Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 3

  1. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start.

Yesterday I was going to school. On the way I saw a child in the middle of the road. A car was coming at full speed…………………………………………………………


Yesterday I was going to school. On the way I saw a child in the middle of the road. A car was coming at full speed. I was screaming to the top of my voice. The traffic police noticed it too and signaled the car to stop. The car halted with a screech and a lady darted towards the child and picked her up in her arms. The lady looked very relieved. She went up to the traffic police and thanked him for saving her baby’s life. The traffic police repeatedly warned the lady not to bring the child when she went for shopping. Particularly, women these days are crazy to bring their children while going for shopping. She narrated the traffic police that while she was busy buying vegetables, the child had slipped away unnoticed. She had been looking for the child frantically then suddenly she spotted him in the middle of the road. The traffic police reproached her for her carelessness and asked her to be more cautious in future. She should be aware of the traffic rules and act accordingly. For her part, it is an unpardonable offense to harass the police in the context of losing a child, though she may be a parent. She promised that she would never let the child out of her sight whenever she was out of house,

  1. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. Once there was an old man. He had four sons. They always quarreled with one another.


Once there was an old man. He had four grown-up sons. They always quarreled with one another and vehement. Despite coaxing and pleading, the four brothers refused to reform and be cordial with each other. The quarrels turned serious when the brothers threatened to kill one another. The father was at a loss and decided to teach them a lesson. He purchased a bear. He showered the creature with love and provided a trainer who taught the bear to dance. The sons were surprised, perplexed and became jealous of the bear. They were planning how they could drive away the animal. They decided to kill the bear, but could not agree on a single plan of action. While one felt that the bear should be poisoned, the other wanted the bear driven out. A third wanted to leave him in the zoo, and the fourth wanted to kill the trainer. A huge quarrel broke out. On learning what his sons were planning, the father was aghast. He told them that it was a cruel act to kill a pet animal. He was about to send for the police to arrest them for cruelty to animals when the sons realized their stupidity. They were repentant and begged to be pardoned. After extracting a promise of good behavior and brotherly affection, the father forgave them. The family came together once again.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 3 


  1. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. One day a dog found a piece of meat. He reached the bank of the river………………….


One day a dog found a piece of meat. He joyfully reached the bank of the river. He knew that the other dogs in the neighborhood were keen to have a slice of the meal but he was in no mood to share his meal with any of his brethren, as such tasty mouthfuls did not come his way every day, he decided to eat his meat in a grassy hideout. He was proud of getting such an opportunity to eat the meat lonely. A party of picnickers were enjoying themselves nearby. They spotted the dog with the meat and sent their own dog to chase him away. The dog saw his golden chance to attack the opponent. He gave a loud bark of warning which signaled all the neighborhood curs who lived on scraps thrown in dustbins, to attack the meat. They immediately scurried out of the by-lanes and gave chase. The poor dog was hopelessly outnumbered by the advancing army of hungry canines and abandoned the juicy dinner. The roadside pariahs, began fighting among themselves tearing at each others’ ears and tails. The lonely dog watched them in dismay. The piece of meat rolled off the bank into the water and when all the dogs had departed disappointed, he went to the river, and retrieving the meat, enjoyed a quiet repast on the grassy banks.

  1. Complete the following story. Some lines are given to help you start. On Sunday I was watching TV. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside


On Sunday, I was watching TV with great curiosity. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside. The police were cordoning off the street and carrying out a house-to-house search. They were asking the residents if they had guests staying with them, or whether they had rented out rooms to people. The search was almost over, when one of the policemen decided to interrogate the children playing in the park. They disclosed that they had spotted three men carrying a large sack up the stairs of their block of flats and had left it on the terrace. The police were quick to reach the spot, where they found three men crouching behind the water tank. They held a large sack. On being asked to disclose its contents, one of the men tried to jump off the roof, but the police fired rubber bullets and stopped him in his tracks. The sack was opened and from it there emerged tiger and rhinoceros parts. The men were notorious poachers who would hide their loot in neighborhood terraces and public parks till they could smuggle it out of the country. The gang was busted and their links with an international gang and underworld was traced, leading to huge arrests. The police invited the neighborhood children to the police station, where the inspector awarded the children bravery awards for nabbing the poachers,

  1. Complete the following story. Some inputs are given to help you start.

…………. lion in the forest …………. the lion with an offer……….. wise and old. ……… killing animals…………… turn of one of the animals …………… strode along to the Lion by sunset ………….. rabbit calm told about another Lion……………

  1. The Metro Goldwyn Mayer Logo Lion

The lion in the forest had not ventured to the tourist camp next to the jungle. He had ready-made meals available within his territory. But the hunted animals lived a perilous existence. They decided to call a council meeting and approach the lion with an offer. Each day, one of them would offer to sacrifice himself before the lion as his daily meal. In this way, peace could prevail in the jungle. When it was his turn, the old rabbit strode along to the lion by sunset and said:

“My Worthy Lord, before you have your meal today, may I ask you a question?” Humph…’ roared the mighty beast. You are the King of the Jungle alright, but Lord, there is a lion in the tourist camp next door, who is more powerful than you.

That’s a lie. I am the Lion King.’

He lives in the TV studio and only when he roars does the movie begin. I saw him last night when I watched a movie from my burrow under the tourist tent. I will challenge that imposter,’ roared the lion.

Saying this, the lion forgot the rabbit and rushed towards the tourist encampment. His roaring alerted the forest guards who thought the lion had gone mad, and killed him. That evening, all the forest creatures came in a horde to see the movie. Sure enough, when the lion in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo roared on the screen, the animals let out shrieks to coincide with the roar.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 3 


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