Class 11 English (Hornbill) Prose Word Meanings

Chapter 4 Landscape of the Soul

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1 Dwells live; stayरहना
2Splendidvery impressive; superbशानदार
3Astonishedgreatly surprised or impressedआश्चर्यचकित
4Disciple a follower or a pupil of a leader, teacherशिष्य
5Anecdotea short interesting story of a real personउपाख्यान, छोटी सी कहानी
6Flandersa medieval country in Western Europeफ़्लैंडर्स
7Lofty tall or highबुलंद
8Delicate Realism the quality of art that makes it seem realनाजुक यथार्थ
9Swat hit or crush somethingशक्तिशाली मार
10Apprentice trainee; learnerशिक्षु
11Illusionistic Likeness an illusion created which resembles somethingभ्रम की समानता
12Figurative painting metaphoric representation of an artचित्रात्मक चित्रकला
13Leisurelyunhurried or relaxedआराम से
14Conceptual Space relation with an abstract representationवैचारिक स्थान
15Oppressed burdened; worriedउत्पीड़ित
16Voidempty; vacantरिक्त
17Conduitchannel; tubeनली

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Chapter 5 The Ailing Planet the Green Movement’s Role

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1Gripped clutch; holdसोचने के लिए मजबूर
2Irrevocably in a way that cannot be changed or reversedअपरिवर्तनीय
3Revolutionaryevolving a complete changeक्रांतिकारी
4Stewards manage or to look afterप्रबंधकों
5Sustainable Development economic development without depletion of natural resourcesसतत विकास
6Dawned beginआरंभ होना
7Catalogued classify; characteriseसूचीबद्ध
8Reckon calculateगणना करना
9Languishlose or lack of vitality of a person or plant or animal; grow weakदुर्बल
10Ignominious darknessdisgraced as no one has knowledge about themअधम
11Inter Alia among other thingsअन्य विषयों में
12Scorchedburn the surface with heat of fireजलाया हुआ
13Impoverished made poorदरिद्र बना दिया
14Ailing in poor healthअस्वस्थ
15Synthetics artificial substanceरासायनिक कपड़ा
16Impairedweakened or damagedख़राब
17Barren wastelandsbarely inhabitable piece of landबंजर बंजर भूमि
18Deterioratebecome progressively worse; declineबिगड़ जाना
19Decimated to reduce in numberबरबाद करना
20Procure obtain with care or effortखरीद
21Precedecome before in order or positionआगे होना
22Patrimony property inherited from father or ancestorविरासत
23Deprivesprevent a person from using somethingवंचित
24Endeavour trying hard to achieve somethingप्रयास
25Anguishpain; sufferingपीड़ा
26Casteismdiscrimination on the grounds of casteजातिवाद
27Catastrophic Depletiona harmful reduction in a number of somethingविपत्तिपूर्ण विपत्ति
28Distorting deform; disfigureविकृत करना
29Beget give life toउत्पन्न करना
30Condemns find guilty of somethingनिंदा करना
31Sterilisedmake free from bacteria or other micro organismsरोगाणु
32Voluntarydone or given of one’s free willस्वैच्छिक
33Coercion forceज़बरदस्ती
34Perpetuation keep goingस्थायीकरण
35Hutments collection of huts अस्थायी मकान
36Tenancypossession of the landकिराये का घर
37Usheredguide someone somewhereशुरुआत
38Decisively clear and definitiveनिर्णायक रूप से
39Felicitouswell-chosenपरम सुखी
40Freehold permanent tenure of land or propertyमुआफी जमीन

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Chapter 6 The Browning Version

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)
1Excerpt a short extract from writing, movie or musicअंश
2Latterdenoting the second-mentioned person of the two peopleबाद वाला
3Removea division in British schoolsहटाना
4Criterion a standard by which something is judgedमापदंड
5Slackers lazy students who are not motivatedआलसी
6Muckuseless; which is of no good or useकूड़ा-कर्कट
7Aeschylushe was an ancient Greek tragedian who is referred to as ‘Father of Tragedy’यूनानी त्रासदी
8Agamemnon he was the king of Mycenae in Greek mythologyग्रीक पौराणिक कथाओं में राजा
9Strung together to combine two different things into something usefulएक साथ संघर्ष किया
10Got carried away to become overly excited or to take things too farभावनाओं में बह गई
12Cut stop doing something undesirableकटौती करना
14Sadista person who derives pleasure by giving pain or humiliation to othersपीड़न कामुक
15Pardonthe action of being forgiven for error or offense; forgivenessक्षमा करें
16IndeedTrulyवास्तव में
17Shrivelled up having no feelingsकोई भावना नहीं है
18Exaggerating represent something as being worse than it really isअतिशयोक्ति
19Infinitely to a great extentवशाल रूप से
20Franticallydesperatelyक्रोधोन्मत्तता में

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