Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 5

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 5

CBSE Board


Question 41. Develop the idea “Hard work is the key to success”.


We all know that work is worship. It is the royal road of success, happiness, prosperity, growth and development. Work keeps us busy and saves from doing evil deeds as a vacant mind is the devil’s workshop. Even our house people start showing contempt anger, ill –will and jealousy for stay in the house. Nothing can be had for the asking. There is no magic want to construct dams, big building, dig canals, prepare roads, laying down the metro lines and flavors. It is the hard work that grows gold in the fields and factories. Work is our savior and it is golden key that resolves all our problems. The idlers sit, waste their time and go on complaining and cursing. They lead a dog’s. But honest labor takes to conquer Mount Everest. So hard work is the key to success.

Question 42. Write a story with the moral “One must never give in to flattery”.

Answer.                        THE CLEVER COCK

Once a cock and a dog became close friends. They used to go together in search of food. One evening while looking for food, it got dark. They fed on some small meal on a farm. Then, the cock saw a tree. He flew to its lowest branch to spend the night. The dog settled at the foot of the tree and soon both the friends went into deep sleep. The cock woke up and crowded loudly as usual. ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo’, he cried loudly.

Meanwhile a fox was passing by and heard the crowing. She spotted the cock on the branch of the tree. As the fox was hungry, she decided to have the cock for lunch. She went to the cock and said. “My handsome brother you crow so nicely in a melodious tune, I like to listen to your sweet song. Please come down to me and sing a song.” Hearing this the clever cock said. “ Oh! Thank you for admiring my sweet voice. I would love to sing for you but my vigilant dog that sleeps under the tree won’t let me do this.” Till then the fox hadn’t noticed the dog. Just then the dog awoke from his sleep. He started barking at the fox. The fox ran to save her life.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 5

CBSE Board

Question 43. Write a story describing how kindness yields us.

Answer.                       KINDNESS REWARDED

One day a thirsty bee went out in search of water. It soon saw a tank full of water and decided to quench its thirst by drinking from it. The tank was huge and the bee was too small. It could not have drunk water by sitting on the side so it plunged into the water to take a sip. Once it tumbled in, it could not keep itself afloat.

It was beginning to drown when a dove flying overhead saw its plight. Realising the danger the bee was in, the dove quickly flew to a neighbouring tree from where it plucked a leaf and dropped it in water just next to the bee. The bee climbed on to the leaf, dried its wings and flew away to its hive full of gratitude to the dove who had saved its life.

A few days later, the bee was returning to its hive after a long and hectic day when it saw a young boy aiming his gun at the dove sitting on the branch of a tree. ’’What a cruel boy he is! What harm had the poor dove done to him that he wants to shoot it down. I must not let the naughty boy get away with this. I must do something to save the dove.’’

And so the bee flew down and sat on the boy’s wrist and stung him just as he was going to release the trigger of his gun. “Aah! the boy cried out and sat writhing in pain. The gun fell down from his hands.’’ The dove heard the noise. It soon realized the danger it was in. It quickly flew away to safety. The bee was happy. It had been able to repay the kindness of the dove which had saved its life one day.

One day a thirsty stage comes to a river to drink water. As he looks down in the clear stream of water he sees his own reflection. He sees his own beautiful slender horns and begins to admire them. He also looks at this thin legs. They were thin and ugly. He becomes sad. “What large branching and lovely horns I have. How I had beautiful legs too!”, he thought to himself.

He was musing thus when suddenly he heard a distant barking sound. Form the sound of the breaking he knew that there was a hunter on the prowl with his hounds. He was beginning to feel relieved and rather proud that he could run so fast when suddenly his horns got entangled in the branches of a tree. Whilst he was trying to get them disentangled the hounds caught up with him. They pulled him down and tore his flesh into shreds.

As the stage lay dying in pain he thought to himself, ”What a fool I am. I have been punished for being so vain. I hated my legs which could have saved me and I prided in my horns which have cost me my life. I should have been thankful to God for what he has made me.”

Question 44. Write a story about a carpenter whose house caught on fire.

Answer.             A CARPENTER’S HOUSE ON FIRE

It was Sunday and I was sitting in my room with my friend, Atul. Suddenly, we saw clouds of smoke rising in the sky. There was a big fire in my neighborhood. People were running to the site of the fire. Children were shouting for help. People brought buckets of water. We also joined them. We threw sand and water on the flames. The fire was put out after half an hour. It was the house of a carpenter. All his wood, grain and money were gone. The house was reduced to ashes. The poor man was very sad at the loss. People gave him food, clothes and some money. The poor carpenter thanked them with folded hands.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 5

CBSE Board

Question 45. Write a story about your younger sibling who loves to fly kites and encountered injuries due to it.


My little brother, Bonny, is very fond of flying kites. One day, he was standing on the terrace of our house and flying a kite. His kite went quite high in the sky. He was looking at it and feeling very happy. He forgot that he was standing near the edge of the terrace. And when he tried to move a little to his left, he lost his balance and fell off the terrace. Luckily, he didn’t fall on the side of the street. Only god knows what would have happened then! He fell on the roof’s side and broke both his right arm and right leg. It was three weeks ago and he is still wearing plasters.

Question 46. Write a story about a boy named ‘Aarav’ who got bitten by a dog.

Answer.                  THE CASE OF A DOG BITE

One day, Aarav was going to the market. He saw a dog on the way. It was foaming at its mouth. It tried to bite many passersby. Aarav at once knew that the dog had gone mad. Just then a small boy came there. He was playing with a ball. The dog ran to the boy and bit him badly. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital. Aarav knew it was a case of rabies. He met the doctor and told him the whole story. An injection for rabies was given to the boy. His wound was dressed. The doctor said that the boy would have to take a regular course of anti-rabies vaccine. In the meantime, the boy’s parents reached there. They thanked Aarav for the help.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 5

CBSE Board


Question 47. Let us see how we can write a story based on given outline.

Outline: Ram and Shyam were fighting – both said the mango tree was theirs –  fistfight – people dragged them to court – Akbar puzzled – Birbal said divide the fruits of the tree between the two – cut the tree in half to each – Ram happy – Shyam cries out – agrees to give up the tree – Birbal says that his love for the tree proves he is the owner

Answer.                         CLEVER BIRBAL

Ram and Shyam were in a fight. Both of them said they owned the same mango tree. They went up to Birbal and asked him to decide the matter, once and for all. Who was the true owner of the mango tree?

Bribal said, ”There is only one way to settle the matter. First, you must take all of the fruit off the tree. Each of you should take half the mangoes. Then you must cut down the tree and divide the trunk in half. Each of  you should take half the wood, too. Then everything will be fair. That is what I say.”

Ram thought it was all a good idea, and he said so. But Shyam said, “Your Honor! I have tended that tree for seven years. If you must, give the mango tree to Ram. But do not make us cut it down!”

“What you have said told me all I need to know,” said Birbal. Then he said that Shyam was the true owner of the mango tree.

Question 48. Let us now see how to write a story to bring out a moral “luck does not favour us always”.

Answer.                       SALT-SELLER

A salt seller used to carry his salt bags on his donkey to the market every day. On the way they had to cross a stream. One day the donkey suddenly tumbled down the stream and the salt bag also fell into the water. The salt dissolved in the water and the bag became light to carry. The donkey was happy.

Thereafter, the donkey started to play the same trick every day. The salt seller came to understand the trick and decided to teach the donkey a lesson. The next day, he loaded a cotten bag on the donkey.

Again it played the same trick hoping that the cotton bag would become lighter. But the wet cotton only became heavier to carry and the donkey suffered. It learnt a lesson. It didn’t play the trick anymore after that day and the salt seller was happy.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 5

CBSE Board

Question 49. Write a story about Nasreuddin Hodja who learns how wise is our mother nature. 

Answer.                          WISE NATURE        

Nasreuddin Hodja was resting under the shade of a tall and luscious walnut tree. As he sat daydreaming, he noticed huge pumpkins growing on slight vines on the ground. Then he looked up and squinted to see the tiny walnut growing on the magnificent tree. “How strange Mother Nature is to make plump pumpkins grow on delicate vines while little walnuts have their own big and strong tree.”

Just then, a walnut fell from above and landed with a ‘tock’ on Nasreddin’s head. Hodja rubbed his sore head, picked up the fallen walnut, and looked high up towards the branches of the tree. Then he looked over thankfully at the swollen pumpkins growing safely on the ground, saying,” Oh Mother Nature, you are wise! 

Question 50. Let us see how we can write a story based on a given hint.

Outlines: Amit and Bimal were friends – On a holiday they went walking into a forest – enjoying the beauty of nature – Suddenly, they saw a bear coming at them – They became frightened    

Answer.                           AMIT AND BIMLA        

Amit, who knew how to climb trees very well, ran up to a tree and climbed up quickly. He didn’t think of Bimal. Bimal had no idea how to climb a tree. He was at a loss. He didn’t know what to do.

Bimal thought for a second. He’d heard animals don’t eat the dead, so he fell to the ground and held his breath. He lay still as if dead. The bear sniffed him and thought he was dead. So, it went on its way.

Amit asked Bimal, “What did the bear whisper into your ears?”

Bimal replied, “The bear asked me to keep away from friend like you” and went on his way.