One Word for a group of Words English Grammar For Class 6

One Word for a Group of Words

Here is a list of persons and their occupations: 
1. Announcer: A person who introduces radio and TV programmes. 
2. Architect: A person who designs buildings and supervises their construction.
3. Athlete: One who is good at running, jumping, swimming, etc. 
4. Author: Someone who writes books, stories, etc.
5. Baker: A person who makes bread and cakes to sell.
6. Bricklayer: A man whose job is to put bricks together to make walls, buildings, etc.
7. Burglar: A person who breaks into a building to steal.
8. Cartoonist: A person who draws cartoons. 
9. Cashier: A person who works in a bank, office, shop, etc., collects payments for customer purchases.
10. Chemist: A person who sells medicines. 
11. Conductor: A person who sells tickets on a bus, etc. 
12. Confectioner: A person who makes or sells sweetmeats.
13. Detective: A person who investigates crime.
14. Dyer: A person who dyes clothes. 
15. Editor: A person who edits a newspaper, periodical or a book.
16. Engineer: A person who plans and makes machines.
17. Fishmonger: One who sells fish.
18. Florist: One who sells flowers.
19. Green grocer: Someone who sells fruits and vegetables. 
20. Hosier: A person who sells stockings, socks, underwears, etc.
21. Jeweller: Someone who sells necklaces and and other ornaments of gold and silver with jewels in them. 
22. Journalist: A person who writes for newspapers and magazines.
23. Judge: A person in Court who hears and decides law cases.
24. Lawyer: A person who has studied law.
25. Mason: A person who lays bricks and stones to build houses. 
26. Mechanic: A person who repairs and maintains machines.
27. Miner: A person who works in a mine. 
28. Optician: A person who makes or sells spectacles.
29. Pilot: A person who is trained to fly an aeroplane. 
30. Policeman: A person whose job is to enforce laws, investigate crimes, make arrests and protect people of the society.
31. Plumber: Someone whose job is to fit and repair appliances in connection with the water supply and drainage system. 
32. Porter: A person at a railway station, hotel or airport, who carries your luggage.
33. Referee: A person who sees that rules are obeyed in a game or a match. 
34. Smuggler: Someone who takes things secretly into a country without paying tax.
35. Stationer: A person who sells paper, etc. for writing. 
36. Stenographer: A person who writes in shorthand.
37. Surgeon: A doctor who performs surgeries. 
38. Weaver: Someone who weaves threads into cloth.

Exercise 1
Write one word for the following groups of words in the space provided: 
1. A person who repairs and maintains machines.
2. A person who cuts men’s hair.
3. A person who dyes clothes.
4. A person who sells meat. 
5. A person who plans and makes machines.
6. A person who investigates crime.
7. A person who takes money at a restaurant.
8. A person who carries your baggage at a railway station.
9. A person who sells potatoes, brinjals, onions, etc. 
10. A person who extracts teeth.

Exercise 2
Match Column A with Column B:

Column A Column B
1. A person who teaches (a) A cobbler
2. A person who bakes (b) A librarian
3. A person who mends our shoes (c) A mechanic
4. A person who works in a library (d) A teacher
5. A person who treats us when we are sick (e) A doctor
6. A person who can repair a car (f) A barber
7. A person who is trained to fly an aeroplane (g) A baker
8. A person who cuts your hair (h) A pilot

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