CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing | CBSE Board 

Edugross has provided articles for the practice purpose of the Class 10 students. 


1. Bird habitats from city forests and parks are disappearing. Write an article, in about 100-150 words, stressing upon the need for bringing back the birds to the city. You are Sonu/Sonalika.

overuse of pesticides in maintenance of city parks… cutting down of roadside trees…….putting up of communication towers on rooftops facing parks leading to extinction of nesting grounds for birds…..preservation of bird life through man-made bird baths in home balconies…. hand-rearing of orphaned fledglings …….nesting areas in cave and groves… need for clean and green environment

Ans.                                  City Parks Oust Bird Population

By Sonu/Sonalika

While outwardly things appear idyllic, the lack of bird sound appears wanting. The park’s attendants are concerned with its depleting bird population. The koyal, a regular summer visitor, has dwindled in number and the sparrow, a common sight amidst tine flower beds and pathways, has disappeared altogether

The authorities cited the overuse of insecticides behind this disappearance. Cutting down of roadside trees reduces nesting spots for the birds. Several fledglings fall to the ground from the branches as this exercise is performed without regard to the nesting season. Communication towers on rooftops of adjacent homesteads have taken a toll of the sparrow population. The depleting population of sparrows is also attributed to the increased use of packaged food. Unlike the earlier days, when women used to clean grain outside their houses and sparrows would have plenty of food from there, birds are either starved or forced to eat leftover from the packaged foods. Extensive use of pesticides and insecticides in farms and gardens is also killing the bird’s primary food source: insects. Creating nesting places under caves and placing water and grain containers in gardens or balconies will alter the status of bird habitat.


CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 


2. Computers have become a rage with children. Young children are generally glued to their computers. Computers play a major role in today’s age, but one must understand its function as a major distraction. Write an article, in about 100-150 words, highlighting the role of computers and also pointing out the hazards their excessive use can cause. You are Nikhil/Neha.

Ans.                               Computers: A Boon or a Bane?

                                                 By Nikhil/Neha

    Compute have become an integral part of human lives. Almost every profession benefits from computers. Most of the tangible things that we see are either made or run by a computer. Children, too, have benefits from the constant use of computers. It helps them in their homework, projects, assignments, etc. as well as entertains them through movies. Computer has provided the greatest means of communication that is the internet, an ever-growing virtual world. I think it is the easiest and the cheapest way to get in touch with relatives, friends, business colleagues, etc. Nowadays, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. The benefits of computer endless.

Every coin has two sides. Excessive use of computers has its own set of disadvantages. Too much use of computers can deteriorate the vision of the child. Spending more time on computers, in turn, harms the physical health, which might result in being overweight. Another major problem which is affecting children nowadays is their addiction to computers, the result of which is their distraction from studies. Children spend much time in playing games or social networking, rather than their education and learning. This may affect the child’s development physically, academically, socially and personally. As everything is just one click away, children are becoming lazy and have lost the habit of manually referring to books or even the dictionary.

Thus, we all need to reflect on the other side of the coin. We must remember that excess of anything is bad and we must make the best use of the resources available to us.

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 

3. Due to growing materialism, there is a shift in the values of youngsters. They continue pestering their parents for items like mobile phone, digital camera, bike, etc. for personal use, even though there is no genuine need for these gadgets. etc. Write an article, in about 100-150 words, expressing your views on the same. You are Sunil/Swati.

Ans.                                     The Deteriorating Values

                                                     By Sunil/Swati

Growing materialism in the society is profoundly impacting the younger generation. They are growing up in an environment which creates a desire to acquire all that is in their capacity. It has changed children’s perspective towards life. For them, materialism is happiness. They pester their parents to fulfill their demands for gadgets, etc. even though there is no genuine need for the same. children want these in order to impress their friends. Unhappy children get the idea that material possessions are a way to cope with decreased life satisfaction.

Materialism makes us greedy. We try to show-off what we have and are embarrassed if we do not have something that others possess. The world has become a place for the competition where everyone aims to be ahead of others. Youngsters need to understand that money does not bring happiness. It is more important to be content. It is very likely that materialism will lead to decreased life satisfaction later in life. To prevent children from becoming materialistic, educate them about other sources of happiness in life, such as love, friendship, and play, by deemphasising the role of possessions. We need to have values, friends, relations and above all our family’s love and support to lead a happy life.

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 

4. Children are the future of the nation. Schools and parents play an important role in moulding a child’s personality. Write an article on the topic, ‘Role of School in a Child’s Life’, in 100-150 words.

■ importance of school for a child

■ shaping of physical and mental health

■ development of the right attitude

■ character-building

■ providing opportunities to develop talent in each child

Ans.                                Role of School in a Child’s Life

                                                             By ABC

                  The role of a school in a child’s development begins as early as pre-school and continues throughout his/her life. Some consider parents to be a child’s first teacher while teachers are his/her second parents. A child spends as much time in school as he/she spends with his/her parents. A school provides structured education to the child and promotes his/ her mental and psychological growth.

Schools play a pivotal role in any child’s life. Schools provide growth and development, conducive environment for children. They not only learn academic skills, but also learn many other life-skills. Schools help children develop their personalities by providing them opportunities to take part in co-curricular activities, such as declamations, debates, quizzes, recitations, etc.

 Apart from learning academics, a child also learns other important life-skills, such as teamwork, good manners, unity, sharing, and responsibility. The kind of training that he/she receives at school, forms and enhances his/her character that stays with him/her throughout his/her life. The school provides a child-varied opportunity which enables him/her to discover his/her innate talents and develop them. All of these experiences help to develop a child’s interests, build self-esteem and shape the course of his/her later academic and professional life.

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 

5. You are Namita/Naman. Write an article on the topic, ‘India – A Tourist’s Paradise’, in 100-150 words.

■ a vast country

■ diversity of culture

■ variety of races

■ climate – hills, rivers, plains, deserts

■ places of pilgrimage

■ huge coastline, friendly beaches

■ modern cities

Ans.                                   India – A Tourist’s Paradise

                                                     By Namita/Naman

               India is a vast country with diverse cultures and races. It is a land with ancient cultural By Namita/Naman heritage and rich history. India is the only country which has all types of seasons. It has beauty in all its places, whether they are hills, deserts, plains or rivers. All these and the modern cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru as well as the places of pilgrimage make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world.

The north-eastern part of India is home to the one-horned Rhino as much as it is graced by Majuli, the biggest river island in the world. The Sunderbans in the east abode to the Royal Bengal Tiger, just as it is among the biggest mangrove  forests in the world. Odisha’s temples and sea beaches add colour and beauty that wins many tourist hearts. Nalanda and Bodhgaya are the seats of Buddhism. Darjeeling and Shillong are among the oldest hill stations in India.

In the west, the Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat, houses lions, the king of the forest. Temples at Somnath and Dwarka attract tourists in hordes. The deserts and palaces of Rajasthan add breathtaking colour and variety to a nation that prides itself in being united in diversity. Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir are shining pearls of northern India. Agra is the go-to place for the mesmerising beauty of Taj Mahal. A lot of beautiful architectural buildings, tombs, mosques and monuments dot Delhi and its surroundings. The south Indian state of Kerala is truly God’s own country, with the beautiful backwaters and its splendorous greenery. Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chennai and Hyderabad are unique reflections of India’s past as much as the country’s march into the 21st century.

India is blessed with places that have natural beauty like Kashmir, Goa, Puri, Kerala Ooty, etc. All these beautiful Places are often visited by people who try to combine spirituality with pleasure. India variety of beautiful locations to visit which  make it a tourist’s paradise.

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 

6. You are Nidhi, a member of “Environment Club” of your school. Write an article on `Need of Afforestation’, in about 100-150 words, with the help of clues given below.

■ modern-age development

■ mother earth for granted

■ reckless cutting of trees for industries and human  settlement

■ trees are helpful in reducing global warming

■ items of use

■ plant more trees

■ campaigns

■ awareness

Ans.                                 Need of Afforestation

                                                 By Nidhi

             This is the modern age where we have left everything behind in the mad race of development. It has made us take Mother Earth for granted. As a result, man has started cutting trees recklessly to cater to his present requirements. Trees not only provide us with fresh oxygen but also reduce pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They are also helpful in reducing global warming.

Hence, afforestation is necessary to combat the issues of global warming, soil erosion, pollution, and the maintenance of biocliversity and ecological balances. There are two ways, i.e. afforestation and reforestation. The development of new forest on a non-forest land is called afforestation, and reforestation means the reestablishment of the forest cover by either naturally or artificially (manual planting of trees). Trees use water and carbon-dioxide (CO2) to convert it into organic matter (wood) and oxygen. Thus, trees act as the natural air-purifiers and help relieve the environment. Considering the need of afforestation in India, many government, private and NGOs are engaged to create new forests through afforestation method to purify the environment, maximise the carbon capture, and control the soil erosion.

It is a matter of great concern that human beings have become so unconcerned towards nature that they are cutting trees in large numbers for settlements, paper, etc. If the present trend of cutting trees is not checked, then we will have to face dire consequences. It is thus, the need of the hour to plant more and more trees. The government should start a large-scale campaign to make people aware of the importance of trees. It is only achievable, if we take up the slogan of ‘Each One Plant One’ more seriously and put our thoughts into action.

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 

7. Write an article on the topic, ‘Inclusive Education is not an Alternative but Inevitability’ for publication in the school magazine. Write the article, in about 100-150 words, with the help of clues given below.

■ attitude of parents, teachers, classmates and the society

■ physical support

■ curriculum support

■ teachers support

■ policy support

■ infrastructure

Ans.            Inclusive Education is not an Alternative but Inevitability

                                                           By ABC

         Inclusive education means students getting to study what they like to study. It means making a student aware of his/her unique talents and allowing them to express their individuality. The idea of including everybody in the process of education refers to the system of education which includes students with special education needs. In this model, they spend most of the time with non disabled students. It makes sure the education of every child, whether his conditions are constraining in a conducive environment. It encourages the sense of belonging. The value of friendship is developed. A relationship is developed between a normal and a disabled student. It strengthens the feeling that diverse groups of people form a community. The teachers should also not expect the same standard or result from every child. A child may not be good in academics but excellent in sports or arts. They should respect and encourage the students to excel in the fields of their interest. The curriculum should be diversified, giving option to in e child to take up the activities or subjects of their choice. The policy-makers should support inclusive education.

Such education should help a student make his/her own unique career choice. The attitude of parents, teachers, classmates and the society in general plays a major role in promoting inclusive education. The curriculum should be such that it inculcates inclusive education and the teachers should also teach in an interesting manner. There should be enough parental support and infrastructure support for a student to pursue may use the clue the subjects that interest him.

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing 

8. Write an article, in about l00-150 words, on ‘River Pollution.’ You may use the clues given below.

■ rivers, biggest source of water

■ victims of pollution

■ industrial waste

■ city waste drained into them

■ religious ceremonies—idol immersion

■ garlands and flowers

■ ashes after cremation poured into rivers

Ans.                                           River Pollution

                                                        By XYZ

Rivers are the biggest source of fresh water. They are, therefore, our lifeline for survival. It is really sad to see that most of our rivers are increasingly being polluted because of our negligence and irresponsibility. Untreated sewage and waste from the industries are continuously dumped into rivers. Religious ceremonies are also responsible for river pollution. Immersion of idols, disposal of garlands and flowers end up polluting the water. Similarly, ashes after cremation are also poured into rivers. An uncontrolled disposal of urban wastes into water bodies, open dumps and poorly designed landfills cause surface water and ground water contamination. Industrial wastes containing heavy metals, such as mercury, chromium, lead and arsenic, can threaten or destroy marine life. Health hazards, such as malaria, filariasis, hepatitis and cholera can also spread.

River pollution can pose a serious threat to both the environment and the human health. Continuous river pollution can disrupt the ecological balance and lead to the loss of biodiversity. Rising pollution is thus, a critical problem and the government must implement necessary steps to mitigate it

CBSE Class 10 English Article Writing