Word Meaning, Summary, Important Questions Of Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet
| Class 10

Hindi Meaning Of Difficult Words | Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet

1 Adventurerisky activities साहसिक कार्यexploit, escapade, deed
2 Arrivalreachingपहुचनाaccess, approach, entree
3 Carried outdid, conductedअंजाम देनाfinish, carry through, see through
4 Muddycovered in or full of mud.मैलाsloppy, unwashed, unsanitary
5 Shiveringshaking slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited.थरथराहट tremble, quiver, shudder
6 Wanderwalk or move in a leisurely or aimless way.भटकनाrove, peregrinate, tramp
7Affair sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to.मामलाcase, matter, shebang
8Altogethercompletelyकुल मिलाकरutterly, quite, sheer
9Amazementsurprrisedआश्चर्य Wonder, crimine, marvel
10Appearanceouter formदिखावटemergence, materialization, surfacing
11Barenot clothed or covered.खुला हुआuncovered, stripped, disrobed
12Bedpostleg or stand of bedबिस्तर का पायाhammock, double bed, mattress
13Bewilderedperplexed and confused, very puzzled.बेसुधinsensible, delirious, senseless
14Bitterlyin an angry, hurt, or resentful way.कटुfuriously, heatedly, hotly.
15Brillianttalentedप्रतिभाशालीacuminous, clever, literate
16Burglarytheftचोरीfurtiveness, larceny, thieveriness
17By no meansnot at allबिल्कुल नहींabsolutely not, definitely not, on no account
18Callouslyin a way that shows an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.आहिस्ता से fiercely, mercilessly, relentlessly
19Chillvery coldसर्द refrigerant, parky
20Chinksound of coinsचीनक….........
21Clergymana male priest, minister, or religious leader, especially a Christian one.पादरीchaplain, cleric
22Convincedsureआश्वस्तpersuade, satisfy, assure
23Curiousstrange, unusual.अजीबmiraculous, prodigious, queer
24Descendingcoming downअवरोहीgo down, drop, fall
25Disturbedhinderedव्याकुलconfused, flurried, abashed
26Drugmedicineदवाईherb, remedy, physic
27Eccentricunconventional and slightly strange.विलक्षणfreak, batty
28Effortattemptप्रयास हैtry, endeavor, offer
29Eject compel (someone) to leave a place.निकालेंscoop, exclude, emit
30Episodeeventउपकथाincident, occurrence, happening
31Excuseignoreबहानाpretext, diffuse, Flow
32Expense the cost incurred in or required for something.व्ययoutgoings, exes, overage
33Explanation reasonव्याख्याclarification, simplification, description
34Extraordinaryunusualअसाधारण extravagant, rare, special
35Fainterbarely perceptible.शक्तिहीन impotent, feckless, rachitic
36Fascinatedstrongly attracted and interested.मोहितdeluded, bewitched, infatuated
37Firmlysteadilyदृढ़ता से sturdily, rootedly, serviceably
38Furiousextremely angry.अति क्रुद्धenraged, raging, infuriated
39Garmentclothingपोशाक costume, attire, raiment
40Gazed looked at steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.घूरनाstare, ogle, gloat
41Graspedseize and hold firmly.पकड़नाcatch, grab, snatch
42Hauntedvisited by ghostsप्रेतवाधितpossessed, cursed, ghostly
43Horrifiedfilled with terror, extremely shocked.भयाकुलfrighten, scare, terrify
44Hystericsa wildly emotional and exaggerated reactionमिरगीhysteria, feverishness, irrationality
45Imprintsimpress or stamp (a mark or outline) on a surface.निशानmark, engrave, deboss
46Inna pub, typically one in the country, in some cases providing accommodation.सरायserai, innards, public house
47Investigateexamineजांच करनाcalibrate, inquire, underscore
48Invisiblethat which cannot be seenअदृश्यhidden, occult, sightless
49Irritableeasily annoyedचिड़चिड़ा jumpy, techy, choleric
50Knockedcollide with (someone or something), giving them a hard blow.दस्तकbatter, buffet, pummel
51Lawlessnot caring for lawन्यायविस्र्द्धillogical, unjust, inequitable
52Leapt jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.उछलनाcavort, bounce, plash
53Magistratean official who acts as a judge in cases involving less serious crimesमजिस्ट्रेटbailiff, judge, justice.
54Mnangedsucceeded inप्रबंधितcommand, superintend, oversee
55Moanedcried with painविलाप करनाdeplore, repine, lament
56Mystery secretरहस्यsecret, enigma, hugger-mugger
57Nervousagitated, confusedबेचैनrestless, preoccupied, disquieting
58Occurredhappenedघटित हुआtake place, come about, transpire
59Panickedfeel or cause to feel panic.घबरा overreact, take fright, be terrified
60Peepedlook quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening.झाँकाpeek, snoop, keek
61Pokera metal rod with a handle, used for prodding and stirring an open fire.एक प्रकार का ताशbridge, canasta, craps.
62Presentlysoonथोड़ी देर मेंshortly, erelong
63Preventedkeep (something) from happening.रोका stop, avert, fend off
64Progressing move forward or onward in space or time.प्रगतिproceed, continue, advance
65Quick temperedshort temperedतड़के वालाcholeraic, irritable, quick tempered
66Rarenot often seenदुर्लभ infrequently, scantily, occasionally
67Regardconcernसम्मानconsider, look on, contemplate
68Remarkableworthy of attention; striking.अद्भुतamazing, wonderful, marvellous
69Revengevindictive feelingबदला vendetta, swap, tit
70Satisfiedcontentedसंतुष्ट contented, acquiescent
71Settle downlaid comfortablyठहरानाmete, linger, pause
72Sight the faculty or power of seeingदृष्‍टिvision, eyes, observation
73Slamshut (a door, window, or lid) forcefully and loudly.तेज़ आवाज़ के साथ बंद करनाcensure, denounce, attack
74Sniff draw up air audibly through the nose to detect a smell, to stop it runningसूंघना nuzzle, scent
75Solidnot in liquid or gaseous formठोसconcrete, firm, substantial
76Solitudethe state or situation of being alone.एकांत isolation, seclusion, retirement
77Space roomस्थानroom, expanse, extent
78Spiritghostआत्माsoul, psyche, inner self
79Stillmoreफिर भीmotionless, unmoving, stock-still
80Stockstoreभण्डार stockpile, storehouse, deposit
81Strugglingfightingसंघर्षgrapple, wrestle, scuffle
82Surrendersubmitआत्मसमर्पणabandonment, capitulation, Committal
83Suspecteddoubtedशक कियाdistrust, mistrust, conjecture
84Swallowedate without chewingनिगल गयाconsume, devour, eat up
85Tempernatureस्वभावdisposition, temper, character
86Terrorextreme fear.आतंकpanic, dread, fright
87Theatricalrelating to acting, actors, or the theatre. नाटकीयhistrionic, scenic
88Transparentthrough which light can passपारदर्शकdiaphanous, pellucid
89Unconsciousfaintedबेहोशinsensible, delirious, senseless
90Waggingmove or cause to move rapidly to and fro.लहराता हुआswish, switch, quiver
91Warmthheatगर्मजोशीcaloric, fever, swelter
92Warrantwritten official orderअधिपत्रdormant warrant, refund warrant, return warrants
93Whiskersa long projecting hair or bristle growing from the face or snout of many mammals.मूंछ tentacle, mustache, feeler
94Witchcraftthe practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells.जादू टोनाsorcery, occultism, wizardry
95Wrapperspaper coversरैपरcover, packaging, jacket

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About The Poet | Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet


This is a science fiction. The main character is Griffin. He struggled hard to survive among people and in the cold weather. He had no money or place to stay. He decided to stay at the inn of Mrs. Hall. She greeted the visitor and treated him well. He stole money from clergyman’s house to pay his rent. His presence and appearance made everyone suspicious. Policeman Jeffers  tried to catch him but he escaped by removing his clothes.

Short Summary Of Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet
In English


Two boys on a street in London were surprised to see fresh muddy footprints of bare feet on the steps of a house without finding who was making them. They were shocked when the footprints disappeared. These footprints had been made by Griffin, an eccentric scientist who had discovered how to make his body transparent. He could only be seen by the clothes he was wearing.

Griffin was having a criminal bent of mind and was a lawless person. He set fire to his landlord’s house to take revenge against him for trying to evict him. To get away, he had to remove his clothes so that he could become invisible. He was a homeless wanderer in London without clothes or money, during winter. Griffin managed to escape from the two boys observation and entered unseen into a big store in Drury Lane to get warm. After the store was closed at night, Griffin put on some new clothes, had food and coffee from the restaurant in the store and went to sleep on a pile of quilts.

He overslept and only woke up when the shop had opened and the assistant had arrived. He again took off his clothes so that they could not see him, thus saved himself from being caught. He again was without clothes in chilly cold weather.

Griffin reached at Iping village for shelter. He went to Mrs. Hall, the innkeeper to stay. Mrs. Hall was happy to have a visitor in an unexpected way. He asked for privacy. Mrs. Hall tried to comfort him. She took great care of him. However, she was a little suspicious of his unusual behavior. When his money was finished, he robbed a clergyman’s house by using his invisibility. He scared them to life. He robbed them to pay his rent. One day Mrs. Hall found Griffin’s room open, with his bandages and clothes lying around. She and her husband entered the room. Suddenly both of them were attacked by the furniture being flung at them, but they could not see who was doing this. Mrs. Hall felt that the furniture was hunted by spirits, as she could not see Griffin.

When the clergyman reported the burglary to the police, most people in the village felt that the strange scientist had a hand in it, because he paid his due rent, whereas earlier he was not able to do so. So Mr. Jeffers, the village police constable, was called to arrest Griffin on suspicion. Griffin lost his temper and decided to tell the reality. He started removing his clothes and even Jeffers could not catch someone whom he could not see. He was knocked unconscious by the invisible man, who escaped.



The title of the story creates interest in the readers. It generates curiosity in them. The lead character was an invisible man. His body became transparent yet he could feel cold. He could not survive in the cold weather so decided to take shelter. His footprints were observed and followed by young boys. His life was hell. However he himself was responsible for his behavior.



The story talks about a scientist who discovered how to make himself invisible. His irresponsible and irrational behavior disturbed everywhere he went. His existence and influence was destructive. His anger and temperament didn’t help him or society at all. He had to face atrocities of weather and society and became ruthless to his behavior. He scared people. His lawlessness harmed himself and everyone around him.



The invisible man was a scientist named Griffin. He experimented on invisibility. He got success in making

human body transparent. He swallowed certain rare drugs and his body became transparent as a glass. The experiment could have been a boon to humanity. Because Griffin was a lawless man, he misused his power. He burnt his owner’s house, stole clothes and money from various places. He also scared Mrs. Hall and the clergyman. He hit Mr. Jeffers and ran away from there.

He could have given his service in the upliftment of humanity. He could have helped secrecy also. He should have done some work for humanity.



  1. Griffin

Griffin was a young student at University College. He was almost an albino, six feet high and broad. with a pink and white face and red eyes. He had won the medal for chemistry. He had been assiduously engaged in his studies but it is with the discovery of the formula for becoming invisible that he turned into monstrosity. The Invisible Man wanted to unleash a reign of terror, as he says that it wasn’t wanton. killing he was interested in it was what he terms judicious slaying. Anger and frustration had made him deranged with the cold-blooded instincts of a homicidal sociopath. He wanted to terrify and kill anyone who disobeyed his orders and also those defended them. The invisible man had become inhuman and the loss of his corporeal visibility had rendered him to cut himself off from humanity and did not refrain from. doing as he pleased even if it meant killing people to get his way or torturing them.


Muddy-full of mud;

Imprints marks:

Bare- uncovered:

Gazed- looked;



Appeared- came out,

Fascinated- charmed:


Bewildered-surprised and confused:

Swallowed-gulped down:

Eject-push forcibly out;

Revenge- retaliation;

Escaped- got away:

Warmth- heat.


Regard- care:

Pile-layer upon layer;

Approaching- coming near:

Panicked-too much afraid:

Chase-to follow;

Naturally- as expected:

Theatrical-related drama;

Shivering- trembling:

Whiskers-hair on cheek;

Bushy- thick hairy:

Callously- cruelly,


Inn-public house:


Event- happening;

Wagging- talk disapprovingly;

Effort- attempt:


Eccentric peculiar,

Temper- nature;

Presently- soon,

Pretended-showed off,

Curious- strange,


Creeping- moving on floor with belly;

Chink-sound of coins:

Poker- an iron rod;

Grasped-held tightly.

Surrender- give in:


Extraordinary-not common;


Furious-very angry:

Peeped- looked in:

Sniff- breathing sound;


Alive- active:

Springing- leaping:


Slam- banged;

Hysterics-fainting fits;

Convinced-made sure:

Haunted-visited by spirits;

Moaned- cried in low voice as if in pain;

Burglary- theft:

Suspected- doubted;

Mysteriously- secretly:

Staring- gazing:

Prevented- Stopped

Struggling- fighting

Blows- hit by fists

Knocked-made to fall down;


Excited- agitated:

Shaken- moved with a jerk.



Answer the following questions:

  1. Why were two boys in London surprised and fascinated?

Ans. The two boys in London were surprised and fascinated when they saw fresh muddy footprints of a human being on steps of a house, but could not see anyone around. As they looked a fresh footprint appeared from nowhere.

  1. Why did Griffin decide to slip into a big London store?

Ans. Griffin couldn’t resist the cold weather and decided to slip into a big London store. As the season was mid-winter, due to which it became difficult to wander around without clothes in London.

  1. How was Griffin a lawless man?

Ans. Griffin was lawless because he had committed misdeeds. He set fire to his landlord’s house and ran away. He stole foodstuffs and clothes from a London store, stole other goods from a theatrical company and also stole money from a clergyman’s house to pay his bills. He ran away from Iping.

  1. What did Griffin do in the shop of a theatrical company?

Ans. Griffin faced hardship of cold weather. He tried the stock of a theatrical company in the hope of finding not only clothes but also something like side whiskers, glasses, false nose, bandages, hat etc. that would hide the empty space above his shoulders.

  1. Why Griffin had to be invisible in the chill January air for the second time?

Ans. He had overslept in the big London store. When the store opened in the morning the store assistants saw him. Griffin panicked and ran. But he was chased by the assistants, he had to take off his newly found clothes to become invisible and escape.

  1. How did the visible man become invisible? What did he do then?

Ans. Villagers doubted the invisible man to be a thief. Mrs. Hall went to him for asking an explanation for the mysterious happening and he threw off all he was wearing on her head so that he might become a man without a head. Soon the constable Jeffers  arrived to arrest him, but the invisible man threw off all his clothes to become invisible and in the ensuing scuffle, knocked Jeffers  unconscious and escaped.

  1. What happened to Jeffers  when he tried to catch the invisible scientist?

Ans. Griffin became invisible by removing his clothes, when he saw constable Jeffers . Jeffers  found himself struggling with someone who couldn’t be seen. He was knocked unconscious by Griffin.

  1. What was the explanation of ‘mystery behind the footprint of Griffin?

Ans. The two boys followed muddy footprints being made fresh without seeing anybody making the prints, which was a mystery for them. He was a scientist who had just discovered how to make the human body transparent and thus invisible, by swallowing certain drugs.

  1. Why did the people suspect Griffin for the burglary?

Ans. Griffin admitted that he had no money but he produced money just after the incident of burglary. Secondly his noting and behavior made people grew suspicious.

  1. How did the invisible man first become visible?

Ans. Griffin was a scientist and he was experimenting on invisibility. The invisible man swallowed certain rare drugs and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass. He carried out numerous experiments to prove that the human body could become invisible.

  1. Why was he wandering in the streets?

Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist but a lawless person. His landlord disliked him and tried to get rid of him. In revenge Griffin set fire to his house. To get away without being seen he had to remove his clothes. Thus he became a homeless wanderer.

  1. Why does Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric?

Ans. Mrs. Hall tried her level best to be a good hostess. But Griffin had no desire to talk. He told her that he came to Iping for solitude. He did not wish to be disturbed in his work.

  1. What curious episode occurs in the study?

Ans. When Griffin needed money to pay his rent, he broke into clergyman’s house. A clergyman and his wife were awakened by noises in the study very early in the morning Creeping downstairs, they heard the chink of money being taken from the clergyman’s desk. He and his wife looked under the desk and behind the curtains, and even up the chimney. There wasn’t a sign of anybody. Yet the desk had been opened and the housekeeping money was missing.

  1. What was the experiment carried out by Griffin?

Ans. Griffin had carried out experiment to prove that the human body could become invisible. He tried several the drug on himself. Thus his body became invisible.

  1. What was unusual when the stranger arrived at Iping?

Ans. The arrival of a visitor at an inn in winter was unusual event. A visitor was least expected in Iping at that season. People were discussing his strange and uncommon appearance. He stayed indoors during day time. His strange habits and irritable temper annoyed Mrs. Hall

  1. How did Griffin manage to meet his rent?

Ans. Griffin set ablaze to his owner’s house and ran away with cash. He somehow managed to survive with the little money he had. As he had to pay for rent to Mrs. Hall, he decided to slip into clergyman’s house and stole money from there.

  1. What reason did Griffin give to Mrs. Hall about his arrival?

Ans. Mrs. Hall was a friendly innkeeper. She took great care of Griffin. However, Griffin told her that he visited Iping because of his desire of solitude. He did not want to be disturbed in his work.

  1. What was the opportunity that Mr. and Mrs. Hall did not want to miss?

Ans. Griffin used to lock the door of his room. One day Mr. and Mrs. Hall woke up early and found the stranger’s room open. They decided to investigate the place and things. They found bed clothes lying scattered on the bed.


Answer the following questions:

  1. ‘Griffin was not a true scientist as he misused his scientific discovery”. Explain.

Ans. A true scientist is a law-abiding person. Griffin was not a true scientist as he did not use his discovery of how to make himself invisible for good uses. He lost

control of himself and behaved like a criminal. First, he set fire to his landlord’s  house and ran away. Then he stole food without paying for it in the London store. Besides, he robbed the owner of a theatrical company and stole money from a clergyman’s desk He mocked at the people. He enraged Mrs. Hall and people of Iping He threw things at Mrs. Hall and thus scared her. He hit Jeffers and ran away.

  1. What was the landlord and his wife’s experience with the strange scientist.

Ans. Both Mrs. Hall and her husband were surprised to i find the door of the scientist’s room open because normally it was always locked. So they peeped in, but found nobody there. The clothes and bandages that he always wore were lying about the room. Suddenly Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her car and the hat on the bedpost leapt up and dashed itself into her face. Then the bedroom chair sprang into the air and pushed them both out of the room and then appeared to stam and lock the door after them. Mrs. Hall became hysterical and almost fell down the stairs. She thought her furniture was haunted. They decided to confront the scientist next time when they met him.

  1. What impressions do you form of Griffin after reading the lesson?

Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist, as he discovered a drug due to which his body became as transparent. as a sheet of glass after swallowing it. This made him invisible. But he was a lawless person. Because of his misdeeds, he became a homeless wanderer without clothes and money. He was an introvert with a desire for solitude. He was always seeking adventure, being fond of mysterious things. However, he was unscrupulous, as he robbed various people to finance his work. Besides he got angry very quickly which caused him to become fugitive.

  1. What other extraordinary things happen at the inn?

Ans. The landlord and his wife are surprised to see the scientist’s door open. Usually it is shut and locked and he becomes furious if anyone enters his room. The opportunity seems too good to be missed. They peep round the door, see nobody and decide to investigate The bedclothes are cold, showing that the scientist must have been up for sometime. All of a sudden Mrs. Hall hears a sniff close to her ear. A moment later the hat on the bed post leaps up and dashes itself into her face. Then the bedroom chair becomes alive, Springing into the air it charges straight at her legs foremost. As she and her husband turns away in terror, the extraordinary chair pushes them both out of the room and then appears to slam and lock the door after them. Mrs. Hall almost falls down the stairs in hysterics. She is convinced that the res is haunted by sprits and the stranger has somehow caused these to enter into the furniture.

  1. “Griffin was rather a lawless person. Comment

Ans. It is rightly said that Griffin was a lawless person. He was not a law abiding citizen. A person who follows law and order of the country cannot think of damaging other’s property. But Griffin set fire to the house and became a homeless wanderer He also robbed a shopkeeper of all the money he could find. He stole the housekeeping money from the clergyman’s desk, Griffin also attacked Mrs. Hall when she entered his room. All these activities and instances prove that he was really a lawless person.

  1. How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Ans. Griffin had carried experiment after experiment to prove that the human body could become invisible He did not want it to do it for the welfare of society but to satisfy his own ego and carry out satanic deeds. He was a brilliant scientist but not a law abiding citizen i scientist’s work is to invent those gadgets and devices which can make the earthly existence comfortable But Griffin swallowed certain rare drugs and became invisible to rent the innocent people. He was a criminal scientist who had no respect for the humanity.


  1. Why were the two boys surprised to see footprints in the London streets?
  2. Why did Griffin come to Iping?
  3. How did the clergyman take the burglary in his house?
  4. The people of Iping gradually grew suspicious of Griffin. Justify this statement.
  5. Mrs. Hall was a generous and hospitable inn keeper. Explain giving evidences from the story.

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