Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 4 : Poem – The Lake of Isle of Innisfree

1 Arise stand up उठता get up, heave, grow
2Cabinroom केबिन chamber, door, stanza
3Wattlestwisted sticks for making fences, walls टट्टर से बाँधना fence, gill, roof.
4Gladeclearing, open space वृक्षों से खाली जगह meadow, moor, pasture
5Veilsa piece of fine material worn by women to protect or hide the face नक़ाब mask, domino, yashmak
6Linneta small brown and grey bird with a short beak एक प्रकार की पक्षी…………
7Night and dayall the time हमेशा constantly, permanently, eternally
8Lappingstriking लैपिंग wrap, swathe, cover
9Heart’s corethe innermost part of the heart दिल की कोरdisposition, emotion, feeling
10Innisfreethe name of an island इनसिप्री…………
11IsleIslandटापू archipelago, atoll, bar.
12Claymud चिकनी मिट्टी ceramic, fictile
13Droppingfalling in drops बूंदों में गिरना relinquish, put, place
14Cricketa singing insect झींगुर grasshopper, beetle
15Glimmertwinkling चमक shine, glow, glare
16Beana vegetable सेम…………

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