Article Writing Free Practice For Class 8

1.Peer Pressure

By Swati Jain

Growing up is fun but it can be challenging as well. You are at a stage when you are trying to figure out who you are, what you are good at, what you would like to do, etc. It is comforting to face challenges with friends who are going through the same feelings as you are: Friends and peers can play an important role in your life.

Peers set plenty of good examples for one another Having peers who are committed to hard work and doing well at school or those who excel in sports or other activities can motivate you to do your best. They can inspire you to find your own talent and go after a dream of your own. Kind and helpful friends influence you to develop these qualities in yourself and hence form lasting bonds of friendship.

Your peer group can help you take decisions, give you a truthful feedback and provide support in case of conflicts. Peers can encourage you to try out new things from changing your hairstyle, dressing style, food habits to what courses to take up, what games to play. etc. But sometimes your peers may become the cause of your stress. Your opinions or beliefs may be different from those of your peers but you may reluctantly give in because you want to be accepted among your peers. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable doing something that your friends are doing, say ‘no’, You must stand your ground especially if your peers expect you to do something which is not right. Inner strength and self-confidence can help you stand firm and walk away from unhealthy practices when you know better.

Your parents and teachers always advise you to choose your friends wisely Peer pressure is a big reason why they say this. If you surround yourself with friends who are polite and well-mannered and have had the right kind of upbringing, you will probably never go wrong in life yourself. While you are constantly influenced by those around you, the ultimate decision to act or not to act in a certain way rests with you. Be true to yourself and remain committed to your values to limit the effect that others can have on your actions and beliefs.

2.Advertising and Its Impact

By Siddharth Roy

Advertising is the promotion of goods and services and an opportunity for the companies to sell their products better than their competitors. Every time we switch on the TV, we find some product or the other being pushed towards us.

Advertisements provide knowledge and understanding of the products and their unique features. They also allow us to compare the value for money that similar products offer. This makes it convenient to choose the right products. 

Social advertisements are very effective in communicating important messages to society and making people aware of the special government programs like Pulse Polio’,

Save the Girl Child’ and ‘Consumer Awareness’. Advertisements can also be very useful during natural calamities in appealing for help and donations.

However, it cannot be denied that the motive behind commercial advertising is increasing sales and earning more profits. For this, some companies may resort to sweet lies to mislead consumers. Advertisements also promote materialism and widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Children are most influenced by the advertisements that they watch on television. They start making undue demands on their parents. Sometimes they force their parents to buy select brands only because they are under the illusion that using those brands would make them as fair, beautiful, tall, slim, healthy or muscular as the models or celebrities who feature in the advertisements. Many children insist on having junk food after watching young and healthy adults enjoying such food. They cannot distinguish between appearance and reality. It is a fact that we cannot do away with advertising. But we can be more responsible and selective about what we are promoting through advertisements. Remember, advertisements do not merely sell products; they sell ideas, dreams and a way of life.


India is very beautiful country. It has some of the best tourist spots in the world. The vast network of Indian railways connects all the places of interest within the country. Roads and air routes provide alternative facilities to important centres. The beautiful hill stations are surrounded by high mountains. One can find a large variety of cultures, languages and flora and fauna. Ancient Indian cities possess a rich cultural heritage. India has a number of river with dams on them which provide us with electricity and water. Some of these rivers like Ganga are regarded holy.

India is a fast developing economy. One can witness modern industries and huge factories coming up fast. Different kinds of festivals are celebrated, fairs are organised to exhibit the varied cultures. These add a sparkle to the lives of Indians. The celebration of the festivals collectively gives the countrymen a unique sense of unity in diversity. This description does not do any justice to the splendor of the country which is tourists’ paradise.

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