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Biography of CHRIS PREDDIE in Short


(BORN 1987)

For years, gang violence has been claiming the lives of young men on the streets of London. It has always surrounded Chris. In 2006, his cousins, Ricky and Danny were convicted for killing a boy named Damilola Taylor, and his older brother was shot dead in a hairdresser’s.

A youth worker asked Chris, is this the kind of life you want for yourself?

It wasn’t. Chris knew he had to take the anger, the pain, and the sadness he felt over losing his brother and use it as energy to turn his life around.

He went back to college and focused his efforts on studying music and drama. His teachers suggested he go into youth work and he did, hoping to change lives the way that one youth worker had helped change his.

Chris knows that most kids don’t want to end up in gangs. Everyone wants a safe and comfortable life. Nobody wants to be afraid of walking the streets, afraid of ending up in jail, and afraid of being forced into dangerous situations. It’s just sometimes gang life is the only path that seems available

To help avoid this, Chris led a campaign through schools asking young people to call Crimestoppers with any information about gang activity. He wanted kids to know that it wasn’t about snitching, but about saving lives. How would you feel if your own mother was hurt and no one would speak up?

In 2012, Chris got a letter in the post that he thought was a joke. The letter mentioned the queen and the prime minister and it invited him to Buckingham Palace to receive an Order of the British Empire. Chris became the youngest person ever to be honored with an OBE It was down to his role in trying to make the streets of London a safer place for those who walk them.

Biography of CHRISTINE DE PIZAN in Short



Christine’s father was the astrologer for King Charles V. which meant she could spend hours in the king’s library surrounded by books. She’d been born in 1364, a time when women weren’t educated, but her father had insisted Christine was at least taught to read and write.

She loved to read but was horrified to see the land of insulting things men had been writing about women At the time, life for girls was generally men being tossed about by men. never owning anything, and not being allowed to hold any real jobs Christine thought part of the reason women were being treated so badly was that they were being written about as though they were cruel or stupid creatures, rather than people.

When her father and then her husband died, Christine was left alone with three young children to support as well as her mother She did the only thing she knew how to do she wrote Christine became the first female professional writer in France By 1400, her poems of love and loss were being read around Europe.

But she also wanted to write about what it meant to be a woman in The Book of the City of Ladies Christine challenged people’s ideas of what women were capable of by writing about strong and powerful women throughout history. She wrote about clearing the ground of old ideas and building a new city, one in which women are educated, respected, and allowed to assume useful rates in society.

Some scholars say Christine was writing some of the very first works of feminist literature in existence After reading one of her letters, the French writer Simone de Beauvoir said that Christine’s writing was the first time we see a woman take up her pen in defense of her sex.

Biography of CHRISTOPHER ROBIN in Short



Growing up, Christopher Robin had three favorite toys a bear, a donkey, and a pig. One day, when his nanny had to take some time off, Christopher was left alone with his father. The two of them decided to go exploring in the ancient woods that surrounded their cottage. They took Christopher’s toys with them and spent hours making up stories of mischief and adventure.

Another day, the two of them went to visit a zoo, where they saw a huge black bear tumbling across the rocks in its enclosure.

What’s his name Christopher asked. Winnie, his father told him.

Christopher decided to change the name of his bear It would be called Winnie too, but not just Winnie, Winnie the Pooh.

Together with Christopher, his Father made up more stories featuring the toys, and he wrote the don as a book England had he came out of the First World War so everyone was feeling gloomy, and happy tales of a greedy, honey-loving bear were exactly what was needed to cheer people up. The book was an instant bestseller.

But life changed for Christopher Robin. The games he’d played with his father were being read by the whole world.

and it felt as though nothing was private or his anymore. At school, he was bullied for being the little boy in the stories He has even pushed down the stars one day. The whole world knew his name and it felt like everyone was taunting him.

When he got older, Christopher went to fight in the Second World War He didn’t want to be the character his father had written anymore, he wanted to be like everyone else. As a soldier, he felt more normal. After he got hack. he set up a bookshop and lived quietly above it with his wife. Instead of remaining the little boy in the stories, Christopher became his own person.

Christopher Robots three toys. Piglet, Eeyore, and Winnie the Pooh are now held in a glass case in the New York Public Library where hundreds of thousands of people visit them every year.

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