Short Biography of JULIETTE GORDON LOW, KATIE SANDWINA, KELVIN DOE, | 200 Words | in English

Biography of JULIETTE GORDON LOW in Short



Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah, Georgia. Her parents called her Daisy. Her siblings called her Crazy Daisy. They never quite knew what she’d do next.

Since childhood, Daisy had struggled with hearing problems from an ear infection. On her wedding day, a piece of rice was thrown into her ear, and the hearing in it disappeared altogether. It was the start of an unhappy marriage. Her husband died when she was forty-five when they were living in Great Britain, and Daisy had no idea what to do with herself next. She decided to travel the world, seeing the tallest pyramids of Egypt and the deepest jungles of India before returning to England.

There, Daisy met a man called Robert Baden Powell. Robert was the founder of the Boy Scouts and through him, Daisy became involved with the Girl Guides. She started her own patrol in Scotland and taught the girls how to camp, read maps, tie knots, and light fires.

It amazed her how profound the effects of being out in nature could be. By teaching the girls how to be self-sustaining, Daisy could give them a confidence they’d never before found in themselves.

There were other girl groups at the time, but they thought the things Daisy was teaching were not suitable for young ladies. Girls should be learning to sew and clean, they said. Not messing around in the dirt.

Daisy knew that made no sense. She wanted to bring practical skills, confidence, and the freedom of the outdoors to as many girls as possible. So she set sail back to America and telephoned her cousin, saying: I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!”

Millions of girls and hundreds of patrols would soon be spread across the whole of the United States.

In 1927, Daisy died. Her candlelit funeral was attended by hundreds of Girl Guides. By 2017, over fifty million girls had grown up as members of the organization, including Taylor Swift Michelle Obama, and Mariah Carey.

Biography of KATIE SANDWINA in Short



Katie was the second oldest of fifteen children Her parents were circus performers who traveled across Europe astounding audiences with their unbelievable feats of strength. At the age of two, Katie could handstand on her father’s hands. It was obvious she had a natural talent for the family business

She trained in gymnastics and started lifting weights when she became a teenager. When the family visited towns to perform, Katie’s father would offer any men in the audience one hundred German marks if they could wrestle her and win. The reward would have been over a thousand pounds in today’s money. Still, no one ever beat her.

One of the most famous strongmen of the time was a man called Eugen Sandow. Many people at the time believed he was the most perfectly formed human in the world.

After one performance in New York, Katie asked the crowd whether anyone wanted to face her in a weightlifting competition.

Eugen was in the crowd. He raised his hand. As he stepped up to the stage, the audience clearly thought there was no way Katie had a chance.

Each of them took it in turns to lift a weight up and over their heads with one hand. Steadily, they increased the size of the dumbbells. At three hundred pounds, about the same weight as a fully grown panda, Katie easily cleared hers. Eugen could barely lift his to his chest. The crowd were amazed and Katie was propelled to fame.

Eventually, she settled down and opened a restaurant with her husband. Sometimes, when the mood took her she’d stun customers by bending steel or casually lifting her husband up over her head.

It was fun to remind them that you never know what to expect from a person. Which is exactly what Katie had done all her life.

Biography of KELVIN DOE in Short


(BORN 1996)

Kelvin was born in one of the poorest areas of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone. The electricity in his neighborhood was so unreliable that the lights would only come on once a week.

From the age of ten, Kelvin would spend his afternoons after school scouring rubbish dumps for old electronics. He would carefully take apart the devices to figure out how they worked and then piece them back together in inventions that came straight out of his own mind. His mother would get home to find the house looking like a tip, with circuit boards and wires strewn across the floor.

‘Why do you have to go digging around in bins?’ she’d ask.

Working on the living room floor, Kelvin made batteries for power lamps, generators to make electricity when it wasn’t available, sound mixers, and even a radio transmitter, which he used to broadcast his own radio station. Kelvin used the name DJ Focus because he believes that with focus, anyone can achieve what they set out to do.

And Kelvin’s focus and creativity were soon noticed. He was interviewed on local TV and a man called David Sengeh invited him to visit one of the most prestigious engineering universities in America. There, Kelvin recorded an inspirational talk that was seen by millions of people.

“Creativity is universal”, Kelvin said in his speech, ‘and can be found in places where one does not expect to find it.

Since then, Kelvin has moved to Canada and started his own company Their first product is a solar-powered light and phone charger that can run for thirty hours. He spends the rest of his time working for a group that offers help to the victims of war and poverty.

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