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Biography of SAVANNA KARMUE in Short


(BORN 2006)

Savanna could barely believe it when she heard that heart disease kills over two thousand Americans every day. The saddest thing is that it doesn’t have to be that way: if we look after our hearts, our hearts will look after us.

She’d gone to visit her Sunday school teacher in hospital after an operation and started talking to the cardiologists on the ward. She was only six but her curiosity led her to study, learning about veins and arteries, how oxygen and nutrients are pumped around the body through the blood, and how important it is to eat well and exercise regularly.

The more Savanna learned about the human heart, the more certain she became that one day she wanted to become a cardiologist. But she didn’t want to wait. America is in the midst of an obesity epidemic, with around one in three kids being overweight. largely down to a diet of junk food and sugary drinks. Savanna wanted to help them as soon as possible

She founded a charity called Happy Heart Advice, which aims to educate people about how best to keep their hearts healthy. The initial stage of her plan involved writing a book, which set out everything she’d learned in her research so that other kids would have the benefit of what she’d found out.

The next stage of her charity involved setting up Happy Heart Challenges. Over periods of five to ten days. Savanna visits schools to teach students how to make healthy snacks, engage in exercise, and understand the cardiovascular system. She thinks they’re more likely to listen to someone of their own age.

By 2031, Savanna hopes to have helped halve childhood obesity and the number of deaths from heart disease. She thinks we all deserve to have happy hearts.

Biography of SAVION GLOVER in Short


(BORN 1973)

Savion always had a feel for the beat From the age of three, he was drumming on everything in sight. When his talent was noticed, he was invited to join a band, playing alongside a bassist, a saxophonist, and a pianist.

One day the band had a gig at the Broadway Dance Center That was where Savion first witnessed rhythm tap, performed by dancers called hoofers. Different from the more showy musical style, this type of dancing had been created by slaves forbidden from playing their drums, which was what they had done culturally as a way of communicating with each other By using their feet instead, they had created a means of expression that was private to them, and would not be understood by the slave owners. As an African American, Savion wanted to continue expressing the history of his people through dance.

He followed the beat into tap dancing and was soon cast in a production of The Tap Dance Kid. In the musical, Savion played a boy named Willie who dreamed of one day making it as a dancer. Willie’s father was a serious lawyer, who fought against his son’s  ambitions, but is eventually won around by his son’s determination and talent.

Savion calls his style of tap hitting. It’s heavy, loud, and relentless. Instead of traditional patterns and moves, it makes room for wild bursts of emotion and improvisation. And it isn’t just the style, but the setups that Savion has experimented with. In one piece, three dancers performed completely alone, unaccompanied by any music, with microphones in their shoes. In another, Savion wore a tuxedo and pounded across the stage as a full orchestra played sweeping arrangements of classical music around him.

In 2006, Savion brought the world joy through tap when he put together dances for the animated film Happy Feet, about a penguin who couldn’t sing like the other penguins, and had to speak through his feet instead.

Savion still sees the dance as a means of reminding others what Africans went through. People have called him the man who saved tap

Biography of SHAH RUKH KHAN in Short


(BORN 1965)

During long evenings in New Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan’s family would gather around the radio to hear songs from Hindi films As the songs played, Shah Rukh Khan would dance and sing among his relatives. When the music stopped. he’d venture outside to play cricket under the streetlights

At school, everyone was amazed by Rukh Khan’s impersonations of Start Bollywood actors. Bollywood is the name used for Indian cinema, and its films are even bigger than Hollywood’s, with over a billion more tickets sold every year. The films tend to belong, color full, and packed with singing and dancing.

His passion meant that Shah Rukh Khan spent more time in the theatre than at school. When his father died performing was where he found comfort, but his sister fell into a depression and it was up to Shah Rukh Khan to take care of her.

When his mother fell ill, Shah Rukh Khan decided he had to make it as an actor to help his family. He moved to Mumbai, where the Bollywood industry is based, with no money and nowhere to stay, He slept on roads and was thrown out of houses when he couldn’t pay rent.

But once Shah Rukh Khan got his break he captured the hearts of people throughout India and beyond. He became one of the biggest actors in the world, and the richest.

The money he makes doesn’t go to waste Shah Rukh Khan does great charity work, though most of it is kept private because he doesn’t think you should do charity just for the attention.

Shah Rukh Khan lives with his wife, his children, and the sister he’s still taking care of. He’s even bought his own cricket team. But he doesn’t take everything for granted. Success and failure are both parts of life, he says Both are not permanent.

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