Email Writing Format For Practice Online Class 8

1.Write an email from a publisher in response to a query about the availability of certain books.


To : 

Subject : Availability of books by Robin S. Sharma


  • All the books by Robin S. Sharma except Discover Your Destiny are readily available.
  • You get 10 per cent discount if your order exceeds 1000.
  • You can get the books you want to read in a week’s time. Just send us a D.D. payable at Delhi to cover the cost of the books. Add * 50 for orders of less than 500. Orders exceeding 500 are delivered free.

A.K. Sinha

Marketing Manager

2.Write an email to be sent to your uncle thanking him for the lovely birthday gift he has sent for you.

From: Shuchi
Subject: Thank you
My Dear uncle,
I thank you very much for the beautiful present you sent for me on my birthday. I really wanted a camera and got it from you. It was so nice of you to remember that I have a deep interest in photography. The camera would really be of good use to me when I go for excursions with the nature club of my school. I would not forget to send you a few of the photographs which I click with it. I shall keep it with great care, for I feel that it is the best present that I have got on my birthday.
Convey my sincere regards to aunty.
Priyam Kumar
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Subject: Request for funds for a poor patient
Dear sir

We are one of the leading hospitals of North India. Every year, thousands of patients benefit from the state of the art health care we provide.
Many of these patients are too poor to bear the expenses of treatment. We do not turn them away. We provide them the very best of our services thanks to the kindness and generosity shown by people / organisations like you. Right now, a very poor patient Master Saurabh (Age 11) urgently requires to undergo go heart surgery which will cost his family 1,00,000/- While the hospital is willing to give a concession of 25,000/- Master Saurabh still needs 75,000/-.
May I request you to extend a helpful hand by collecting the much needed funds from your staff and students and any other willing person (s) or organisation(s)?
Please make all payments within 15 days in the form of a demand draft favoring the hospital. Looking forward to your generous help.
Your sincerely
Dr. Charles D’Souza
Medical Superintendent, CMD Hospital
(+911979081 XXXX)

4.Write an email to a wildlife conservation organization offering to be a volunteer.



Subject Volunteering for Goa Foundation

Dear Mr Alvarez,

I am an admirer of the environmental activism undertaken by Goa Foundation under your leadership. I am a student of the eighth standard and have been interested in green activism for as long as I can remember. Last year, I joined the public campaign against the declassification of the coconut tree by the government to protest against felling of the trees. Given the environmental destruction around us, I firmly believe it is time for all of us to join the fight to preserve the biodiversity of Goa.

I am on my summer vacation at present and would love to contribute to the initiatives that your organization undertakes. I would especially like to join in the efforts to help with the conservation of the endangered Olive Ridley turtles that are coming to our beaches to breed. I have attached my resumé with this email. I believe I would learn a lot by working closely with your team. I do hope you will give me an opportunity to work with Goa Foundation.

Yours sincerely,

Sushila Mendonca

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