Words Showing Collection English Grammar For Class 6

Words Showing Collection

Certain persons, animals or things are generally found together in groups.
These groups are described using different words. For example, a group of ships is called a Fleet and a group of soldiers is called a ‘Company’. Given below is a list of such groups:
A bouquet of flowers
A gang of robbers
A bunch of flowers
A bunch of keys
A chain of mountains
A cluster of stars
A company of soldiers
A crowd of people
A flock of pigeons
A heap of dust 
A herd of buffaloes
A pack of wolves 
A quiver of arrows
A shoal of fish
A swarm of flies
A troop of monkeys
A gang of thieves
A galaxy of stars
A bunch of grapes
A bundle of sticks
A choir of singers
A collection of stamps
A crew of sailors
A gang of workmen
A heap of stones
A herd of cattle
A pack of cards
A pair of socks
A series of events
A swarm of bees
A team of cricketers
A pride of lions

Exercise 1
Fill in the blanks with words indicative of collection:
1. A………………….. of stars.
(i) galaxy (ii) chain (iii) bunch (iv) herd
2. A ……… of bees.
(i) swarm (ii) group  (iii) herd  (iv) galaxy
3. A ………… of buffaloes.
(i) herd  (ii) troop  (iii) pride  (iv) series
4. A …….. of flies.
(i) series (ii) troop (iii) swarm (iv) herd
5. A ……… of thieves.
(i) gang (ii) quiver  (iii) team (iv) pair
6. A  ……….. of stamps.
(i) album (ii) collection  (iii) pair (iv) team
7. A ………of pigeons. 
(i) flock (ii) herd (iii) group (iv) swarm
8. A ………. of sticks.
(i) bundle (ii) flock  (iii) group  (iv) bunch
9. A ……of merchants.
(i) pack (ii) group (iii) series  (iv) gang
10.  A……… of arrows.
 (i) quiver (ii) ball  (iii) bundle  (iv) bunch

Exercise 2
Match collective words in column A with the right nouns in column B, shown in the example. 
A flock of sheep.
Here, a flock is a collective word and sheep is the noun. 

Column A Column B
1. A gang of (a) doctors
2. A team of (b) birds
3. A swarm of (c) bananas.
4. A flock of (d) thieves
5. A pile of (e) cards.
6. A bunch of (f) bees
 7. A pack of (g) actors
 8. A heap of (h) people
9. A company of (i) papers
10. A crowd of (j) stones

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