Class 9th English English Moments Word Meanings

Unit 6 : Weathering the Storm in Ersama

1 Ancientoldप्राचीनantiquated, primitive, archaic
2 Animal carcasses dead bodies of animalsपशु शवskeleton, Body, shell
3 Battered injuredचोट खाया हुआthwack, thump, biff
4 Belliesstomachपेटbelly, abdomen, gut
5 Bereavedto have lost a family member or a friend to deathशोकसंतप्तsorrowful, orphan, grieve
6 Blessing in disguise an apparent misfortune that eventually has good resultsएक स्पष्ट दुर्भाग्य कि अंततः अच्छे परिणाम हैंevery cloud has a silver lining, bitter pills may have blessed effects, unfortunate event with positive outcome
7 Bloated swollenफूला हुआpuffy, flatulent, puffed
8 Catastrophe disasterआपदाcalamity, peril, distress,
9 Expedition journeyयात्राtravel, trip, tour
10 Eyes brimming eyes were full of tearsआँखें आँसुओं से भरी थीं
11 Flashed through his mind came to his mindउसके दिमाग में आयाcome to mind, pass in the thoughts, pass in the mind.
12 Foster familiesA family that takes a kid into their home for a while and takes care of him or herपालक परिवारcaretaker, registered nurse, sitter
13 Fractured brokenटूटा हुआcrack, split, vitiate
14 Fury extreme strengthअत्यधिक शक्तिenergy, power, courage
15 Huddled together in a groupएक समूह में एक साथbunch, cluster, gather
16 Incessantunceasing, continuousनिरंतरconsecutive, incessant, continually
17 Macabre horribleभयानकterrible,Dangerous, frightful
18 Menacing dangerous and harmfulधमकी-भराscare, frighten, intimidate
19 Motleydesperate, varied in appearance or characterमिश्रितmixed, assorted, combinatorial
20 Orphaneda child who loses either one or both of his parents to deathअनाथforlorn, unparented, grieving
21 Recede reduceकम होनाabate, Fade, recede
22 Refuge shelterआश्रयconcealment, asylum, recourse
23 Remnantssmall remaining quantitiesशेष-भागremainder, remnant, rest
24 Rent filledपट्टे पर लेनाhire, fare, flatting
25 Stigma disgraceअपमानhumiliation, dishonor, disrespect
26 Surge gushलहरfreak, spasm, streak
27 Swirled moved or flowed along with a whirling motionघुमानाrotate, swivel, swirl
28 Tender soft, rawनरमbland, malleable, moderate
29 Triumphantly victoriouslyविजयी रूप सेadmirably, attractively, perfectly
30 Tumultuproar of a disorderly crowd forceगाँठanbury, bale, gland
31 Wadedswamघूमनाfly round, swim
32Mortar a mixture of lime, cement, sand and water used to construct buildingsगाराcalx, infiltration, infiltrate
33Wroughtproduced as a result of somethingकड़ा परिश्रमlabour, toil, perform
34Weatheringfacing सामना करनाcontraposition, deal with, envisagement
35Cyclonea very strong wind and stormचक्रवातswirl, typhoon, vortex
36Stranded coastalतटीयcircumlittoral, riparian, riverian
37Menacingdangerousखतरनाकriskful, hazardous, perilous
38Furyangerगुस्साrage, fury, indignation
39Witnessedseenदेखनाperceive, scrutinize, sight
40Screamscriesरोनाweep, mourn, lament
41Survivevelocityगतिspeed, motion, pace
42Terrorfearभयawe, fright, terror
43Crazedmadपागलmaniac, raving, demented
44Glimpsesceneदृश्यvisual, phenomenal, sight
45Trappedcaughtफंस गयाconfine, grab, imprison
46Starvingdying of hungerभूख से मर रहेgreedy, rapacious, devouring
47Huddledsat closelyबारीकी से बैठ गयाbunch,
48Pleadedrequestedनिवेदन कियाsolicited, ask for, impetrate
49Equippedarmedसुसज्जितfitted, equipped, decorated
50Locatefind outपता लगानाunearth, detect, explore
51Shallowless deepउथलाpotted, surface, skin-deep
52Eventuallyfinnallyअंत मेंlastly, eventuality, in conclusion
53Twistedbentमुड़ गयाperverted, warped, deviant
54Outstretchedspread outफैलाया हुआdisseminated, distent, stretch out
55Miraclemarvelचमत्कारspectacle, sight, portent
56Huggedembracedअंक लगानाlap, number, renumber
57Batteredsufferingपीड़ितsoreness, hurt, distress
58Desperatehopelessनिराशdespondent, disconsolate, frustrated
59Gripcatch holdपकड़clasp, clutch, seizing
60Reluctantslowधीमाstilly, quiet, doggo
61Filthdirtगंदगी filthiness, garbage, mephitis
62Vomitvomitउबकाईqueasiness, sickness, puke
63Tendtake care ofख्याल रखनाprotect, guard, keep an eye on
64Utensilspotsबर्तनgoods, household utilities
65Communicateget across the messageसंवाद करेंspell out, confabulate, intimate
66Airdroppingdropping from airहवा से गिरनाbeacon, contrail, simulator
67Persuadedmade to agreeआश्वस्तconfident, guaranteed, persuaded
68Initialpreliminaryप्रारंभिकopening, rudimentary, preparative
69Healedcuredठीक हो गयाhealed, healthy, sound
70Fosterto adopप्रोत्साहन देनाsupport, alimental, alimentary
71Stigmasocial bad markकलंकblazonry, ensign, stain
72Headquartershead officeप्रधान कार्यालयmain office, principal office, main office
73Coastelnear seaतटीय circumlittoral, riparian, riverian
74Menacethreatसंकटcrisis, trouble, Danger,
75Uprootroot outदूर करनाeradicate, root out, root up,
76Devastationdestructionतबाहीextermination, perdition, pogrom
77Disguisealteringभटकावclandestine, cryptogenic, disguise
78Ceaseto stopबंद करनाclamp, stop, close up
79Recedeto retreatपीछे हटनाdigress, recoil, shrink back
80Situationa state of affairsपरिस्थिति circumstances, condition, case
81Pleadmake an emotional appealविनती कीbeg, court, petition
82Anxiouslyeagerlyव्यग्रता सेdistractedly, deucedly, discomposedly,
83Pressuriseto forceदबाव डालनाpress, compress, pressurize
84Woundinjuryघाव cut, hurt, trauma
85Secureto gainप्राप्त करनाobtain, enlist, secure
86Volunteera person working without any desire for financial gainsस्वयंसेवकunconstrained, spontaneous, voluntary
87Griefhardshipकष्टgripe, misery, pangs
88Resettleto rehabilitateपुनरावास देनाrefix, refixation, rehouse

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