Diary Entry For Class 9 Page 3

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

CBSE Board

21. You spent a part of your summer vacation in your village. You found that the life in the village is closer to nature, which we miss in the cities. You are now back home. Write a diary entry about your stay in your village and your feelings, in about 100-150 words. 

Monday, 29th October, 20XX

09:30 p.m.

Dear Diary,

We are back home after a long vacation. Visiting the ancestral village after 8 years was quite an experience. Our relative didn’t recognize me as we were toddlers when we visited last.

The first night was quite a challenge as we had to sleep on the terrace of the house. The sound of the cricket and hooting of the owls kept us awake for quite long. We were rudely awakened by the roosters crowing early in the morning. It was strange for us that life began early in the village unlike in the cities. I saw my uncle milking the cow and milk tasted much better than the packet milk we were used to. Breakfast was a treat of hot paranthas with a huge blob of butter. My cousins took us to the field where we plucked fresh vegetables which were to be cooked for lunch. By 7:00 p.m., we were ravenous for food.

During our entire stay, we never missed out on the fast food that we would die for.

Every day in the village was a learning; we felt so close to nature. Life was simple, unlike the city life. We promised our cousins that we would be in the village during our next vacations.

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

22. You witnessed an accident that occurred due to rash driving that day. Write your experience in the form of a diary entry, in about 100 – 150 words.

Monday, 19th June 20XX

09:30 p.m.,

Dear Diary,

People are so careless and, in such haste, that road accidents are one of the biggest causes of deaths on Indian roads, I witnessed one in front of my school. The road in front of my school is a narrow one and very busy. After dispersal, the road becomes almost impassable as children, bicycles, cars and buses jostle and struggle to use it. Sometimes, a policeman is there to help things out but generally chaos reigns. It happened just after school. As usual, the road was an utter mad juncture. Just then, I saw a young boy make a dash across the I road. There was a loud blare of horn, a squeal of brakes and I saw a car knock into the boy. He fell as though his feet were swept from under him.

Fortunately, the car was not moving very fast, the driver stopped the car before a wheel ran over the fallen boy. Ali traffic stopped. I ran over to the boy and saw blood on the road. He was bleeding from a cut on his head. A man came and examined the boy. Then he lifted the boy and carried him to a car, they sped off, presumably to the hospital.

Many people surrounded the driver who looked dazed and bewildered, A policeman came to carry things down. it was terrible to witness an accident. I certainly would not like to be involved in one.

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

23. You are Vijayta. You recently surprised your mother on Mother’s Day. Make a diary entry, in about 100-150 words, using the following cues, expressing your feelings and stating what all happened.

surprised mother – planned a day full of enjoyment – bought her a pair of earrings – went out with her – didn’t let her work – made her happy

Sunday, 13th May, 20XX

09:30 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Today was an exciting day, as you know we’ve been planning for this for the past week. The best part was that dad, Rahul and I worked as a team to make it special for mom today, being Mother’s Day.

Our alarm woke us up an hour before mom usually wakes. We slowly crept into the kitchen and made breakfast for mom. You should have seen the look on her face, when the three of us walked in and served her steaming hot coffee and a full breakfast in bed. We wished her by giving the card that both Rahul and I had made the previous night. I knew she was touched by the gesture as we saw her eyes moisten. Then dad announced that was not all; he had planned a whole day of enjoyment and surprises. We got ready and went out to watch a movie, after which dad surprised mom by buying a pair of diamond earrings. We got her to go to the spa and get a nice beauty treatment. In the evening, we ordered her favorite food and we had a candlelit dinner. Both of us set the table for dinner and even cleared the dishes after dinner.

Mom was overwhelmed and said that the three of us treated her like a queen and it was the most memorable day of her life.

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

24. You are Vikas. You were on the flight to London for your vacation with your family. You find that you are seated next to the Bollywood superstar Mr Amitabh Bachchan. Express your feelings by making a diary entry, in about 100-150 words.

Sunday, 20th May, 20XX

09:30 p.m.

Dear Diary,

I really need to tell you who I met on the flight from Delhi to London. The Bo Legend, Shri Amitabh Bachchan. I was awestruck initially when he greeted me as I settled next to him. His personality was awe-inspiring.

As the flight took off, he noticed I was slightly tense and he started a conversation with me. He told me that he was flying to London as he was being awarded the Best Actor Award by IIFA. He enquired about my family and was glad to know that we were from Delhi and coincidently, both he and dad were Alumni of Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. I made sure that I didn’t disturb him with so many questions, I wanted to ask him. He shared with me a few tips on voice modulation and how I could improve my oratory skills.

The 8 hours of flight, that I thought would be boring, was the best I had ever taken in my life and one of the most interesting ones. He was kind enough to pose for pictures with my family and with other passengers too, but I was most privileged because he clicked a few selfies with me, ones that I will treasure all my life.

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

25. Read the sample entry from the diary of Agastya. He describes his first day of swimming class.

Wednesday, 24 May

Dear Diary,

The high point of my summer vacation began today. I have written before how much I have wanted to learn swimming for the past couple of years. The water seems to call out to me! This summer, my parents finally enrolled me in a swimming class at our neighboring swimming club. My best friends, Naren and Shyam and I have joined the class together, hoping to have some fun while we learn.

Today was my first day at the pool. The class was for an hour from 4 p.m. Naren and Shyam were already there when I reached. We were asked to take a shower before we entered the pool. The coach, a rather serious- looking man, asked us to go to the shallow end of the pool. We were asked to hold on to the side of the pool and let our legs float. I was a bit nervous and splashed around for a while. Then the coach came to my side and lightly supported my legs until I got the hang of it. I looked around to see how my friends were doing, and was surprised to find Shyam paddling with his feet quite confidently! I was little jealous and was planning to ask how he had learnt it, when the coach came around again to see how I was doing. I immediately went back to floating in the water and minding my own business. I think I am a little scared of the coach! We also practiced exhaling under water today. Eventually, I also learnt how to paddle and tread water. The coach told us that he would teach us how to come up from the bottom using our arms in a day or two. Shyam boasted later that he already knew how to paddle and tread water. The coach told us that he would teach us how to come up from the bottom using our arms in a day or two. Shyam boasted later that he already knew how to do the front stroke and back store. I wonder if he is bluffing, but then, he goes to his ancestral village every year, where there are a lot of lakes. He might have learnt the basics there.

After the class, we had to shower again. Then, the three of us trooped together to the club canteen. After all the exercise, our stomachs were growling. We polished off the sandwiches and memos we bought in no time.

In spite of the little difficulties, I think I will love swimming. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. I am sure I will be able to swim to the deep end by the end of the season.

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

26. Read the diary entry given below. You will notice how the writer expresses his ideas, thoughts and shares his observations in an informal way. It’s a diary entry by an eleven-year-old boy who visited an amusement park with his family.

Tuesday, 25th July, 2020

8:30 pm

Dear Diary,

Today I was very excited since morning because my parents had planned to take us (me and my brother Harish) to the amusement park in the suburbs of our township. Daddy took water bottles, our caps and Mama packed some sandwiches. When we reached the amusement park, I was fascinated by the various rides. Harish also gaped when he saw people shrieking and shouting as they went up and down on various rides. We went on different rides like ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘Columbus’, ‘Cup and Saucer Ride’. Mother always held Harish’s hand which I did not like. Dad held my hand. 

Anyways, we went on the ‘Roller Coaster’ next. Oh! It was amazing! Something churned in my stomach and we all yelled when it suddenly went up and then came down. Harish was next to me and clutched my hand on the ‘Roller Coaster’. I was equally scared so I did not mind. After the rides we had ice cream, sandwiches (home-made). By the end of the day, Daddy was as exhausted as any of us. We drove home and relaxed. In the evening, I could hardly wait to share my experience with my best friend Nikhil. 

On the whole, we had a great day! Now, I am signing off. 

Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

27. You are Shweta. It was your 15th birthday. Describe your excitement and your happiness in not more than 150 words. 

22 November, 20XX

Dear Diary,

Today was indeed an exciting day for me. My 15th birthday was celebrated in a big way. Mom and dad who love me no end, saw to it that all my friends, cousins and close relatives came and enjoyed an evening of fun and frolic. Of course each one of them gave me beautiful gift, but the one I am most excited about is this diary. In a way, it is good that I received this on such an important day of my life. I will try to record all the important events of my life on it. Thank you grandma, for gifting me such a wonderful thing. I shall always treasure it.


Diary Entry Class 9 Page 3

28. You are Ankita. Write a diary entry expressing your thoughts about your new classmate who is very rude and stubborn.

2 February, 20XX 

Dear Diary, 

Today I don’t know whether I am angry or sad. There is a new girl named Heena in our class who could do well to learn a bit of manners. Most days I avoid having an interaction with her, but today during the English class we had to work in groups. Heena and I were in the same group. Form the very beginning; she was so rude and stubborn that our entire group could not complete the given task on time. I am angry that we all worked so hard, but failed to get a good score just because of her. At the same time, I am sad because she has made herself very unpleasant and henceforth my other classmate will also avoid her. I do hope she comes to her senses soon and tries to improve herself.