CBSE Previous Year Question Paper for Compartment Geography FREE PDF Class 12

previous year question paper Geography  class 12 have been provided here at ”EDUGROSS” which will surely make your Geography   problem light. As Geography   is all about practice, ”The more you practice, the more you understand”. Class 12 Geography   Previous Year Papers give you an idea of the question and the pattern of the examination paper. These question papers have been designed on CBSE based syllabus, though Geography   is an interesting subject, but only if you exercise it well.

We have assembled these Previous year question papers for CBSE Board Class 12th Geography to help the students in their Boards Examination with the solution. Download free PDF from the link given below and practice them whenever you need it.

Download PDF For Free | Click On The Links Given Below

 2013 CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

geography-XII set 1 series sks1(c)

 2015 CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

Geography set 1 series sso1(c) 
Geography set 2 series sso1(c) 
Geography set 3 series sso1(c) 
Geography set 1 series sso(c) 
Geography set 2 series sso(c) 
Geography set 3 series sso(c)

2017 CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

(Geography) set 1 series gbm(c) 
(Geography) set 2 series gbm(c) 
(Geography) set 3 series gbm(c) 
Geography set 1 series gbm1(c) 
Geography set 2 series gbm1(c) 
Geography set 3 series gbm1(c)

2018 CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

(Geography) set 1 series sgn(c) 
(Geography) set 2 series sgn(c) 
(Geography) set 3 series sgn(c)

2019 CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

GEOGRAPHY set 1 series bvm(c) 
GEOGRAPHY set 2 series bvm(c) 
GEOGRAPHY set 3 series bvm(c)

2020 CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

Geography set 1 series hmj(c) 
Geography set 2 series hmj(c) 
Geography set 3 series hmj(c)

It will enhance their speed, accuracy, confidence, exam temperament and time management skills.

Click on the provided links to access the CBSE Class 12 Questions Papers of the important subjects. Solving these question papers will help students to revise the entire CBSE Class 12 syllabus. This will give a good idea to students on what type of questions are asked in the Board Exam and what will be the difficulty level of the paper. On this basis, they can prepare more effectively for the exams.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

We have listed down a few benefits of practising the CBSE [Previous Year] Question Papers for Class 12-

  • It helps in assessing the current preparation level of the students.
  • Students get thoroughly aware with the exam pattern and marking scheme.
  • Students get to know the important topics to focus on from exam perspective.
  • Students get to learn the time management skills which help them to finish the paper on time.
  • Based on the previous years’ question papers, they could predict important questions which will help in their preparation.
  • Students will feel more confident to face the Board Exams.

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