Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Word Meanings

Chapter 8 The Hack Driver

1 Barenakedखुला हुआunclothed, undressed, uncovered
2 Eagerimpatientउत्सुकavid, intent, fervent
3Admire praise, appreciateप्रशंसा extoll, compliment
4Admittedconfessस्वीकार कियाaccepted, granted, recognized
5Adventuresexploit or eventएडवेंचर्सexploit, escapade, deed
6Affectionlove and care for someoneस्नेहdearness, devotion, mash
7Agreeablepleasing, niceसहमत engaging, satisfying, fine
8Anxiousconcerned, worriedचिंतितcomfortless, easeless, vexed
9Assistantjuniorसहायकsubordinate, deputy, auxiliary
10Bargainto negotiate the price of somethingमोल तोलcovenant, treaty, entente
11Barnouthouse, shelterअनाजघरstable, mews, pound
12BeggedTo requestनिवेदन करना entreat, implore, adjure
13Black box on wheelsrefers to the horse cartपहियों पर ब्लैक बॉक्स…...........
14Chargeto costलागतexpense, price, tariff
15Cheerilyhappyखुशी सेcordially, freely, heartily.
16Concludeddraw the judgementनिष्कर्ष निकालाterminate, close, cease
17Confidencetrust, beliefविश्वास faith, credence, conviction
18Consideredthought overमानाexamine, appraise, review
19Corneredforced into a place or situationकोनोंdominate, monopolize, capture
20Creeksa stream or minor tributaryखाड़ियोंgulf, sound, firth
21Deceivingcheatingधोखा देनाhoodwink, bamboozle, skunk
22Detectiveinvestigatorजासूसीspy, piper, dick
23Diggingto tillखुदाईcultivate, harrow, plough
24Disappointedupsetनिराशfrustrated, hopeless, desperate
25Disrespectfulrude, impoliteअसभ्य intractable, rough, uncivilized
26Ditchesa drain or trenchखाइयोंmoat, chasm, gulf
27Earnestlysincerelyज़ोर देकरseriously, gravely, soberly
28Enormoushugeविशालgiant, spacious, large
29Entirelycompletelyपूरी तरह सेabsolutely, totally, fully
30Examinedto look or consider a person or placeजांच कीensue, discover, reconnoitre
31Exhausted used up, finishedथका aweary, spun, forworn
32Expectationbelief, suppositionउम्मीदhope, prospect, promise
33Fleeingrunning awayभागते हुएflit, scram, skedaddle
34Folkspeopleमित्रोंhumans, persons, individuals
35Frightenedafraid or anxiousभयभीतfearful, scared, apprehensive
36GlowedHere, it means impressedचमकता हुआglisten, brighten, shine
37Graduatingoften getting a university degreeस्नातकcategorize, rank, grade
38Greasy mealoily foodचिकना भोजनcreamy, fatty, slick.
39Hack Driverthe one drives a horse cart or hackहैक ड्राइवरcabdriver, Cabman, livery driver.
40Hangs outTo spend time doing nothing in particularहैंग आउटdally, haunt, linger.
41Hesitatedbe in two minds, stallझिझकvacillate, suspect, boggle
42Hintedsuggestसंकेत दियाinsinuate, intimate, suggest
43Huntsearch forखोजनाcast about, Explore, prospect
44Legal briefsA written legal documentकानूनी संक्षेप….........
45Lingeredwaited aroundविलंब करनाunfasten, decelerate, tarry
46Loafingspend time in idle wayआवारगीlaze, lounge, do nothing
47Magnificentglorious, majesticशानदार spectacular, stunning, illustrious
48Meadows field, pastureमीडोजpaddock, water meadow, grassland
49Ought toshouldकरना चाहिएmust, need, shall
50Owesbe in a debt/ an obligation to pay moneyबकाया bind out, be under obligation, belong
51Pasturesgrasslandचराईpaddock, croft, meadow
52Philosophyideology, beliefsदर्शनशास्रcredo, convictions, ideology
53Poker game a type of card game.पोकर खेलbingo, bridge, canasta.
54PoolroomA place to play pool, a betting shopमतदान कक्षplayroom, basement, rumpus room.
55Probablymore likelyशायदperhaps, maybe, presumably
56Proceedto beginबढ़ना come up, gain upon, get on
57Promisinghopefulआशाजनकgood, encouraging, favourable
58Pursuedchased पीछा कियेrun after, follow, hunt
59Regretto be sorryखेदgrief, gloominess, dejection
60Rejoicedhappiness, joyआनन्द किया be glad, relish, smile
61RepresentsBe appointed to act on behalf of or speak for someoneप्रतिनिधित्व करता हैspeak for, constitute, mean
62Resumedrestartफिर से शुरू begin again, start again, renew
63RetiredHere, went insideअवकाश प्राप्तemeritus, past, pensioned
64Retreatpull backपीछे हटनाdigress, retrograde, shrink
65Revealeddiscloseप्रकट apparent, visible, evident
66Scarcelyhardlyशायद हीheavily, scarce, inchmeal
67Seizedgrabbed, snatchedजब्तgrasp, grip, clutch
68Serveto issueसेवा करattend, wait, cater
69Settledfixedस्थिर resolve, sort out, clear up
70Shadowy dark, dimछायादारumbrageous, bowery
71Shamefuldisgracefulशर्मनाकdisgraceful, scandal
72Sick offed upसे तंग आ गयाtired, weary, dulled.
73Slippedslidedफिसल गयाslither, glide, fall over
74StableA place where horse is tied upस्थिर static, stationary, constant
75Strengthenedgave strengthमजबूत reinforce, buttress, brace
76Summonscourt orderनोटिसsubpoena, warrant, arraignment
77Suspiciousdoubtfulसंदेहजनक dubious, implausible, Inexplicit
78Swedea native or inhabitant of Sweden, or a person of Swedish descent. स्वीडिश जहाज़…........
79Talentqualityप्रतिभाgenius, brilliance, dowry
80Terrorfrightआतंकpanic, consternation, dread
81Unpleasant horribleअप्रियabominable, gritty, unpopular
82Victimspreysपीड़ितsufferer, casualty, fatality
83Warmthwarmth of friendliness गर्मजोशीheat, cosiness, snugness
84Whisperedmurmuredफुसफुसाएmutter, breathe, purr
85Witnessviewer, observerगवाहobserver, onlooker, looker-on