Report Writing Free Practice For Class 8

Navya Sethi

New Delhi: October 5, 20__. The official residence of the Chief Minister of Delhi will soon be formally opened to school children for one hour every Tuesday and Friday. This unusual gesture has been made by the Chief Minister to make the children familiar with a wide variety of flora and fauna available in and around Delhi.
The Chief Minister has also got a cabin converted into an activity room for the children. Here they will be provided information about various species. Once in a while, the Chief Minister will also interact with the children.
A booklet containing relevant information about the various plant and animal species that can be seen at the Chief Minister’s residence has also been prepared. It includes interesting information about such trees as fish-tail palm, mulberry, bottle brush, and kadamba. A small pond has been created in the garden to enable the children to study the ecosystem. At least 59 species of birds can be spotted near the pond.

Anurag Tomer

Jabalpur: October 28, 20__. On 27 October, the last Saturday of the month, Vishal Bharati Public School, Jabalpur, organised a poster and slogan-writing competition. The competition was open to the students of Classes VI to X. Posters were to be made on Global Warming, Don’t Deny Children Their Childhood: Say No to Child Labor, or Jago Grahak Jago. Slogans were invited on Junk Food, Grow More Trees and Cracker-Free Diwali. Besides unearthing promising talent, the occasion provided a good opportunity to the participants to display their creativity and their concern for issues of great social importance.

3.Suppose you are Vandana Gautam, the staff reporter of the Hindustan Times. You have just covered  an event to bring about awareness on the issue of a girl child’s right to live. You prepared the following notes:

Event: Candlelight Vigil Organizer: Centre for Social Research (CSR) Occasion: International Girl child Day Date: Saturday, 8th October Place: India Gate Participants: Students of Delhi University, Lady Irwin College, social artists  Purpose: Awareness about a girl child’s right to live. Activities: Candle light vigil, street play Additional Information : Banners, posters showing male female ratio.  Taking information from these, write a report for newspaper in not more than 150 words.              

(By Vandana Gautam, Staff Reporter)

New Delhi, October 8. In memory of the one crore female population that India has lost over past 20 years, students of Delhi University and social activists organised a candlelight vigil at India Gate here on Saturday and voiced their concern over the decreasing male-female ratio in the country. A large number of people participated in the vigil and pledged their support to put an end to the practice of sex selective abortions. The students carried banners and posters depicting the alarming trend of fewer number of females compared with their male counterparts and encouraged the society to join their movement. Students of Lady Irwin College enacted a street play in the mindset of rural and urban households and the dangers of distorting the natural ratio. The event which coincided with the international Girl Child Day, was organised by the centre for social research (CSR) to spread awareness about the girl child’s right to live. 

 4.Read the following report to understand clearly how reports are written.

Sheila Dikshit’s bungalow open to school children
Nandita Das
New Delhi: November 9, 2010.

The official bungalow of Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi, at 3, Moti Lal Nehru Place, will soon be formally opened for school children for one hour every Tuesday and Friday. This unusual gesture has been made by Mrs. Dikshit to make the children familiar with a wide variety of flora and fauna available in and around Delhi. The Chief Minister has also got a cabin converted into an activity room for the children. Here, they will be provided information about various species. Once in a while, the chief Minister herself will interact with the children. A booklet containing relevant information about the various plants and animal species that can be seen at the Chief Minister’s residence has also been prepared. It includes interesting information about trees such as, fish tail palm, mulberry, bottle brush and kadamba. A small pond has been created in the garden to enable the children to study the ecosystem. At least 59 species of birds can be spotted near the pond.  

5. Newspaper report — A report about an accident/incident. 

By Local Correspondent

Delhi, June 23rd: In what may be called another ghastly accident, two school boys Ashish and Binu were brutally mowed down by a blueline bus operating in the Trilok Puri area. The boys who were on their way back home from school were walking down the road when a speeding bus, which had swerved from the opposite side, ran over the two boys. The boys died instantly. 

The crowd on the busy road immediately reacted and prevented the bus driver from making his escape. The angry mob pulled him out and beat him brutally. He is languishing in a hospital. Meanwhile, an FIR has been lodged with the local police station. The bus has been impounded and the driver’s licence too has been confiscated. The SP Traffic has ordered an inquiry against the driver and the owner of the bus.

6. A function held in your school Inauguration of School Auditorium—a repon for the school magazine. 


Last week the school auditorium was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Shri L.K Advani Hon’ble Home Minister, Government of India. The function was attended by 2000 parents and local VIPs. The Chief Guest reached the school punctually at 5 p.m., where he was welcomed with bouquets and a proper salute by the scouts and guides and then escorted to the main entrance of the hall. He formally inaugurated the auditorium by lighting the traditional lamp, unveiling the statue of the founder father of the school, late Shri Ratan Lalji Thakur and putting a floral garland round his neck.

After this brief ceremony, everybody moved into the auditorium where the Principal formally welcomed the Chief Guest. This was followed by a ballet entitled ‘Sita Ka Tyag’ put up by the children of the school. At the end of the program, the Chief Guest gave away awards and scholarships to deserving students.

In his address, the Hon’ble Minister congratulated the students who were honored and the school parents on the acquisition of such a beautiful and modern auditorium and hoped that this would motivate students and teachers to organize not just cultural programs but also use it for seminars and conferences and provide a healthy platform for inter-school interaction. He lauded the efforts made by the management to provide its students with the best infrastructure and said he hoped students would live up to the ideal of their founder fathers by following their example of bringing excellence in everything they did.

The Head Boy later proposed the vote of thanks and the ceremony came to a close.

Report by

Gunita Thakur


7. Report about a survey:

Maruti Udyog carried out a survey last month to find out what an average middle-class man would consider as most important while selecting a car. 

About 10,000 randomly chosen men and women were given a questionnaire to complete.

On analysis of the results, it was found that 100% people wanted a car with all safety measures. 90% people preferred a small car because it was economical and easy to maneuver on small streets and busy roads. Almost all preferred a car with diesel engine and heavier steel body. 50% people felt that the leg space should be increased and there should be more luggage space. Surprisingly, white still remains a popular color with a vast majority. When asked if they would buy a bigger car if the prices were brought down, 60% people said ‘no’. The main reason was that the small car was easy to manipulate on busy roads.

8.Girl crushed to death

Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: A nursery student Soni (4), going home along with her mother, was crushed to death when a school bus hit her near Borabanda on Saturday. The bus driver was arrested. The mother, Yashoda, who works as a laborer with the Water Works department, was returning home with her child.

9.Delhi shivers on the coldest day in 70 years

Staff Reporter

New Delhi : Delhi experienced its coldest day in over 70 years on Sunday as chilly winds from the North west swept the city throughout the day, forcing the Delhi Government to order closure of all primary schools, including private institutions, till January 11.

The sudden dip in temperature to 0.2 degrees Celsius early in the morning and cold wave conditions during the day forced people to stay indoors on a bright sunny day. Significantly, the minimum temperature remained at 0.2 degrees Celsius between 5.30 a.m. and 6 a.m. at Palam. Prior to this, Delhi had recorded a minimum temperature of minus (-) 0.6 degrees on January 10, 1935.

While the minimum temperature remained even degrees below normal, the maximum temperature was two degrees below normal at 18.7 degrees Celsius.


10.South Zone beats North Zone, Lifts Vizzy Trophy

Special Correspondent

Hyderabad : South Zone emerged triumphant in the all India Vizzy Trophy cricket championship with an emphatic 182-run win over North Zone on the concluding day of the four-day final here on Tuesday.

11.Mr J.B. Harrison at Ideal Public School

Staff Reporter

Mumbai, February 24 Mr J.B. Harrison, of the English Language Teaching Institute (Mumbai) visited Ideal Public School, Mumbai, yesterday and gave a speech on “Indian Errors in English”. He spoke on the points of English usage and pronunciation which are usually problematic to Indians. His speech was immensely useful to the students and staff of the school as well as others who attended. At the end of his speech, he answered the questions asked by the audience.

Mr Ashok Mehta, Principal, while proposing a vote of thanks, commented that it was the most valuable speech that he had ever heard.

12.Ruskin Bond Chief Guest at the 42nd Kolkata Book Fair

Rajarhat, 12 November: The 42nd Kolkata Book Fair opened its doors to book lovers this afternoon amidst much fanfare. The fortnight-long fair is focusing on children’s literature this year. Booksellers from across the world, including Columbia, Sri Lanka and Japan, are participating this year. In keeping with this theme, the chief guest was Ruskin Bond, one of India’s best-known children’s writers and the creator of beloved characters such as Rusty and his grandfather. Inaugurating the fair along with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Bond said that he looked forward to interacting with his readers. ‘I have heard so much about the love of books that people in Kolkata have. It is really exciting, especially at a time when kids are moving away from books and towards video games and television,’ Bond said.

Reflecting youngsters’ interest in things other than the printed word, the theme pavilion on international children’s literature had kiosks with e-book readers and other interactive gadgets. I found some of the gadgets quite interesting, but I prefer the feel of an actual book over a device,’ said Purba Ghosh, a fourteen-year-old who had come to the fair with her parents. This year, extensive arrangements have been made for people who are differently abled. There are toilets with wheelchair accessibility and ramps at the entrances of every book stall. The western corner of the fair has a cluster of restaurants serving a variety of delicious dishes. There are three fully equipped fire trucks stationed at designated spots in case of accidents.

On Wednesday, there will be a panel discussion with eminent children’s authors on the topic, The relevance of books in today’s world of fast-paced technology. The panel will include Bond and authors like Manjula Padmanabhan, Anushka Ravishankar and Devdutt Pattanaik.

The Publishers’ and Book Sellers Guild had announced that there would be 397 book stalls this year. Last year the maximum sales were seen in the textbook segment. The fiction section is expected to have a boost because the fair coincides with the Children’s Day celebrations.

13.Air India Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Mumbai, 25 May: An Air India Boeing 747 flight made an emergency landing at Mumbai Airport ten minutes after take-off yesterday evening. All 300 passengers were safe, though a bit rattled after the experience. The flight was bound for Delhi, The airport authorities confirmed that the pilot decided to land when he felt there was a glitch with the functioning of one of the wings. After checks the airline engineers were able to confirm that nothing was seriously amiss. The pilot, Captain Anuradha Singh said, ‘I felt the left wing was malfunctioning and decided to land. We were in touch with the ground control throughout and there was never any question of undue risk.’ The flight was delayed by a total of two hours and forty-five minutes. The passengers were evacuated and the aircraft was thoroughly checked by a crew of fifteen personnel. Those with onward flights were understandably upset. The airline offered to re-book flights for those passengers who might miss their onward flights. Some of the passengers in Al 747 felt that more rigorous ground checks should be made mandatory. Gouthami Krishna murthy, the chairperson and owner of Wanderlust Travel and Tourism, was on her way to catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro to attend an international tourism convention. ‘I missed my connecting flight because of the delay. We should demand more thoroughness from our airlines in this country so that passengers do not have to face such inconveniences over a small matter. The emergency landing could have been prevented had the ground crew been more thorough with their checks in the first place,’ an irate Krishna murthy commented. There have been fifteen emergency landings in the last year throughout India. There were no casualties in any of these cases. In most cases, technical faults had forced the hand of the pilot.

14.Chennai Oil Spill

Nisha Phadke

2 February, 20___

Two cargo ships, MT Dawn Kancheepuram and MT Maple, carrying LPG and petroleum oil lubricant, collided near Chennai’s Kamarajar Port on 28 January, 20 Initially denied by the port authorities, the incident could not be hidden for long as the oil spill spread to about 30 km along the coastline over the next couple of days.

Nearly 60 tonnes of sludge has been removed so far from the coast by volunteers, port workers and the coast guard. About 20 tonnes still remains as efforts continue. Almost 1500 workers and volunteers are working on the cleaning operations and the coast guard helicopters are monitoring the oil slick. Manual operations have to be relied upon as the suction pumps have been unable to suck out the sludge.

The Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department Minister Jayakumar said that appropriate action will be taken against the shipping companies involved in the spill. Though the minister also said that no marine life had been affected by the oil spill, environmentalists claim that at least half a dozen endangered Olive Ridley Turtles and several fish have been poisoned due to it. Emily Titus, an environmentalist, said that the oil spill will affect oxygen supply to the aquatic species in the area and many will die due to that. But in the absence of a baseline figure, the loss of these species cannot be estimated. The minister, however, is optimistic that the situation is under control.

15.Theft in the School Library

Kashipur: 16 March 20XX: On the night of 10 March 20XX, over 100 books from the New Vista’s library had gone missing. The librarian, Mr Karak had discovered the main door ajar with the lock broken. A long search was conducted that night around the campus by the librarian and students from the hostel. Some of the books that were missing were very old, first edition copies and therefore quite expensive. It was a huge loss for the school. The police were informed the next day and they conducted preliminary questioning of all students and staff for three days. On 15 March 20XX, Mr Karak found the books placed neatly in front of the library. The police are stumped at these strange happenings. In spite of the strange circumstances under which the books were returned, the school was glad that the books were back in good condition. The culprits have still not been identified.

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