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Hindi Meaning Of Difficult Words | Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O-level

1Secretaryassistantसचिवassistant, clerk
2Governor administratorराज्यपाल chief, leader, head
3Academiceducationalशैक्षिकinstructional, scholastic
4Qualificationcompletion of some courseयोग्यताability, eligibility, talent
5Grandroyal भव्यmagnificent, imposing, grandiose
6Proceduremethodप्रक्रियाprocess, system, approach
7ConcertMusical Performanceसांगीतिक प्रस्तुतिshow, production
8ImitationcopyingनकलीFake, mock, sham
9Congenital inheritedजन्मगतNatural, original
10Celllockupतहखानाprison, room, compartment
11Objectionscomplaintआपत्तियां protest, criticism.
12Invigilate superviseनिरीक्षण करनाsurvey, examine, inspect
13Chuckledlaughed quietlyदबी हुई हँसीtitter, chortle, giggle
14Reiteratedrepeatedदोहरायाemphasize, assert, repetition
15Cradled placed backपालने की तरह झुलाना rested, cushion, protect
16Escaperun away, get freeमुक्त होनाget rid of, escape, disburden
17Establishmentsetting upस्थापनाbuilding, installation, underlay
18Resistwithstandसंघर्ष करनाstruggle, contend, scramble
19Persistentcontinuousनिरंतरnon-stop, lasting, never-ending
20Recreationrelaxationविश्रामfun, quiet, pause
21Admirepraiseप्रशंसाextol, compliment
22Grubbydirtyगंदाmessy, filthy, unwashed
23Bunknarrow bed attached to the wallचारपाई bedstead, cot, doss
24Burlylarge and strong manबलवान forcible, Brawny
25Surly bad-tempered असभ्यunfriendly, rude, intractable
26Recruitedappointedभर्तीsign up, enrol, conscripted
27Curtly shortसंक्षिप्ततयाbrief, crudely.
28Ramrod here, a strict supervisorएक सख्त पर्यवेक्षकauthoritarian, flinty
29Reluctantunwillingअनिच्छुकdisinclined, unenthusiastic, grudging
30Nail scissorsnail cutterनाख़ून काटने की कैंची…………
31Leeredwatchedबुरी नज़र से देखनाstared, goggled
32Contemptuousdisrespectfulतिरस्कारपूर्णsardonic, scornful, reproachful
33Shruggeddisregardedउपेक्षितdismiss, bounce, bump
34Compassion sympathyदया pity, compassion, grace
35Spatteredsplashछींटे उड़ाना.spray, sprinkle, shower
36Authentication verifyप्रमाणproof, evidence, vindication
37Guildassociationसंघassociation, Federation, confederacy
38Scheduledplanned or fixedअनुसूचितarrange, organize
39Vigorouslystronglyज़ोरों के साथpowerfully, forcefully
40Vaguelyroughlyअस्पष्ट रूप सेambiguously, fuzzily, hazily
41Concededadmitस्वीकार कियाaccept, confess, recognize
42Lodgegate houseलॉजcottage, toll house
43Clanging make a soundझनकारनाjar, twang
44Peep hole keyhole, openingझरोखाspiracle, skylight, spyhole
45Sprangpast of springस्ट्रिंग का अतीतleap, jump
46Clottinghardenकठोर बनानाcoagulate, set
47Chisela long bladed hand toolछेनी incisor, mortise chisel
48Potentialpossibleसंभावित probable, believable
49Unwittingly unknowinglyबेइरादा unconsciously, uninformed, accidental.
50Hostagecaptiveबंधकmortgage, pledge, surety
51Friskcheckतलाशी करनाsearch, inspect, examine
52Riffle turning pages quicklyपृष्ठों को जल्दी से बदल रहा हैplunder, ransack, ravage
53Sorelywith a great intensity, stronglyअत्यधिकbitterly, dolefully, hardly,
54Haemorrhoidsa swollen vein लड़कों का समूहa group of veins
55Semi inflatedhalf filled with airअर्ध फुलायाexaggerated, hyperbolized,
56Hithertoearlierअब तकprevious, formerly, before
57Amiablefriendlyसौम्यgentle, mild, charming
58Demeanourmannerआचरणattitude, behavior, demeanor
59Ruffleddisarrangeअव्यवस्थितdisorganize, disarray, clutter
60Embarrassuneaseशर्मिंदा करनाawkward, shame, humiliate
61Staccatoa short musical noteअसंबद्ध रीतिrhythm, echo.
62Scotsanother term for scottishस्काटलैंड का निवासी…………..
63Staregazeघूरना ogle, gloat
64Askewtiltedतिरछाangled, oblique, slanting
65Semi profilepartly turnedअर्ध प्रोफ़ाइल………..
66Amateurishbeginnerकिसी विषय में अनिपुण rookie, learner, starter
67Meticulouslycarefullyपूरी बारीकी सेaccurate, cautious, precise.
68Manicuredwell caredहाथ तथा नखों की चिकित्साtidy, beautify.
69Crackledcrack, sizzleभड़कनाblaze, excite, rankle
70Parkycoldठंडाchilled, frozen
71Frownedmake a faceनाक-भौं चढ़ानाscowl, glower
72Fishydoubtful thingसंशय युक्तsuspicious, questionable
73Suffocatebreathlessघुटन होनाsmolder, Asphyxiation
74Revertreturn toवापस लाएं requite, refund
75Gnawedchewकुतरनाbite, nibble, munch
76Distinguisheddifferentiateविशिष्टspecific, distinct, exclusive
77Fostersupportप्रोत्साहन देनाencourage, promote, stimulate
78Sprawllie backविश्राम करनाrecreate, recline, pause
79Tuftedbunchगुच्छेदारcespitose, comose, feathered.
80Awashflooded, coveredभरा हुआsubmerged, engulfed
81Veiled face coveringपर्दे मेंcover up, hide, mask
82Feebleweakकमज़ोरcobwebbed, Crazy, debilitated
83Seeping flowingरिसावleak, drain, sweat
84Grinsmileमुसकानsmirk, wry face, simper
85Trailedstreamराह निकाल लेनाfollowed, pursued
86SplashA dashing sound of liquidछप छप plump
87Graspholdपकड़नाgrip, catch, seize
88Streakedlined cakedरेखादारcoated
89Perplexedpuzzledहैरानabashed, disconcerted, distempered
90Ruefullysorrowउदास होते हुएsad, apologetic
91Superimposeplace over anotherमिलानाmodulate, harmonize, liken
92Dredgeclearस्पष्टapparent, pronounced, glaring
93Crescendothe loudest point of a soundक्रेसेंडो……….
94Squealcryचिल्लाहटscream, squeal, shouting
95Swung waveलहरानाoscillate, vibrate, flourish
96Detectiveinvestigatorजासूसीoperative, inquiry agent
97Tarnishedstainedकलंकितrust, corrode, deteriorate
98Bewildermentconfusionहैरानीagitation, chagrin, daze
99Leapjump overछलांग lope, bounce, sally
100Dartedmoved quicklyझटपट चल पड़नाbound, flash, fling.
101Gravelstonesकंकड़shingle, grit, pebbles
102Groggydrinkerशराबीtippler, drunkard, soaker
103Bound tied upबंधा हुआconstrained, required, forced
104Strollwalkसैरouting, jaunt, spin
105Wreckage remainsअवशेषfragments, pieces
106Allergicsensitiveएलर्जीhypersensitive, susceptible, sensitized
107Fiddlingpetty annoying thingघृणास्पदoffensive, pitiable
108Glimpsequick lookझलकglance, peep, flash, scintilla

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About The Poet | Colin Dexter | Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O-level

Colin Dexter (29 September 1930-21 March 2017) was an English crime writer known for his Inspector Morse series of novels. These novels were also adapted as television series. Dexter received several crime writer association awards and was appointed an ‘Officer of the Order of the British Empire’ for his services in literature.

Short Summary Of Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O-level
In English

Evans was put in the Oxford prison at Carfax for his criminal records including the three jail breaks that he had successfully committed. Therefore, London police had put him in the most secure Oxford prison where jail breaks could not be attempted due to high security. Evans was also aware that it is almost impossible to break the jail this time and it involved a high degree of planning and many other people to help him this time. In the first week Evans requested the Governor that he was genuinely interested in learning German and attain academic qualification. Though the Governor approves his request but with a lot of precautions. There was a hidden microphone hidden in his lock up where Evans took the classes, Governor wanted to be sure that Evans is not asking for help from his tutor.

Evans wanted to appear for O-level German Examination to be held on June 8. The Governor called up the Secretary of the Examination Board. After having discussions about the examinee’s nature, the examination room, the security and the candidate being incommunicado, the Secretary agreed to send one of the parsons from St. Mary Mags to act as an invigilator. Evans’ tutor wished him luck even though he believed that he barely had a chance of getting through. To this, Evans replied “I may surprise everybody”.

At 8:30 a.m., on the examination day, two officers, Mr. Jackson and Stephens, who was a new recruit visit Evans. They tease him calling “our little Einstein”. Jackson instructs Stephen to take everything that may injure Evans. He specially advised him to take away the razor after Evans had shaved himself. Jackson was not too fond of the red and white “bobble-hat” which Evans considered to be his lucky charm. Evans was ‘Kleptomaniac’ and he got angry of things being taken away from him. Evans was told to freshen up as there was just half hour left for the exam. Evans started shaving himself. Stephens made the cell ready for the preparation of exam. He brings in two chairs and places it in front of the cell door. Evans is surprised that his cell is bugged. Jackson warned Evans that the Governor would listen to the conversation in the cell.

Reverend S. McCleery , the invigilator comes to the prison premises and is headed to Evans’ cell who seems to be busy with his textbook of elementary German grammar.

At 9:10 a.m., the Governor switched on the receiver. He believed in his heart of hearts that all these precautions were of no use because if Evans I would have had to make mistake he could have easily done so from the Recreational Block. He did not want to take any chances. He believed that “Evans was as safe as houses” he asked the officers to search McCleery.

McCleery suitcase was searched. There was a small semi-inflated rubber ring but they were politely informed that McCleery was suffering from piles and that rubber ring helped him to sit in a particular position for a long time. The invigilator was allowed to go in the cell when the officers were satisfied.

McCleerygave necessary instructions to the candidate regarding writing down the paper’s name, 021-1, index number 313 and center number 271. Till now, Stephens was inside the cell. Evans objected so the Governor asked Jackson to call him back. The examination started at 9:25 a.m. At 9:40 a.m. the Assistant Secretary for Modern Languages informed the Governor about a correction slip and the necessity of informing the candidate about it. The Governor instructed the necessary precautions and connected the Assistant Secretary’s call to Mr. Jackson in the wing.

Evans was told about the corrections on page three line fifteen by the invigilator.

At 10:50 a.m. Evans requested for a blanket to be put around his shoulders. He was given the blanket as Stephens thought some of the cells were very cold.

Three minutes before the exam got over Stephens was informed by Jackson that the Governor wanted him to accompany MccLeery personally to the main gate. Stephens noticed that the invigilator appeared to be thinner than before and had a more prominent Scottish accent.

Stephens thought of having one last look at Evans. He was in for a surprise. Stephens saw a man in Evans’ chair with the blanket slipping from his shoulders. His cropped hair were filled with blood. Stephens and Jackson thought it was MccLeery hit by Evans and Evans had escaped.

The wounded man in the cell told the prison authorities not to worry about him and draws the attention of the Governor to the photocopied sheet that had been superimposed over the last page of the question paper, instructions were written in German which advised Evans to strictly follow the plan and not to hit the parson too hard. It was also written that three minutes before the exam are very crucial. He was also advised not to overdo the Scottish accent while going out of the prison. Everybody thought that the wounded man was McCleery. The police help was sought and when Detective Superintendent Carter approached McCleery, he told him that he knew where Evans went and directed him to lead him towards Elsfield Way. The Governor, out of sheer bewilderment told Superintendent to take McCleerywherever he wished to go as he was the only clue they had. The Governor called the two officers as ‘morons’

and said he did not make any call three minutes. before the exam at 11:22 a.m. since at that time he was trying to get in touch with the Examination Board on phone but in vain. Jackson was taken to task because of his negligence. He had not searched the cell thoroughly the previous evening. This resulted in Evans concealing the ‘clerical paraphernalia. Then the Governor looked at the photocopied slip at Newbury. He asked his officers to go and meet Chief Inspector Bell at St. Aldates Police Station. The Governor thought about Evans and appreciated his ingenuity. He considered leaving the question paper behind a mistake, as he thought this negligent act on Evans’ part would lead them to ‘Mr. clever-clever Evans. What the Governor could not sense was that all this was part of the master plan. Meanwhile, Superintendent Carter called him and told him that MccLeery headed them towards Elsfield Way but they have missed Evans. The Governor asked them to go to Newbury and gave them his reasons for thinking

On being asked about MccLeery, Carter told him that he was left at Radcliffe hospital. The Governor rings up at Radcliffe but surprisingly McLeery appears to have escaped. This makes the Governor rush to MccLeery’s residence at Broad Street and found the parson bound and gagged. He was there since 8:15 a.m. Finally, this made the prison authorities to comprehend that it was Evans impersonating as MccLeery and the authorities have helped him to escape unknowingly.

Evans was a free man now who escaped from the prison the fourth time. He treated himself with fish and chips. He was not happy that he had to cut his long hair but then he felt fortunate that Jackson did not ask him to take out his bobble hat. When he reached hotel he found a different receptionist there. He gave few necessary instructions to the receptionist and went to his room. On his way to the room, he was thinking about the way be executed the escape plan and appreciated the duplicate MccLeery’s plan of wearing double minister’s dress. Deep engrossed in these thoughts he reached his room and is jolted by the presence of the Governor who paved his way to the hotel room based on the instructions given in the photocopied page.

Governor told Evans that his game was over. German teacher was a lot of help. Eventually, Evans was visibly shaken. Evans understood that Evans was brought out of his room, he winked at the correction slip gave him in. After a bit of the receptionist, was handcuffed and was put at explaining about index number 313 and center the backseat of the prison van. The Governor said number 271 the Governor told him that he found they would meet soon but he did not know that he himself in the hotel room. Evans explained further was bidding farewell. about pig’s blood in the tube and their efforts to The moment they could not see the Governor, check it from clotting.

one of the prison officers opened the handcuffs The Governor secretly admires their genuineness. for Evans. He was Evans’ friend disguised as a On asking how he managed to plan all this prison officer. Even the driver was his friend who from the prison. Evans replied “I have get a lot was then instructed to drive towards Newbury of friends though”. He further revealed that the Therefore, Evans could escape this time as well.

Important Previous Year Questions From Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O-level

SAI (2 marks)

  1. What kind of person was Evans? Why did he want to sit for O-level German examination? (Delhi 2014 C)
  2. Who was Carter? What did the Governor ask him to do? (Delhi 2012) What did the Detective Superintendent inform the Governor about Evans? (Delhi 2012)
  3. What were the content of the small brown suitcase that MccLeery carried? (Delhi 2012)
  4. How did the Governor react to the two phone calls he received in quick succession? (AI 2011)
  5. Why did Evans not take off his hat when Jackson ordered him to do so? (AI 2011)

SA II (3 marks)

  1. What precautions did the authorities take for the smooth conduct of the O-level examination? (AI 2019)
  2. Write a character sketch of the Governor of Oxford Prison based on the story, ‘Evans Tries on O-Level. (Delhi 2019)
  3. Which article in MccLeery’s suitcase played perhaps the most significant role in Evans’ escape and how? (2018)
  4. How did the Governor, Oxford Prison describe Evans to the Secretary, Examination Board? (AI 2016)
  5. What opinion of Evans did the prison authorities convey to the Secretary, Education Board? (AI 2016)
  6. What was his German teacher’s opinion of Evans’ proficiency in German? (AI 2016)
  7. Why did ‘ Rev. MccLeery’ bring a rubber ring with him to the prison? (Foreign 2016)
  8. How did Evans have the last laugh at the Governor? (Foreign 2016) 15. Jackson went through the contents of Rev. MccLeery’s suitcase. Which object therein puzzled him sorely? What was his comment on that? (Foreign 2016)
  9. What could the Governor have done to securely bring Evans back to the prison from the ‘Golden Lion’? (Delhi 2015)
  10. What precautions were taken for the smooth conduct of Evans’ O-Level examination? (Delhi 2015)
  11. According to the Governor what kind of person was Evans? (Delhi 2015)
  12. Which important call did the Governor receive when the examination was going on? (Delhi 2015 C)

LAI (5 marks)

  1. Describe the precautions taken by the prison officers to prevent Evans from escaping. (Delhi 2014)

LA II (6 marks)

  1. It was sheer negligence on the part of the prison staff that helped Evans to escape. Comment. (Delhi 2015 C)

LA III (7 marks)

  1. Give a character-sketch of the Governor of Oxford Prison based on your understanding of the story, ‘Evans Tries an O-Level (Delhi 2014)
  2. What precautions were taken by the prison authorities to ensure that the German exam was conducted smoothly and also under strict security? (Delhi 2011)

LA IV (10 marks)

  1. How was ‘injured’ MccLeery able to befool the prison officers? (AI 2012)

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Answer Of Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O-level
​ For The Above Questions

  1. Evans was considered a pleasant sort of chap by the prison authorities. They called him Evans the Break because of his prior attempts to escape from the prison. He was a congenital kleptomaniac. Evans wanted to sit for the O-level German examination because he saw it as another opportunity to escape from the prison.
  2. Carter was Detective Superintendent. The Governor asked him to take MccLeery with him and follow Evans in the direction as told by MccLeery.
  3. Superintendent Carter informed the Governor that MccLeery had spotted Evans driving off along Elsfield Way. They had got the number of the car all right. They had given a chase immediately, but they had lost him at the Headington roundabout. He assumed that Evans must have doubled back into the city.
  4. The small brown suitcase, which Reverend MccLeery carried, contained all that he would require for his morning duties, including a sealed question paper envelop, a yellow invigilation form, a special authentication card from the Examination Board, a paper knife, a Bible and a current copy of the Church Times.
  5. The two phone calls the Governor received in quick succession made him suspect that the calls might be fake, that it might be some kind of signal or a secret message. To be completely sure, he dialed the Exam Board number. However, he heard beeps of an engaged line.
  6. Evans did not take off his hat when Jackson ordered him to do so because according to Evans it was his lucky Charm. However in reality he wanted to hide his cropped hair so that he could pass off as MccLeery. Also, keeping his hat on would hide his plan to escape.
  7. Fearing that Evans might escape, the exam was conducted in Evans’ prison cell itself. It was installed with a microphone so that the Governor could listen to every talk. The cell was fully checked by the staff who took away anything that could

pose a threat. Moreover, the staff was put on high alert, doors and gates were locked. Prison officer Stephens was to peep into Evans’ cell after every few minutes. The parson who came to invigilate, was frisked at the prison gate and his briefcase was checked thoroughly.

  1. The Governor of the Oxford prison was a kind-hearted man, who requested the Secretary of the Examination board to allow Evans to appear for the O-Level German Examination. He also seemed smart and efficient fellow, who, knowing that Evans had a tendency to escape prison, took every precaution to prevent that from happening. Yet, by the end of the story, he turned out to be a gullible man with qualities, which are ‘ good-for-a giggle. The Governor was alert on some occasions, but on others, quite negligent and over-confident man, with a bad judgment of character. It is for this reason, Evans was able to escape from his prison multiple times.
  2. The most significant article in McLeery’s suitcase was the rubber tube, which he said he required to sit on since he was suffering from piles. In reality, the rubber tube contained pig blood. Evans was going to disguise as Rev. McLeery and pretend to be injured and bleeding. It was a strategy to help Evans escape from the prison.
  3. The Governor gave quite a satisfactory report about Evans to the Secretary of the Board. It was stated that Evans had no record of violence and that he was quite a pleasant sort of chap. He also said that Evans was one of the stars at the Christmas concert. However, he suffered from a weakness, he was just a congenital kleptomaniac.
  4. Refer to answer 10.
  5. According to Evans’ German teacher, his language ability was not quite up to the mark, in fact, it was doubtful. Evans could not even understand basic pleasantries in German.
  6. Rev. McLeery brought a rubber ring with him to the prison for an important reason. Although he told the prison guards that the ring was for him to sit on (due to his piles), the ring contained pig blood, which would eventually help Evans to escape from the prison. Since, there was no other way to carry the blood into the examination room, it was carried in the rubber ring.
  7. Evans already had a well thought out plan B in case his initial plan failed. When the Governor recaptured Evans and handed him over to the silent prison officer, the Governor was unaware that the officer as well as the driver of prison van were actually Evans’ accomplices. As Evans finally escaped, he had the last laugh at the Governor.
  8. While Jackson went through the contents of Rev. McLeery’s suitcase, the object, which puzzled him the most was the semi-inflated rubber tube. Seeing the rubber tube there Jackson asked the Reverend whether he was thinking of going for a swim.
  9. To bring Evans securely back to the prison from the Golden Lion, the Governor could have brought the police force with him from the prison itself. Alternatively, he could have travelled in the van himself with Evans to take him to the prison. The Governor should have been more vigilant and checked the credentials of the officials escorting him to the prison.
  10. Refer to answer 7.
  11. Refer to answer 10.
  12. When the examination was going on, the Governor received two important phone calls. The first call was from the University regarding a correction slip, which was not sent with the question paper. The second call was supposedly from the magistrate’s office requesting for a van and two prison officers.
  13. During Evans’ O-Level German test, special precautions were taken by the prison staff to prevent him from escaping. The test was scheduled to be taken in his own cell. A parson from St. Mary Mags was called to invigilate and to keep the prisoner incommunicado during the exam. Evans was placed in the heavily guarded Recreational Block. There were two locked doors between his cell and the yard, which boasted of a high wall. Moreover, all the prison officers were on high alert. The Governor got a microphone installed in Evans’ cell, while Stephens kept peeping into the cell every few minutes. Two prison officers, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Stephens, thoroughly checked his cell for any sign of possible escape. His razor, nail filer and nail scissors were also taken away.
  14. Even after taking various drastic precautions, for the smooth conduct of the exam, Evans fools the Governor and the prison authority in every step of the way. Stephens notices that Evans is wearing a hat but does not ask him to remove it. The hat concealed Evans’ cropped hair. Similarly, the prison staff do not check McLeery’s identity or verify the phone call or recognise Evans impersonating McLeery. All this helps him to escape prison easily. Later, though the Governor is able to catch him red-handed, at the capital, Evans escapes once again, this time audaciously in the prison van. Therefore, it proves that it is sheer negligence on the part of the prison staff that helps Evans to escape.
  15. The Governor of the Oxford prison was a kind-hearted man, who requested the Secretary of the Examination board to allow Evans to appear for the O-level German Examination. He also seemed smart and efficient fellow, who, knowing that Evans had a tendency to escape prison, took every precaution to prevent that from happening. Yet, by the end of the story, he turned out to be a gullible man with qualities, which are good-for-a giggle. Never once he doubted Evans’ intentions of appearing for the test even though his German was very bad.

The Governor’s men made sure that Evans was not left with anything sharp and informed him that the Governor himself would be listening to each and every conversation going on in the cell. In spite of that neither the Governor nor his men were able to stop Evans from escaping. In the end the Governor was able to catch hold of Evans because of his smart thinking and commendable investigating skills. However, his habit of leaving things on others caused Evans to escape his clutches yet again. Therefore, it is suffice to say that the Governor was alert on some occasions, but on others, quite negligent and over-confident man, with a bad judgment of character. It is for this reason, Evans was able to escape from his prison multiple times.

  1. Refer to answer 20.
  2. An injured’ McLeery was able to fool the prison officers easily because he was actually Evans dressed as parson, pretending to be Rev. McLeery. Evans was nicknamed ‘Evans the Break’ because earlier he had been able to escape prison thrice already. This time, he requested to appear for O-Level German Exam. The one who came to invigilate carried pig blood in a rubber tube. With the help of fake blood McLeery pretended to be bleeding profusely. He pretended to cover his bleeding wound’ with a handkerchief. This was an opportunity for him to hide his face and since he was in so much pain be could not speak. To avoid being taken to the hospital, Evans (as MccLeery) offered to help the officers track ‘Evans, whom they thought had escaped. He even told them that ‘Evans’ had gone towards Elsfield Way. The Governor ordered MccLeery to accompany Carter since he was the only one who knew everything that had happened. Thus, Evans (as MccLeery) managed to leave the premises with Detective Superintendent Carter without anyone suspecting anything. An unsuspecting Detective Superintendent Carter dropped ‘ MccLeery’ at the Radcliffe hospital. However, when the Governor called the hospital, he was told that the injured MccLeery had escaped.

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