Free Samples For Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2

CBSE Board

Question 11. Write a story, in about 150-200 words, with the ending “….from that day onwards, I never went out alone.” Use the given hints.

Visit to your friends house—reach a deserted place—cool and calm place—palms were sweating – suddenly followed by a ghost—need help—story told by ghost about her accident — screamed—fainted back home—fever for three days — unforgettable experience.


I was to visit my friend Suhana who lived about four kilometers away. I decided to use a shortcut to reach her house. The short-cut was actually a small path, cutting across a rubber plantation. It was rumored that an accident has taken place there a long time ago. So, people didn’t prefer to use that track. But in excitement to meet my friend, I went on that path.

Suddenly, I heard a loud moan from behind the rubber trees to my right. I was in a dilemma whether to help the poor soul or to run for my life. I mustered up enough courage to help the unknown person. “My name is Rose”, her voice was soft and mellow. Her skin was quite pale almost as if she had bleached herself. “Perhaps, I should take you to clinic,” I said cautiously. She declined my offer and decided to follow me to my friend’s house.

She began telling me about her accident which took place ten years ago and how she died on the spot. I screamed and ran back home. I fainted at the doorstep and was down with fever for three days. One encounter with a ghost was enough for a lifetime.

From that day onwards, I never went out alone.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 12. Write a short story, in about 150-200 words, having the theme, “As you sow, so shall you reap”.


In a forest, a crow named Kiki and a deer named Fasty lived together. They were best friends for a long time. One day, a new animal came to the forest. It was a fox named Foxy. She was jealous of Kiki and Fasty’s friendship.

One evening, Foxy asked Kiki and Fasty, “Can I be your friend?” “Yes of course, you can,” Fasty replied, but at the same time, Kiki angrily said,”No”. Then she whispered to Fasty, “Hey are you kidding? Don’t you know that she is a carnivore? She can eat you any time!” Fasty was not so convinced. She said, “Kiki, come on. She looks very friendly.” “No,” Kiki shouted even more angrily.

The next day, Foxy asked Fasty, “ Do you want to go to the paddy field?” Fastly Happily replied, “Of course, I want to go!” Foxy took Fasty to the paddy field which was owned by Mr. John. Fastly started to eat the rice grains. She was amazed and loved the taste of the paddy and this made her go to the field and eat the paddy every day. After two weeks, Mr John realized that his rice grains were disappearing. He guessed that it could be an animal eating it all up, and came out with an idea to kill that animal. He set a net to trap the animal.

Next day, Fasty entered to the paddy field as usual and started her meal. Suddenly. She sensed something wrong on her feet, it was the net, set up by Mr John to trap and kill her. Fastly shouted for help, but no one could hear her. Fastly shouted even more loudly. Kiki heard the voice, and she managed to find Fasty, she felt very sad on seeing Fasty’s plight. Meanwhile, Foxy was hiding behind a bush and was watching all this silently. Kiki tried her best to help Fasty, but she couldn’t do much. While crying, Fasty was saying, “Sorry Kiki, I should have listened to you; all this is my fault, and I feel very guilty about not listening to you.”

In a sad tone, Kiki replied, “That’s why I warned you not to be friends with Foxy. Now she has put your life in danger.” Kiki got an idea. She asked Fasty to hold her breath for a few minutes and pretend to be dead, so that the owner might think Fasty had died. When he opens the net, she can escape from the place and hide behind a tree.

Foxy heard the entire plan from her hiding place. She planned to catch and eat Fasty when she tried to escape. After a few minutes, Mr John came to the paddy field, and saw Fasty trapped in the net. Thinking that Fasty was dead, he lifted the net. Fastly sprang to her feet and ran away.

Seeing Fasty trying to escape, Mr John threw his ax at her, trying to kill her, but the ax fell on Foxy’s head, who had pounced on Fasty. Foxy’s head was cut deeply and she died on the spot. Fastly realized Foxy’s true colors. She decided that she would always listen to her friend, Kiki’s advice in the future.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 13. Construct a readable story from the given outlines, in about 150-200 words.

a distressed king—all people were lazy in his kingdom—plans to teach a lesson—puts a big stone in the middle of a busy road—merchant passes by—officer driving his carriage passes by—a young soldier, riding his horse, did the same—people cursed the stone and blamed the government for not removing it—it still lay at the same place even after a week—one morning, a foreigner came and removed the stone—under the stone was a huge iron box, on which was written—inside the box was a bag full of money—everybody was ashamed


There was once a king who was totally unhappy and sad with his people who were too lazy to do some useful work. The king thought to teach them a lesson. So one night, he kept a big stone in the middle of a road when all his men were sleeping.

Next morning, a merchant came and went round the stone and didn’t even care to move the big stone, so that there was easy passage of people and traffic. Then came an officer who with his horse carriage went round the big stone which laid untouched on the road. Then came a soldier who also came and went round the stone though being capable of getting the stone out of its way. Each and everyone who passed the stone, cursed the government for not removing it. Then came a foreigner who was passing through that road, he decided to move that stone from there, so he took the help of his mates and removed it. It was evening when the foreigner did such a nice work, at that very moment, the king came to that spot to sitting by the side of the road to watch who would move the stone. He called for the officials and the soldiers, when they came to know about this, they felt really ashamed of the way they had behaved.

The king had hid a box of gold under a big stone and on the box wrote, “ Whoever gets to move the stone will own the box”. The king rewarded the foreigner with a bag of gold. The people of the kingdom became sincere and hardworking and never a lazy man was seen.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 14. Construct a readable story from the given outlines, in about 150-200 words.

An old lady becomes blind—consults a doctor—commits to pay him a huge amount if he is able to cure her eyes—doctor takes away her furniture every day—finally cures her eyes—fee demanded—refused by the lady—reason being the cure incomplete—doctor filed a court case—reason given that she is still unable to see—furniture missing—verdict given in her favor—moral


Once, an old lady lost her eyesight and became blind. She called a doctor and agreed to pay him a very big amount, if he cured her.

But her condition was that she wouldn’t give a single penny if her eyesight wasn’t restored. The doctor came to her house daily to treat her. He started stealing the lady’s furniture and other valuable things from the house. He took away one thing or the other from her house. He delayed curing the lady until he had removed all the furniture and valuable articles from the lady’s house.

After he managed to literally clear her house, he told her that her sight had been restored and he demanded his fee from the lady. But she refused to pay the fees and said that she was not fully cured. The doctor registered a case against her in court. On being asked by judge that why was she not paying the fee, she told the court that her eyesight was not fully restored as she couldn’t see her furniture and other articles in the house. The judge was very clever. He understood the matter and punished the doctor.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 15. Write a short story, in about 150-200 words. The story should end with the following line……. “Welcome back little lady”, he said calmly.


My sister Sheetal, walked into the school office, she looked confused and worried. I’m sitting at one of the tables across dad and mom, their faces are filled with worry. The principal walked fast gesturing to Sheetal and my parents to come into his office. I followed a step behind them. No one seems to notice me. As we filed through the door, I saw my brother coming through the office doors looking uncomfortable. I waved to him, but he seemed preoccupied and I followed them inside.

As Mr. Mehta, the principal sat down behind his desk, Sheetal sat in one chair and dad and mom took the seats on either side of her. Mr Mehta cleared his throat then began speaking, “I’m sure you are confused about why you are here. But unfortunately, I have some bad news. You know that Shweta was a part of the school trip to Delhi.” I stood up after hearing my name, again no one reacted. “Yes, well I’m afraid that there’s been an accident. While the group was crossing the road outside the Parliament house, a motorcyclist lost control while turning. He hit two students, Chetan and Shweta. Chetan is fine but sadly Shweta is not. She’s at Kamla Nehru Children’s Hospital in coma. The doctors are unsure if she will ever wake up. It’s also possible that she might not make it through the night. I’m very sorry. I know it’s a tribble news, but let’s hope a miracle.

I felt like I had been winded or hit. I couldn’t be in coma. I was right here, standing in the office. I went to my sister, grabbed her hand, touched my dad on his shoulder, mom was inconsolable, they didn’t see me. I felt a weak buzzing in my chest. I walked out behind my family crying, I saw my friends still sitting in the office. Wide-eyed as they saw family crying, totally shattered. Everything came back to me, a tidal wave of memories.

The sun was shining brightly as we stopped off the bus, I was talking to Chetan. There was a loud screeching noise to our left, I looked just in time to see a figure on a motorcycle, his face hidden behind his helpmate and visor. There was a smashing noise, the bike hit me, as I fell I saw it hit Chetan. My head hit the asphalt with a loud dull crack. Everything went dark.

It was bike I was seeing things. I was there in hospital then I was back at school. I wasn’t dead but i wasn’t alive. There was zapping in my chest, a current flowed through me. Lights began shinning down at me, the office disappeared.

‘Wait’ a voice called, I blinked until a man with a stethoscope around his neck came into focus. He was smiling. “Welcome back little lady”, he said calmly. 

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 16. Tarun decided to write a story but after some time, he could not complete the story as he lost interest. Complete his story on the basis of the beginning given below, in about 150-200 words.

Once upon a time, the lion, the king of the forest was celebrating his son’s birthday. All the animals and the birds of the forest were to participate in the grand function………


Once upon a time, the lion, the king of the forest was celebrating his son’s birthday. All the animals and the birds of the forest were to participate in the grand function. Each of them bought a suitable present for the lion cub.

The squirrel was wondering what present to take because he knew the lion’s cub will not eat corns or nuts which the squirrels eat. So he decided to give the cub something to remember him and thought of a bouquet made out of the best flowers in the forest.

He went deep into the jungle to collect different variety of flowers. He was delighted to see so many varieties of flowers in different colors and sizes. He took a long time to collect the flowers and bind them together into a bouquet. As he finished his work, he realized that it was very late and he must rush to the party. Unfortunately, he got lost in the jungle and could not find the way to the lion’s cave where the party was being held. The squirrel tried hard, went from here to there, but somehow could not get the proper way.

Suddenly, he saw a group of hunters who had come to hunt big ones in the jungle. The squirrel followed them quietly. Very soon, he was out of the deep jungle as the hunter’s group was heading towards the lion’s cave. The squirrel speeded up and finally reached the lion’s cave where the party was in full swing. He realized that he was the last person to reach there. However, the lion appreciated the variety of flowers the squirrel had selected. The cub was also delighted to see the colorful flowers. The lion decided to put the bouquet at the center of the birthday cake. The cake was cut and the party began. The squirrel then informed the lion and the other animal about the hunter’s presence in the jungle. The snakes were asked to attack the hunters and the bees to stung them. The hunters ran for their lives, never to return. The party continued till late night. The squirrel returned to his tree after the party, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 17. Two friends were passing through a dense forest. Suddenly they heard some animal screaming…Complete the story in 150-200 words.


They froze in fear, but when the sound persisted, they decided to help the stricken beast, even at the risk of their own lives.

They walked towards the direction of the sound, arming themselves with staves made from tree branches.

The rest of the forest was still, and only the monkeys overhead were chattering. Imagine their surprise when the friends discovered that the agonizing sounds were the work of a little herder and his friends. They were from the village nearby and this was their form of recreation every afternoon. Imitating jungle sounds to perfection was a game they played in the afternoon.

To make amends, the boys decided to entertain their guests by imitating the chattering of monkeys, the call of the koyal, the sound of gurgling water and even the whistling of the breeze, As the two friends turned to leave, the cowherd party regaled them with a spine chilling tiger roar. This time the friends knew better. They yelled back a friendly farewell saying: See you soon…

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 18. You saved your pocket money to buy one of your favorite books. You decided to read it on But one day on your way back from school you lost the book in your school bus and couldn’t find it. You pasted a notice on the notice board and finally someone returned it to you. Write a story in 150-200 words about the whole experience.

  1. A Lucky Find

The money I had received on my 14th birthday, sufficed to buy the complete Harry Potter series I started reading volume 1. I carried the book to school and showed it around on the school bus. When we reached school and began asking for the book, no one owned up to having it.

I decided to put up a notice on the notice board and offered the finder a handsome treat of double ice cream and cold drinks alongside.

On the second day, a junior from the NCC squad walked up with the book. He had found it thrown in the bushes behind the school garden. I thanked the boy very much and kept my promise. My week’s pocket money was gone in treating him. I felt a sense of relief as I put the book safely back in my school bag.

For the first time I realized what it feels to lose something that is dear to oneself.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 19. Complete the following story. It has to be a scary story that terrifies people. Give a suitable title to your story.

I stopped my scooter in front of an old and dilapidated building. A haggard, skinny old man with drooping shoulders came towards me. “Don’t go in, Sir”, he whispered. “It is dangerous…”


I stopped my scooter in front of an old and dilapidated building. A haggard, skinny old man with drooping shoulders came towards me. “Don’t go in, Sir”, he whispered. “It is dangerous…” I got angry at the old man and asked him to go away as I had to prepare a report on old forts as a part of my museology course. He murmured something and stared at me with strange expression, For a moment a chill ran through my spine and I shuddered but I shrugged off the feeling and entered through the rusty gate. The atmosphere was eerie and the air was still. The withered wines on the walls of the building looked like veins on the hands of some witch. I stepped towards the stairs on the entrance of the fort and no sooner did I step on the first stair, than many bats came screeching and flew above my head. I dived down with a start and again thought of moving further. Just then I heard someone laughing. It was a hollow and strange laugh that seemed to vibrate through the building. By this time, I was quite nervous and stepped down to look around. Suddenly my blood froze to see a shadow like figure floating above the railings of the terrace of the building. I turned only to see the same old man standing before me. Surprisingly, I felt a sense of relief to see someone else there. The old man smiled and said, “Haven’t I told you? Now come out, as soon it will be dark and we will never be able to see the light of the day.”

Sweat poured out of my body through the air was chilly and I followed the old man in a trance like situation. After coming out, I was about to thank the old man when to my surprise, he just disappeared in thin air. Collecting my wits I drove fast my scooter back home and decided never to pass by that way. It was really a scary experience.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 2  CBSE Board 

Question 20. …Ultimately he won it as he was determined to accomplish his mission. The closing of a story is given above. You can start your own story but you can’t change the end. Write the story in 150-200 words.


The marathon was a week away. The leg plaster had come off but I was using crutches. Since it was for a charitable cause I was determined to contribute to it. Friends were sympathetic and tried to dissuade me. As a rebellious teenager, I refused to follow sound advice and willed myself to take a few short steps. Oh how the pain shot through my leg! I had managed to hobble to the door. Next day, my trainer arrived to coach me and by the day of the marathon, I felt well prepared. The race took off to an uneventful start but by mid-morning, the heat was oppressive. I remained calm although the leg was beginning to hurt a bit. I realized soon the runners had picked up speed and were outracing me. I pulled my muscles taut, gritted my teeth and fought off the painful sensation in my legs. The finishing line was a blur as I remember dropping to the ground at the rope. When I came to my senses, I could hear someone saying…”Ultimately he won it and he was determined to accomplish his mission.”



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