NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact With the Sun – Supplementary Reader

A Pact With the Sun – Supplementary Reader

The solutions to the questions are very beneficial for the students while preparing for the exams. Most of the questions in the CBSE exams are asked from the NCERT book. If you want questions’ answers and exercise solutions for Class 6 English. All the chapters of the English language are prepared according to new academic session and based on the latest CBSE Board guidelines. CBSE NCERT Solutions of A pact with the Sun download PDF for free.

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Supplementary Textbook- A Pact with the Sun Solutions :

Unit 1 : A Tale of Two Birds
Unit 2 : The Friendly Mongoose
Unit 3 : The Shepherd’s Treasure
Unit 4 : The Old-Clock Shop
Unit 5 : Tansen
Unit 6 : The Monkey and the Crocodile
Unit 7 : The Wonder Called Sleep
Unit 8 : A Pact with the Sun
Unit 9 : What Happened to the Reptiles
Unit 10 : A Strange Wrestling Match