Short Biography of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, HERMETO PASCOAL, HUA MULAN, | 200 Words | in English




You may have heard the story of the princess and the pea. You may also have heard the story of the naked emperor, convinced he’s wearing a marvelous coat, and the story of the little mermaid, who dwells in an underwater kingdom but longs to walk among humans on the land. All these stories were written by Hans Christian Andersen

Hans was born in Denmark. His mother was a washerwoman who couldn’t read or write and his father was a shoemaker who told bedtime stories. They quickly became Hans’s passion. Trapped with his parents in a one roomed house, he escaped through tales inside his own head.

At fourteen, he left home for

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark He did well at first, getting a part in a choir that made good money. Then, when Hans got older, his voice broke and he was kicked out. Next, he tried to be a ballet dancer but found he was clumsy and couldn’t control his arms and legs. Finally, Hans tried manual labor, quickly realizing he wasn’t meant for that, either.

Then he had a piece of luck. Hans met a man called Jonas Collin, who was impressed by the stories he’d been writing. Jonas convinced the king of Denmark to pay for Hans to be educated.

School was one of the darkest times of Hans’s life. He was picked on by the other children and beaten by his schoolmaster. Again, he escaped into his stories. Once he graduated, he committed himself to write

His fairy tales went unnoticed until The Little Mermaid. With that story, Hans was launched into the global spotlight. His stories continue to be told today, on screens, in books, and by parents all over the world.

Biography of HERMETO PASCOAL in Short


(BORN 1936)

Hermeto was born albino, which means there’s no color pigment in his skin and he has difficulty seeing Growing up in the countryside of Brazil, he couldn’t work in the fields with his family as the fierce sun would burn his pale skin Instead, he stayed indoors and taught himself how to play music. His family lived in a poor area with no special education available for Hermeto, who needed extra help to see. He dropped out of school when he was ten and devoted his life to music

When he was old enough, Hermeto moved to Rio de Janeiro, where the statue Christ the Redeemer kept watch over the city and the Copacabana beach twinkled blue as the sunset

There, he made music out of everything within reach: glasses, tables body parts, animals To Hermeto, everything was an instrument. Everything in the world held within it the possibility of music

It was music recorded in Rio de Janeiro that caught the attention of Miles Davis one of the most famous Jazz musicians on the planet. Miles was astonished by Hermeto. He thought he was one of the most talented musicians in the world and insisted on recording songs with him.

Tomato’s career took off after that and he now tours across the globe with his band. There is no one else making music like him. Hermeto doesn’t stick to genres, like classical or jazz, he plays whatever comes to him.

Thanks to a childhood in the countryside, Hermeto is often inspired by nature and tries to incorporate it into his melodies. In one composition, Musica da Lagoa, musicians burble underwater in a lagoon, while flutists stand playing in the water.

He’s since moved back to the area where he was born Hermeto spends his days hosting musicians, spending time with his family, and letting the music flow through him.

Biography of HUA MULAN in Short


Thousands of years ago, vicious tribes from the north were wreaking havoc across China and the emperor was calling on every household to provide fighters for the army Seeing the soldiers approach her village for recruits, Mulan was afraid. Her father was old and she knew he wouldn’t survive a war.

She charged back to the house, cut off her hair, and dressed herself up as a boy. When the soldiers came to the door, Mulan presented herself as her father’s son and offered to go and fight in the war.

After twelve years in the mud and stink of battle, Mulan was promoted to the rank of general. She also fell in love with an officer who fought beside her, Jin Yong. When Mulan told Jin Yong she was a woman, he fell deeply in love with her too, He promised to keep her secret safe.

As the war drew to a close, and the marauding tribes had been conquered, the emperor of China offered Mulan an official position and bountiful rewards for her heroism. Mulan refused. She only asked for a horse so that she could return home to her family and a couple of soldiers to accompany her on the journey.

Her father squinted into the sun as Mulan approached their village. Who was this grand and powerful general? he thought to himself. Realizing it was his daughter, he was overjoyed.

In the safety of her home. Mulan took off her armor and put on the clothes she’d dressed in before joining the army. The two soldiers who’d escorted her back were astounded. The whole time, their fearless general had been a woman.

The story of Mulan went on to be recorded in songs that were sung all across China. Over a thousand years later, her tale was made into a Disney film: Mulan.

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