RD Sharma Maths Solutions Class 6

R.D. Sharma Solutions for Class 6 is available at EDUGROSS. RD Sharma Solutions are the best solutions for Mathematics for a student to score high marks in the examination. If you want to increase your efficiency for Maths you must practise from RD Sharma book. Here we have provided RD Sharma solutions to clear the doubt of the students and to understand the different methods of solving problems.

RD Sharma Maths solutions are one of the best solutions that provide complete information and knowledge of every concept of Maths. These solutions for RD Sharma Mathematics explain the steps in simplest way without missing out on essential aspects of solving a question.

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 Chapter 1   Knowing Our Numbers  Chapter 13   Quadrilaterals
 Chapter 2   Playing with Numbers  Chapter 14   Circles
 Chapter 3    Whole Numbers  Chapter 15   Pair of Lines and Transversal
 Chapter 4   Operations on whole Numbers  Chapter 16   Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes
 Chapter 5  Negative Numbers and Integers  Chapter 17   Symmetry
 Chapter 6    Fractions  Chapter 18   Basic Geometrical Tools
 Chapter 7  Decimals  Chapter 19  Geometrical Constructions
 Chapter 8  Introduction to Algebra  Chapter 20  Mensuration
 Chapter 9   Ratio, Proportion, and Unitary Method  Chapter 21   Data Handling I (Presentation of Data)
 Chapter 10  Basic Geometrical Concepts  Chapter 22   Chapter 22 Data Handling II (Pictographs)
 Chapter 11   Angles  Chapter 23    Chapter 23 Data Handling III (Bar Graphs)
 Chapter 12  Triangles

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers

Here in this chapter students will learn about the concept of numbers like natural numbers, whole numbers, place value and face value. Students will get the proper detail of every solution of RD Sharma book.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 2 Playing with Numbers

Chapter 2 Playing with numbers contains the concept of factor, multiply, common factors, composite numbers, prime numbers. For the solution of these chapters are provided here.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 3 Whole Numbers

Here is the concept of whole numbers, successor and predecessor of a whole number and problems based on Natural numbers with the properties. These RD Sharma solutions are designed in an understandable language.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 4 Operations on whole Numbers

In this chapter, Students will solve the properties of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division based on RD Sharma textbook of latest CBSE syllabus.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 5 Negative Numbers and Integers

Here in this chapter, you will get the basic concept like introduction and various operations of integers and representation of number line. For clearing the doubt Solution are available here.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 6 Fractions

A numerical quantity that is not a whole number is called fractions. Here is the concept of fractions which is a very interesting part of class 6 Maths.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 7 Decimals

In algebra, A number whose whole number part and the fractional part is separated by a point, is called decimal numbers. The solutions are structured as per latest CBSE guidelines.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 8 Introduction to Algebra

Algebra is a branch of mathematics dealing with symbols. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication using numbers are completed with the help of algebraic equations. This chapter covers the basic operations on literals and numbers, powers of literal numbers, variables and constants.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 9 Ratio, Proportion, and Unitary Method

A ratio is a way to compare two quantities by using division as in miles per hour where we compare miles and hours. A proportion on the other hand is an equation that says that two ratios are equivalent.
Students can download the solutions for free as PDF format.

 ·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 10 Basic Geometrical Concepts

The fundamental geometrical concepts depend on three basic concepts — point, line and plane. In this chapter, students will learn about the points, lines and planes.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 11 Angles

Here in this chapter, you will get the important part of geometry, Angles. This chapter is very interesting and enjoyable.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 12 Triangles

The important shape of geometry is triangles. In this chapter, students will learn about the properties of a triangle.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 13 Quadrilaterals

A quadrilateral is a closed and two-dimensional shape. Here is the concept of Quadrilateral and properties of the quadrilateral. For clearing the doubts, you can check RD Sharma solutions.

 ·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 14 Circles

All points in the same plane that lies at an equal distance from a center point, is called a circle. The important part you will learn in this chapter is – arc, circumference, radius, chords etc.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 15 Pair of Lines and Transversal

Here are the chapter-wise solutions of Pair of Lines and Transversal. We have provided proper solutions of RD Sharma Maths.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 16 Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes

Three Dimensional Shapes- Cubes, Sphere, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone etc. Students will get all the properties of these shapes and well-mannered solutions of the problems.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 17 Symmetry

A shape has symmetry if a central dividing line can be drawn on it, to show that both sides are the same. For more solutions to this chapter, the link is given below.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 18 Basic Geometrical Tools

Geometrical tools are essential in the construction of the structures. Students will get the proper detail of every solution of RD Sharma book.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 19 Geometrical Constructions

Edugross provides accurate solutions of geometrical structures from RD Sharma textbook solutions in a simple pattern.

·     RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 20 Mensuration

The act of measuring measurement is called mensuration. Here is the stepwise solution of this chapter which will help the students to do more better in Maths.

  ·         RD Sharma Class 6

                                             Chapter 21 Data Handling I (Presentation of Data)

                                  Chapter 22 Data Handling II (Pictographs)

                                   Chapter 23 Data Handling III (Bar Graphs)

The collection of all the observations is called Data Handling. We have provided a wide range of illustrative problems and their solutions from RD Sharma in a less complicated pattern. Here you will get data handling in three parts-

1.    Presentation of data

2.    Pictographs

3.    Bar Graphs

The method of presenting data in tabular is called presentation of data. The method of representing given numerical data using picture symbols is called pictograph. The method of representing the numerical data in the form of bars are called bar graphs.

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