the noun english grammar practice for class 6

The Noun

Noun is the name of a person, a place, an animal or a thing. For example, Sudha (person), Delhi (place), horse (animal), table (thing).


There are five kinds of Nouns:

  1. Proper Nouns, e.g. Ritik, Mumbai, India, Sunday.
  2. Common Nouns, e.g. boy, girl, river, mountain.
  3. Collective Nouns, e.g. class, army, navy, flock.
  4. Material Nouns, e.g. gold, silver, iron, milk.
  5. Abstract Nouns, e.g. kindness, hatred, childhood, honesty.

A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person, a place or a thing. For example, Priyanka, Chennai, St. Mary School, The Times of India, Punjab National Bank.

A Proper Noun always begins with a capital letter.

Look at these sentences:

The capital of Bihar is Patna. – Wrong 

The capital of Bihar is Patna. – Correct

Here is a list of some Proper Nouns:

  1. Yamuna (River) 
  2. Delhi (City)
  3. Ashoka (King)
  4. President (Post)
  5. Elizabeth (Queen)
  6. Pushpak (Aeroplane)
  7. Japan (Country)
  8. Taj Express (Train)
  9. Jupiter (Planet)
  10. Rajdhani Express (Train)
  11. Sonia Gandhi (Leader)
  12. Vikrant (Ship)
  13. The Taj Mahal (Historical monument) 
  14. The Indian Ocean (Ocean)
  15. Grand Trunk Road (Road)
  16. The Arabian Sea (Sea)
  17. The Himalayas (Mountain) 
  18. Hindu (Religion)
  19. Bhakra Nangal (Dam) 
  20. Howrah Bridge (Bridge)

Exercise 1

Rewrite the following sentences using Capital Letters, wherever necessary:

  1. Diwali is approaching, now the boys will waste money on crackers.
  2. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal at Agra.
  3. Nanda Devi and Kanchenjunga are the mountains of the Himalayas.
  4. the taj mahal is situated on the bank of the Yamuna.
  5. new york, Washington and Ohio are the famous cities of the united states of America.
  6. japan is made up of four islands.
  7. January, march, may, July, august, October and December have 31 days.
  8. Mohan, Sohan and I went to see the Gemini circus.

A noun which does not point out any particular person, place or thing, but common to all persons or things of the same class or kind is called a Common Noun.

 Examples: woman, lamp, market, shop, garden, sharpener, tiger, girl, river.

Exercise 2

Study the list given in the box and answer the questions which follow:

Tomato, Leprosy, Lion, Frock, Spinach, Winter, Measles, Shirt, Potato, Chikoo, Lady’s finger, Screwdriver, Wolf, Chisel, Typhoid, Spade, Autumn, Banana, Malaria, Summer, Hammer, Apple, Sweater, Rainy, Bear, Pomegranate, Trousers, Cheetah

  1. Name four seasons.
  2. Name four clothes.
  3. Name four fruits.
  4. Name four diseases.
  5. Name four vegetables.
  6. Name four wild animals.
  7. Name four tools.

A Collective Noun is the name of a collection of persons or things taken. together and spoken of as one, e.g. bunch, bundle, class, team, flock.

  1. The word bunch stands for a collection of keys.
  2. The word bundle stands for a collection of sticks.
  3. The word class stands for a collection of students.
  4. The word team stands for a collection of players.
  5. The word flock stands for a collection of sheep.

Exercise 3

Choose appropriate Collective Noun for each of the given phrases.

Litter, herd, fleet, team, class, bouquet, army, bundle, Library, bunch, suite, crew, crowd, shoal, swarm, orchard, flock, pack

  1. A collection of pupils.

2.A collection of soldiers.

  1. A collection of bees.
  2. A collection of fish.
  3. A collection of flowers.
  4. A collection of puppies.
  5. A collection of sailors.
  6. A collection of keys.

9 A collection of sheep.

  1. A collection of rooms.
  2. A collection of people.

12 A collection of ships, cars.

  1. A collection of players.
  2. A collection of sticks.
  3. A collection of wolves, dogs. 
  4. A collection of cattle.
  5. A collection of books.
  6. A collection of fruit trees.

A Material Noun is the name of a material of which an article is made. It is always in the singular form.

Examples: wood, gold, silver, sugar, milk, milk, flour, cement, iron, glass.

Exercise 4

Fill in the blanks by choosing the right word from those given in brackets: 

  1. Glasses are made of (clay, steel, wood).
  2. Mugs are made of (clay, plastic, paper). 
  3. Utensils are made of (rubber, paper, steel)
  4. Books are made of (paper, cloth, nylon).
  5. Blankets are made of (wool, cotton, rayon).
  6. Cups and plates are made of (glass, sand, rubber).
  7. Sweets are made of…… (salt, sugar, milk).
  8. Tires are usually made of……… (leather, rubber, plastic).

An Abstract Noun is the name of a quality, a feeling, or a state.

Examples: honesty, beauty, love, happiness, youth, physics, sadness, health, freedom, darkness.

Abstract Nouns are different from all other Nouns. We cannot see or touch them.

Exercise 5

Answer the following questions, as per the example, and choose the appropriate words from those given in the box.


Question What quality does an honest man possess?

Answer He has honesty.

Wisdom, rudeness, innocence, kindness, cruelty, beauty, politeness, generosity, courage, bravery

  1. What quality does a rude person have?
  2. What quality does a wise person possess?
  3. What quality does an innocent girl show?
  4. What quality does an open-hearted man show?
  5. What quality does a kind person have?
  6. What quality does a brave soldier show?
  7. What quality does a beautiful flower show?
  8. What quality does a courageous person have?
  9. What quality does a cruel enemy show?
  10. What quality does a polite person show?

Exercise 6

Encircle the nouns in the following story:

Once there was a very noble and brave Japanese man. His name was Hodesato. One day, he went for a walk looking for some adventure. Soon he came to a lovely lake at the foot of a mountain. He could not remember seeing it before, although he had lived nearby for years. There was a bridge over the lake and a man was standing on it with a crown on his head.

Exercise 7

Given below is a list of Nouns. Classify them into Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective Noun, Material, or Abstract Noun.

Hare, heap, truth, groove, December, star, nylon, ear, Jodhpur, Archana, hair, library, bicycle, iron, gang, copper, slavery, teacher, wisdom, wool, foolishness, night, banana, light, toaster, elephant, childhood, cruelty, Monday, Sun

 Proper Noun

Common Noun

Collective Noun

Material Noun

Abstract Noun

Exercise 8

Pick out the Nouns in the following sentences and tell the kind of each noun. Write (P) for Proper Noun, (C) for Common Noun, (Cn) for Collective Noun, and (A) for Abstract Noun in the given box.

  1. Water is necessary for life.
  2. Honesty is the best policy.
  3. Youth is the hope of the nation.
  4. Always speak the truth.
  5. A fox saw a bunch of grapes.
  6. The Earth moves around the Sun.
  7. A patient needs medical treatment.
  8. Bravery and patience are the virtues of our soldiers.
  9. The Bible is the holy book of Christians.
  10. The Prime Minister addressed the people.
  11. You can see the lions in the zoo.
  12. Rome was not built in a day.

Exercise 9

Fill in the blanks by choosing an appropriate Abstract Noun from the given options:

  1. What is the …………. of this well? 

(i) height (ii) colour (iii) depth (iv) length

  1. Solomon was known for his ……………. 

(i) wisdom (ii) bravery (iii) beard (iv) strict eyes

  1. He has received many awards for his …………………. 

(i) cunningness (ii) bravery (iii) double game (iv) charms 

  1. It is my ………….. to sacrifice my life for my motherland.

(i) luck (ii) duty (iii) fate (iv) turn

  1. The …………… of this box is 30 kg.

(i) weight (ii) colour (iii) size (iv) material 

  1. Everybody hates him for his …………….

(i) wisdom (ii) bravery (iii) selfishness (iv) courage

  1. His ………….. with bad boys upsets his parents. 

(i) company (ii) mixing (iii) friendship (iv) introduction

  1. ……………. is the innocent period of life.

 (i) Childhood(ii) Old age (iii) Young age (iv) Infancy

  1. ……………… is the best medicine.

(i) Love (ii) Happiness (iii) Smile (iv) Laughter

  1. Their ………… is appreciated by all.

(i) generosity (ii) cleverness (iii) selfishness (iv) greed

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