Homophones Words With Sentences For Class 8

  1. Accept-(to agree, to consent) I have accepted the offer of employment. 
  2. Except– (to exclude) I had done all the questions except translation. We expect him to be a great man. 
  3. Accede– (to comply with, to agree to) They have acceded to my request. 
  4. Exceed – (to surpass, to excel) Do not exceed the speed limit.
  5. Access– (the act of approach) I have no access to the principal. 
  6. Excess (intemperance) My friend has excess of money. Excess of everything is bad.
  7. Accident (mishap, unexpected event) Five persons were killed in the accident.
  8. Incident (an event, an occurrence) This is an unfortunate incident. 
  9. Adapt (to make suitable, to modify) We shall have to adapt ourselves circumstances.
  10. Adopt (to take as ones own child) He has adopted a son. 
  11. Adept (the roughly proficient) He is adept in/at telling lies.
  12. Affect (to influence) Industries have affected our life.
  13. Effect (result, intent) The new laws have effected changes in the atmosphere.
  14. Alter– (to modify) The government has altered the plan.
  15. Altar– (raised platform used for sacrifice or offering) Soldiers sacrifice their lives at the alter of the country.
  16. Assent (to agree) The President has give his assent to the Anti-Dowry Act. 
  17. Ascent (act of ascending) The ascent to the Everest began in the morning.
  18. Amiable– (friend lines, lovable) Suresh is favorite among friends because of his amiable nature.
  19. Amicable – (friendly) They have settled the dispute in an amicable way. 
  20. Avocation – (minor occupation, business) Photography is my favorite avocation. 
  21. Vocation – (occupation, employment or calling) He is doctor by vocation.
  22. Vacation – (holiday, the act of vacating) We shall spend our summer vacation in Shimla.
  23. Artist – (one skilled in fine arts) He is a great artist. 
  24. Artiste – (professional entertainer) Many tribal artistes display their dances on 26th of January.
  25. Bail-(security for getting a prisoner released) The accused has been granted bail. 
  26. Bale – (a large mass of a paper) A hundred bales of cotton have been destroyed.
  27. Berth (a sleeping place in a ship, a proper place) There are many berth seat vacant.
  28. Birth-(bringing forth of a baby, origin) The birth place of Gandhi ji was Porbandar.
  29. Beneficial – (advantageous, useful) Morning walk is beneficial to health. 
  30. Beneficent-(giving benefit) Aurangzeb was not beneficent ruler.
  31. Bridle – (an apparatus for controlling the horse or restraint) He stopped the horse by pulling his bridle.
  32. Bridal -(a wedding ceremony) The bridal festivals were celebrated with great pomp and show.
  33. Cast (to throw, to drop) We cast nets to catch the fish.
  34. Caste– (rank, any exclusive social class) Reservation on caste basis is not proper. 
  35. Cost – (price, to be valuable) The cost of this book is Rs. 7.
  36. Check– (to stop, to compare) You must put a check on your son’s expenditure.
  37. Cheque– (a written order asking the banker to pay money to a certain person) I made the payment by cheque.
  38. Ceiling (inner roof of a room) The ceiling needs repairs. 
  39. Sealing -(the act of affixing a seal) Election documents require sealing.
  40. Cite (to quote, to mention as an example) I cited many rules in my favour.
  41. Sight -(the act of seeing, view) He has lost his eye-sight. 
  42. Crops (total yield of a season) Crops have been destroyed due to excessive rain. 
  43. Corpse (the dead body of a human being) The corpse has been sent for post-mortem.
  44. Custom (a tradition, usual practice) Giving of dowry is a bad custom.
  45. Costume (dress, clothes) Old costumes are on display. 
  46. Refuse (to reject, to refuse to admit) The teacher refused to teach me.
  47. Eatable (fit to be eaten) The marriage dinner was not eatable. 
  48. Edible (suitable for human foot) There is a shortage of edible oils in the country. 
  49. Eligible (desirable, fit to be chosen) There is a shortage of eligible persons for this post. 
  50. Illegible -(that cannot be read) His answer-sheet was illegible.
  51. Fair (periodical market for sale of goods) Children love to see fair. 
  52. Fare-(wadge, the cost of conveying passengers) The train fare has been increased. 
  53. Gentle (noble, honorable) Lal Bahadur Shastri was gentle leader.
  54. Genteel (elegant) Kavita is a genteel wife. 
  55. Knotty (perplexing) It is a knotty problem.
  56. Naughty– (mischievous) Nobody loves naughty children. 
  57. Later – (subsequent) She came later than expected.
  58. Letter-(a written message, communication) He wrote a letter for his mother.
  59. Latter (belonging to the end) Sumit and Saurabh are brothers. The latter is married.
  60. Plan– (a scheme or project) Ajay is planning to start business. 
  61. Plain (a large tract of level ground) Plans are hotter than hilly areas.
  62. Plane – (an aeroplane) We traveled by plane.
  63. Right– (authority) We have a right to vote.
  64. Write– (to set down on paper) I am writing a letter.
  65. Rite– (a religious ceremony) He was buried according to Muslim rites.
  66. Social-(living in a company) Man is a social animal.
  67. Sociable – (liking company) Rita is very sociable.
  68. Wander (to ramble, to roam) Why are you wandering here?
  69. Wonder– (astonishment) I wonder how he has got the first prize. 
  70. Zealous– (ardent) We need zealous soldiers.
  71. Jealous – (a fanatic) Women are generally jealous.

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