Class 5 Prepositions Exercises

Question 1) Tick ( ) the correct prepositions and fill in the following sentences.
  1. Where should we go _______ (of/for/from/across) a drink?
  2. That book was written ______ (from/by/off/in) Wilbur Smith.
  3. We went ______ (on/in/from/with) a short business trip to Rome.
  4. He must apologize ______ (too/for/to/up) the lady.
  5. The cricket ball went ______ (upon/through/across/along) the window.
  6. The secretary is ______ (on/in/upon/at) the phone ______ (in/on/at/for) the moment.
  7. This is the book you were looking _______ (from/with/on/for).
  8. The driver was bent _______ (upon/of/with/from) taking the shorter route.
  9. She insisted ______ (of/off/about/on) going to the mall.
  10. The new drug aims ______ (to/at/for/against) tackling diseases.
Question 2) Choose the correct prepositions to complete the sentences.
  1. Let us nail the picture __________ (in/for/on) the wall.
  2. The boy dived________ (in/into/from) the pool.
  3. The captain reported ___________ (at/in/for) half past nine.
  4. The birds chirped early_________ (at/in/by) the morning.
  5. The speaker is standing ________ (on/in/at) the podium.
  6. The stranger crept in through the window late _________ (in/at/by) night.
  7. They spoke ________ (in/into/on) the telephone _______ (till/until/for) an hour.
  8. I heard the news about the flood ________ (in/on/with) the television.
  9. Can you recognize my grandfather_________ (on/in/at) the photograph?
  10. The teacher promised to meet the student _________ (on/in/from) an hour.