelling and need not carry heavy radios.

Our life starts with the sound of an alarm clock, so we can, so that our day begins with gadgets. They work as our personal assistant. In offices, meetings, trainings and all, we are dependent on them only. Even at the shops, library, railways, banks, airports, a computer is required for booking tickets and keeping accounts. If for a day our internet is not working, we feel paralyzed. It feels as something important is missing from our life. Thus, these gadgets have left a remarkable impact on our lives and we cannot work go without them.

Q.27 Your school Sun Public School, Poona celebrated ‘Environment Day’ on 5th November. Write a report on the programme in 100-125 words for your school newsletter. You are Neeta/Naveen, Cultural Secretary of the school. Invent the necessary details.


                                REPORT BY: NEETA (Cultural Secretary)

Sun Public School, Poona, celebrated ‘Environment Day’ on 5th November very enthusiastically. Everybody was excited and showed eagerness towards the celebration. The students wore eco friendly dresses. The corridors were decorated with the posters made by the children with the help of their art teacher. Many activities were organized on this occasion. A small play was presented by the students in connection with the environmental friendly measures which should be adopted by the people. There was also an exhibition of the things made by the junior section of the school, which included paper bags, jute bags, and products made up of biodegradable matter. Our principal gave an inspiring speech on how to preserve our environment. Student speakers also presented their views on the conservation of environment. After the function was over, tree plantation drive started. The first tree was planted by the Principal Madam followed by the faculty members and the children. In the end students took the oath of planting a tree every year to make the environment neat and clean.

It was a great step towards the awareness about the environment.

Article Writing Class 12 Page 3

Q.28 You are Deepak/Deepika, Secretary of Ahimsa Club, Parsva Public School, Delhi. On 22nd October your school observed ‘International Day for Peace and Non-violence’. Organizing various activities such as visit to Rajghat, Charkha spinning, lectures by eminent Gandhians, etc. Write a report for the same in 100-125 words.


                                        NON-VIOLENCE OBSERVED

                           REPORT BY: DEEPIKA (Secretary, Ahimsa Club)

2nd October was a memorable day for our school as it observed ‘International Day for Peace and Non-violence.’ We all know that this day is celebrated to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi, who was the greatest messenger of peace and non-violence. Various activities were organized by the school. Students were told the importance of ‘Charkha’, spinning and they enjoyed doing it by themselves. At the back stage a group of students sang Bapu’s favourite bhajan ‘Vaisnav jan to tinhe kahiye…………’ in a choir. There were speeches made on the way of living, that Gandhiji advocated all his life and the means to achieve them which according to Bapu should be noble and high. After that the children were taken to the Samadhi of Gandhiji known as ‘Rajghat’. The teachers as well as children paid homage to Bapu. The eminent Gandhians delivered speeches and told, that he was a great example of selfless service, self discipline, renunciation and deep love for suffering humanity.

In the evening, we returned back to the school to disperse to our homes but there was content and peace in our mind and soul

Q.29 Your family has recently shifted from Kota in Rajasthan to Ernakulam in Kerala, where your house is situated in the midst of beautiful flowering plants and fruit-yielding trees. Every minute and every second, you are experiencing the joy of being in the lap of nature. Write an article in 150-200 words on the diversity of nature that you have experienced. You are Latha/Lathika of class XII.

ANS.                    IN THE LAP OF NATURE

                                 BY: LATHA Class XII

One can find huge diversity in nature while living in India. This, I experienced personally when we shifted to Ernakulam in Kerala from Kota in Rajasthan. It seemed as if we have shifted not the places but the nature. From the brown mountains to the green canopies, the change was completely welcomed by all the family members. For the first time in my whole life, I saw such greenery. The worlds used for Kerala as ‘God’s Own Country’, appeared to be true which I had heard or read till now. Living in the lap of nature, is a completely new experience. The greenery is extremely enchanting and to add to its beauty, is the location of my house amidst the beautiful flowering plants and fruit yielding trees. The fragrance of the blooming flowers fill the house and aroma enters the soul. The view of fruit laden trees is equally fascinating. There is no sign of pollution here. Evergreen beaches, fishing nets spread all over the sea, richness of coconut and jackfruit, all make it  a desired place to live in. The place has not lacked even in the preservation of its culture. The boat race in the backwaters is done during the festival of Onam. It is famous for its spices and ‘Ayurvedic Kerala Massage.’ In all, I must say that I enjoy the bracing environment, relaxed life, temples, backwaters and shaded woods of Kerala.

Article Writing Class 12 Page 3

Q.30 Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Poverty is the cause of all evils’, to be published in the Young World of ‘The Hindu’,Chennai.

ANS.                       POVERTY IS THE CAUSE OF ALL EVILS

                                        BY: XYZ

India is a country where most of the population lives in villages and mostly below poverty line. Poverty prevails not only in villages but in big cities also. The metros are full of slums, where majority of people are living in inhuman conditions. Their basic need of food, shelter and clothing are not fulfilled. Millions and millions of people are the victims of malnutrition, hunger, poor health and illiteracy. Their condition is not better than stray dogs. The prices are rising a very high rate and in the same way their condition is also deteriorating. The rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. Circumstances and neglect force them to adopt evil means and criminal activities like robbery, murder, kidnapping, looting and so on. Children are made to beg and women are compelled to become prostitutes. If it is not acceptable to any one, then they commit mass suicide.

The society, reformatory organizations, government, and non-profit organizations should take a step forward to improvise the condition of these people. There should be a check on the fund allocated, for poverty removal and whether it is properly utilized or not.

Article Writing Class 12 Page 3


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