Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 3 : The Little Girl

Class 9 English Beehive Prose Word Meaning
Chapter 3 The Little Girl
S.NoWordMeaningMeaning (In Hindi)Synonyms
1A figure to be feared a person to be fearedआशंका होने का एक आंकड़ा…………..
2Glad sense of relieffeeling relaxedराहत की भावनाcalm, recline, soften.
3Fainter and fainterto lessen or reduce निडरindistinct, vague, ill-defined
4Slip down come down quietly and unwillinglyफिसल जानाmove, shift, skid.
5Stutterto stammer, to speak with pausesहकलाना impediments, falter
6Cooka person who cooks foodरसोइयाsaucier, cuisinier, head chef
7Trying so hardmaking a lot of effortsइतनी कोशिश कर रहा हैaim, endeavor, seek.
8 Wretchedunhappy, sadमनहूस degenerate, demiss
9On the brink of suicideabout to commit suicideआत्महत्या के कगार परself-destruction, self-murder
10Hangingfalling downफांसीdrape, curtain, drop
11Snoringthe sound produced by some people when there are asleep.खर्राटोंwheeze, snuffle, breathe heavily.
12Gravelyseriously.गंभीरता सेacutely, deeply, exceedingly.
13 Laboriouslywith lot of effort or difficultyकठिनाई सेbarely, hardly, incomprehensibly
14Wandered intowent into, by chanceउधर-इधर घूमना gate-crash, infiltrate, infringe
15Gapholeअन्तरrespite, hiatus, recess
16Hue and Cryangry protest.चिल्लपोंcommotion, outcry, uproar
17The damned thingused to express anger at something.धिक्कार की बातdarned, lousy, blessed.
18Clungto attach yourself to something.चिपके रहेhang on to, hold tightly, clench
19Nightmarea bad dream.बुरा सपनाnight terrors, incubus, ephialtes
20Tucked upcovered up nicely in bedऊपर की ओर खींचनाcomfortable, intimate, snug.
21Snuggledmoved into a warm, comfortable position, close to another personछीन लियाnestle, curl up
22Upsetsadपरेशानdistemper, haunt, distress
23Feelingemotionsभावनाsense, spirit, imagination
24Forgetunable to rememberभूलना lose sight of, be mistaken
25Figureformआकृतिshape, feature, diagram
26Avoidkeep awayटालनाstave off, defer, postpone
27Casualinformalआकस्मिकaccidental, contingent, emergent
28Respondanswerजवाबreply, answer
29Reliefcomfortराहतrest, ease, amenities
30Slippersa type of shoeचप्पलें………..
31Terrifyfrightenख़ौफ़ में डालनाhorrify, bully, daunt
32Properlyin a right mannerअच्छी तरह choicely, consentaneously, Fairly
33Brinkthe extreme edgeकगारverge, margin, rim
34Stretched outlay comfortablyकार्यग्रस्तextend, put out, hold out
35Double cottondouble stitchडबल सिलाईabsorbent cotton
36Stufffill tightly withभरना stow, impregnate, supply
37Searchlook forखोजquest, find, discovery
38Instantmomentतुरंत immediate, straightaway
39Draggedpulledघसीटाtrail, streel, yank
40Shadowedclosedछिपानाhide, conceal, secrete
41Taga name of sportटैगstick a label
42Hosea flexible tube of rubberरबर का पाइपhosepipe, pipe, tube
43Granniegrandmotherनानी grandma
44Passagecorrridorगलियाराaisle, anteroom, gallery
45Carriagecarगाड़ीcart, roadster, wagon
46Slowlygraduallyधीरे सेlightly, gingerly, quietly
47Sobweeping silentlyसुबक सुबक कर रोनेweep, cry, shed tears
48Hurry updo quicklyजल्दी करोhasten, rush, hie
49Mattercaseमामलाaffair, concern, deed
50Palm the inner surface of handहथेलीexplore, finger, fondle.
51Suggestproduce any ideaसुझानाevince, inform
52Whisperto speak in low voiceफुसफुसानाmumble, sough, gabble
53Fetchgo and bringलाना bring in, introduce
54Belongrelatedसंबंधितpertain, join
55Beathitपीटनाmanhandle, shingle, maul

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