Class 9th English Beehive Poetry Word Meanings

Unit 5 : The Snake and the Mirror

1Meagresmall in quantity.अल्पscant, little, diminutive
2Possessedhadप्राप्तobtained, acquired, procured
3Solitarysingleअकेलाalone, lonely, only
4Gableupper part of a wall below a sloping roofगृहशिखरceiling, dome, shelter.
5Taken time offto take a day off, take a holidayसमय ले लोunlax, soften
6Bachelora man who is not and has never been marriedअविवाहितcelibate, loner
7Earth-shaking decisionsomething very importantधरती हिलने का निर्णयconsequential, historic, major
8On top of itto add on to somethingउसके ऊपरatop, high.
9Pacedwalkedरफ़्तारstride, tread, march
10Validlogical, justifiableवैधrecognized, accepted, estimable
11Wriggledcrawledछुटकाराsquirm, writhe, jiggle
12Simultaneoushappened at the same timeसमकालिकcontemporaneous, concomitant,coinciding
13SlitheredTwisting and crawling motion of the snakeचुप हो गयाcoast, cower, glide.
14Hoodhead of the snake.कनटोपprotector, purdah, hooligan
15Strikeattackआक्रमणrigid, scrupulous, severe.
16Lurkedhidदुबका हुआtake cover, sneak, sidle
17Feeblyweaklyनिर्बलता सेeffeminately, impotently, incapably
18Vermilion spotred bindiसिंदूर का निशानcardinal, crimson, flaming.
19Closer quartersto get a closer lookबंद कमरेclose, hard
20Graniteform of a marble, it’s a stone.ग्रेनाइटlimestone, sandstone, marble
21Reedy persona thing or person resembling a tall, thin – leaved plant of the grass familyरेड्डी व्यक्ति…………….
22Smearedcovered withढका हुआdenigrated, aspersed, smirched
23Rascala mischievous or cheeky person, especially a child or a man, a naught personदुष्टrogue, scoundrel, roguery
24Taken withattracted byसाथ लियाenamored, infatuated.
25Coilwindकएलloop, twist, curl
26Full-bondedfrighteningपूर्ण बंधुआalarming, dire, dread
27Homeopatha kind of doctorसमाचिकित्सकpharmacopoeia, Acology
28Attentivelywith attentionध्यान सेfixedly, searchingly, sharply
29Mealfoodभोजन diet, eating
30Familiarknownपरिचितacquainted, cognizant, intimate
31Sharelived togetherसहभागी होनाportion, part, division
32Keroseneparaffin oilमिट्टी का तेलnaphtha, petroleum
33Rentedhiredकिराए परcharter, lease, take
34Earningsincomeकमाईgross, receive, get
35Facingin front ofसामनाcontraposition, deal with, envisagement
36Yardopen space at the front of the back of the houseआंगनbarnyard, courtyard, garden
37Beamrafterकड़ीnexus, purlin, shackle
38Closenearसमीपnigh, nearby, adjoining
39Temptedinclinedप्रवृत्तentice, persuade, convince
40Adjustedsetसमायोजितmodify, alter, regulate
41Moustachehair on the upper lipमूंछwhiskers, tentacle
42Up and downfrom one side to another sideऊपर और नीचेuneven, vacillating, vertical.
43PlentyMuchबहुत सारेmany, affluence.
44Sillyfoolishमूर्खतापूर्ण idiotic, senseless, stupid
45Resumedtook againफिर शुरू से करनाrestart, start again
46Dull thudheavy soundमंद धमाकाplump, thump, vague.
47Landedcameउतारा हुआinflict, deal, deliver
48Trembleshiverकंपनाquiver, twitch, palpitate
49Merelyonlyकेवलjust, simply, solely
50Imagestatueप्रतिबिंबsculpture, bust, effigy
51Drained ofwithout निकासीdepleted, weary.
52Leadenmade of leadसीसे काsaturnine, plumbic, plumbeous
53Moltenturned to liquid with fireपिघला हुआfluid, melted, flowing
54Crushingpressing hardपीसनाmill, pulverise, suppress
55Rinsewashखूब धोनाclean, dip, drench
56Appreciatedvalued सराहना कीrespect, prize, cherish
57Admiringpraisingप्रशंसा करनाextol, exalt, compliment
58Unwounduncoiledखुला हुआunravel, untwine, untwist
59Sprinterracer धावकrunner, jogger, walker
60Leaptjumpedजोर से उछलेcavort, bounce, plash
61Willeddesiredइच्छाशक्तिdecree, order, command

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