NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Civics- Social and Political Life – I

Civics- Social and Political Life – I

Social and Political life the themes of diversity, interdependence and conflict are to be focused on. This is done through first elucidating aspects of social diversity through a discussion of linguistic diversity as well as the diversity art forms. Here students are taught how people make a living in the rural and urban context discusses issues of the diversity of livelihoods. These NCERT solutions give the best guidance to students for giving the best performance in exams. Class 6 NCERT Solutions Social Science Civics download PDF for free.

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Social Science Solutions – Civics – Social and Political Life – I

Chapter 1 : Understanding Diversity
Chapter 2 : Diversity and Discrimination
Chapter 3 : What is Government
Chapter 4 : Key Elements of a Democratic Government
Chapter 5 : Panchayati Raj
Chapter 6 : Rural Administration
Chapter 7 : Urban Administration
Chapter 8 : Rural Livelihoods
Chapter 9 : Urban Livelihoods