Words Often Confused Worksheet For Class 8

    1. Access — approach: Students should have easy access to their teachers. 

                — site to open a computer file: The system had crashed, so I could not access the site.

    Excess — more than enough, too much: Excess of anything creates problems. We should have things in adequate quantities but not in excess.

    1.  Adapt – to suit; to adjust: You will be happy if you adapt yourself to your circumstances.

    Adopt — to take up: It is unethical to seek success by adopting unfair means. If each educated person adopts one uneducated child, the problem of illiteracy can be solved. 

    1.  Affect — to pretend: The guilty persons affected ignorance of law.

                — to produce an effect: Overwork may affect your health.

    Effect—  result, impression: The tablet that I took for my headache had no effect. 

    1.  Altar – place of worship: The pilgrims knelt at the altar and worshipped God. 

    Alter – to change: If we alter our programme without informing others, they may object to it.

    1.  Alternate – I go to a dance class on alternate days. 

    Alternative — I am afraid I have no alternative but to accept this job.

    1.  Artist – one who practises a fine art: Painters, poets and musicians are artists 

    Artisan – one who practises a handicraft: Carpenters and potters are artisans. 

    1.  Award– a prize or certificate given to a person for doing something well: All children have won awards for showing great courage. 

    Reward – something which is given in return for a favour or for a job well done The assistant was given a suitable reward for his honesty.

    1.  Canvas – coarse cloth; a piece of such cloth meant for painting: Canvas shoes are cheap but comfortable. Hussain made a painting on a huge canvas. 

    Canvass – to request people for votes: During the elections, all the candidates came to our colony to canvass for votes.

    1.  Cast – to throw: The fisherman cast a net to catch fish. 

    Caste– social class in Hindu society: In cities people often marry outside their caste.

    Cost– This dress costs far more than I can afford.

    1.  Childish — like a child, used in a negative sense; silly: Though Ritesh is quite grown up, he usually behaves in a childish manner.

    Childlike like a child, used in a positive sense: innocent: Whosoever meets Sania is impressed with her childlike simplicity.

    1. Conscience – sense of right or wrong: My conscience made me confess my guilt. 

    Conscious– aware that something is happening: We soon became conscious that our friends were not telling us the whole truth 

    1. Council – assembly; a group of people that takes decisions: The government has appointed a council to promote exports.

    Counsel– advice: Soon I was convinced that my father had given me a wise counsel lawyer: Our counsel advised us to say nothing more,

    1.  Credible – believable: Though fairy tales are hardly credible, children find them quite interesting

    Credulous – a person who believes things easily: Credulous people often get deceived.

    Creditable – worthy of credit worthy of praise: Although it was Madhavi’s first appearance on the stage, she gave a creditable performance 

    1.  Defer – to postpone: The meeting had to be deferred because most of the members were absent.

    Differ – to disagree: Young people often differ with their parents on the choice of a career. 

    1.  Deny – to deny something is to say that it is not true: She denied she had ever taken a loan from me. Refuse – we refuse to do something: All of his friends refused to help him.
    2.  Desert – (noun) sandy region, a region where nothing grows: Deserts are usually very hot during the day and very cold at night

                  – (verb) to leave without permission, to stop supporting Some soldiers who had deserted the army were later caught and punished. 

    Dessert – the last course of a meal, usually a sweet dish or a fruit course: Ice cream, fruit and puddings are popular desserts.

    1.  Desirable something worth wishing for: Being conveniently hall is a desirable venue for the wedding. located, this banquet

    Desirous – having a desire: I am desirous of pursuing higher studies at Oxford. 

    1.  Destination – the place where one wants to reach: Our destination was Jim Corbett National Park.

    Destiny – fate; what we believe will definitely happen to us: The destiny of our nation depends upon the outcome of these elections. 

    1.  Eligible– fit to be chosen: People below eighteen are not eligible to vote.

    Illegible– something that cannot be read: Many students suffer in the examination because their writing is illegible.

    1.  Eminent– distinguished: An eminent educationist presided over the Annual Day celebrations.

    Imminent – something that is expected to happen in the near future: A strike by the discontented workers looks imminent.

    1.  Famous – widely known: Vikram Seth is a famous Indian novelist writing in English. 

    Notorious– of evil reputation: Many notorious terrorists have been caught and punished recently.

    1.  Farmer – peasant: Indian farmers are usually dependent on rains for the cultivation of their land

    Former – first in position: Uma and Rashmi are sisters. The former is the younger of the two.

    1.  Gamble — a game of chance usually played for money: Many people take to gambling in order to become rich quickly. 

    Gambol – to skip about: It is a delight to see the deer gambolling in the fields. 

    1.  Graceful– pleasing: We were fascinated by the graceful movements of the dancer

    Gracious — kind and polite: It was gracious of the loser to congratulate the winner.

    1.  Hail frozen rain drops: The rain was accompanied with hailstones. to praise. 3 Idiots was hailed as a masterpiece. – to come from: What part of the country do you hail from?

    Hale – healthy: He was relieved to see his grandfather hale and hearty. 

    1.  Historic – important: Man’s landing on the moon was a historic moment for mankind. 

    Historical – relating to history: We enjoyed our trip to the historical buildings of the capital.

    1.  Hoard – to store things: Businessmen often hoard goods to sell them later at higher prices.

     Horde – a large group of people: Large hordes of savage people invaded Rome and destroyed it.

    1.  Honorary – holding an office without receiving a pay: Dr Sood is an hone doctor in the local hospital but he looks after the patients well.

     Honourable – worthy of honour: The honourable Prime Minister addressed the nation on this occasion.

    1.  Industrial – relating to industry: Industrial waste is a major cause of pollution 

    Industrious – hard-working: Intelligence is not enough to show good result it is equally important to be industrious. 

    1.  Judicial – pertaining to law: A judicial enquiry was ordered into the illegal sale of agricultural land. Judicious – wise: We should be very judicious in choosing our profession. 
    2.  Lessen – to reduce (a verb formed from less’): You should lessen your expenditure if you want to save money. 

    Lesson – work set for a pupil: The teacher asked Julie if she had learnt her lesson. – moral: We must learn a lesson from others’ experience.

    1.  Lightening – making light (lighten’ is a verb formed from ‘light’); The new budget instead of lightening the burden of the common man, has actually added to it. 

    Lightning — electric flash in the clouds: Rain is often accompanied with thunder and lightning

    1.  Loan – something that is lent: We took a loan from the bank for buying a new car

     Lone – solitary, the only one: Ruth was the lone worker in the field.

    1.  Lovable – worthy of love: The teacher’s lovable nature wins her the admiration of all her students.

    Lovely – beautiful, pleasing: Our front lawn is full of lovely flowers. 

    1.  Marry: The princess refused to marry the man of her father’s choice.

    Merry – happy and cheerful: We wished our friends a merry Christmas.

    1.  Medal – Atul was awarded a gold medal for getting full marks in Mathematics in the board examination Meddle – to interfere: Sukhbir is notorious for meddling in the affairs of his neighbours. 
    2.  Metal: Gold is a precious metal.

    Mettle – spirit, courage: This war is going to test the mettle of our soldiers. 

    1.  Memorable – worth remembering: Last evening, Hema Malini gave a memorable dance performance Memorial – some statue or building that serves to preserve the memory of something: A memorial was built to the memory of the brave soldiers killed in the war.
    2.  Patrol – to walk up and down to guard something. During riots the army was ordered to patrol the streets Petrol: Our car ran out of petrol and we had to tow it to the nearest petrol pump.
    3. Popular – liked by a lot of people, pleasing: Tom and Jerry is a popular cartoon show on television Populous – full of people: Epidemics spread fast in populous areas 
    4.  Pore – a tiny opening on the skin: Our body has a very large number of pores on its surface.

    Pour: Shall 1 pour you some tea?

    1.  Practical — the word refers to things that are done instead of being talked about: We spend half of our science classes doing practical experiments.

                  – sensible: High-heeled shoes are not very practical for long walks. 

    Practicable – that which can be translated into action: Your plan is attractive but not practicable.

    1.  Precede – to go before: Duty should precede everything. Proceed – to move forward: Tomorrow morning we are proceeding from Ambala to Shimla.
    2.  Propose – to make a suggestion: Some teachers proposed that teaching hours should be reduced. Purpose – object, aim: Clearly mention the purpose for which you need this loan. 
    3.  Respectable – worthy of respect: A person becomes respectable only by his noble conduct. 

    Respectful – showing respect: We may not agree with our elders but we must be respectful to them.

    1. Right: It needs great courage to stick to the right.

    The student sitting on my right is the head boy of the school. 

    We should be prepared to fight for our rights. 

    Rite – ceremony: Among the Hindus, funeral rites are usually performed by one’s eldest son.

    Write: I am trying to write dialogues for a movie. 

    1.  Stair: A flight of stairs led me to an elegantly furnished flat. 

    Stare – to look very hard and for a long time: Continuous staring brings tears to one’s eyes. 

    1.  Stationary – still, motionless: For a long time, astronomers have believed the sun to be stationary.

    Stationery – writing material: The school bookshop sells stationery at reasonable rates. 

    1.  Vale – valley: From the top of the mountain we could have a full view of the lovely vale below.

    Veil – a covering: The thief succeeded in running away under the veil of darkness. 

    1.  Yoke – a wooden frame which is put round the neck of an animal so that it can pull a cart: The horse was put into the yoke.

    Yolk — the yellow part of an egg: Yolk is a rich source of proteins.