Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Word Meanings

Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth

1 Dubiouslywith hesitation or doubtसंदिग्ध रूप से askance, distrustfully, mistrustfully
2 Excellentvery fineअति उत्कृष्टsuperb, outstanding, marvellous
3 Illustratedadjective of a book, newspaperव्याख्याdecorate, ornament, embellish
4 Planetan astronomial bodyग्रह constellation, asterism, Mercury
5Alarmedfearfulचिंतितfrighten, scare, panic
6Anteatersan animalsएंटइटर्स…...........
7Apprenticetrainee, leanerशिक्षु beginner, neophyte, fresher
8Barnshelter, outhouseखलिहान है grainery, stackyard
9Bowskneelsधनुषloop, knot, ribbon
10BreathlesslyNot able to breathe easilyबेदमcordially, intently, promptly.
11Brightlycheerfullyचमकते हुएbrilliantly, splendidly, blazingly.
12Brilliancebrightnessप्रतिभाtalent, genius, charisma
13Capsulespaceshipआवरण mantle, involucre, integument
14Cataloguelist, categoryसूची index, schedule, prospectus
15Ceasestopसमाप्तिend, termination, expiry
16Centurya period of 100 yearsसदीa centennial
17Chewinggrinding with teethचबानेmasticate, munch, crunch
18Chucklinglaugh quietlyमुँह दबाकर हँसती titter, snigger, tehee
19Civilisationshuman development व्यावसायिक विशेषज्ञताadvancement, progress, enlightenment
20Clarifymake clearस्पष्ट करनाilluminate, explain, elucidate
21Clueideaसंकेतindication, hint, gesture
22Cockle shellsshellकॉकल शैलbankers, cobles, draggers
23Communicationtalkingcontactसंचारimparting, conveying, reporting
24Consultseek advice fromपरामर्शpowwow, think, see
25Contraryon the other handविरोधresistance, protest, opposition
26Crewteamकर्मी दलcohort, hordes, sqaud
27Cruderough कच्चाcutcha, Imperfect, vealy
28Curiosities things of curiosityजिज्ञासा pry, demand, eagerness
29Decipherdecodeसमझनेexplain, decipher, show
30Decoratedmade beautifulसजा हुआornamented, flowery, inwrought
31Delicioustastyस्वादिष्टmouth-watering, appetizing, flavoursome
32Desisthold backविरत prevent, fend, intercept
33Diddlecheatधोखा देनाdupe, juggle, betray
34Domesticatedto tame a petपाला हुआtame, break in, master
35Earthlingshere, human beingsपृथ्वीवासीhumankind, man, person.
36Easela wooden frame for holding an artist's work while it is being painted or drawnचित्रफलकframework, compages, Figuration
37Elaboratedetailed, complicatedविस्तृत extensive, comprehensive, spacious
38Elementaryeasy, basicप्राथमिक first, seminal, primitive
39Encyclopediabook which gives information on many subjectsविश्वकोशcompilation, concordance, cyclopedia.
40Enormousvery bigविशालhuge, spacious, large
41Eraperiodयुग epoch, period, eon
42Evacuateclear offहटा देनाrecapture, lay off, supersede
43Explosivesthings that explodeविस्फोटकोंbomb, incendiary, device
44Fantasticallyin a strange wayआश्चर्यजनक रूप से विविधpeculiarly, rarely, remarkably.
45Fiddlefraud, cheatबेलाviolin, cello, double bass
46Figure it outcalculate समझ से बाहरfathom, reason, decipher
47Folded joined handsमुड़ा हुआ plicate, curvate, retrorse
48Frequencyradio waveआवृत्तिdensity, number, prevalence.
49Frightfearडरeeriness, apprehensiveness, fearfulness
50Frownshow angerभ्रूभंगscowl, glare, lour
51Galaxiessolar systemआकाशगंगाओंstar system, cluster, nebula
52Generousliberalउदार lenient, magnanimous, undemanding
53Glorygrandeurमहिमाrenown, prestige, honour
54Gogglessunglassesचश्मेeyeglasses, specs, contacts
55Gravely in a serious mannerगंभीरता सेcoldly, badly, soberly
56Gulpswallow something fastजल्दी से निगलनाquaff, down, swig
57Haberdasherysewing items such as buttons, needles etcबिसाती की दुकानdepartment store, small wares store, general store
58Haughtilyproudlyअहंकार से vain, arrogant, conceited
59HistorianAn expert in or student in history.इतिहासकारchronicler, annalist, archivist
60Historiscope Here, it means a bioscope that shows history of something.ऐतिहासिक इतिहास…................
61Incidenthappeningघटनाevent, occurrence, phenomena
62Indicatesshowsदर्शाता हैdesignate, specify, stipulate
63Insignificantless importantतुच्छpinpoint, frivolous, measly
64Intellectuallywith intellectबौद्धिकcerebral, highbrow, mental.
65Intentlykeenlyआशय सेdeliberately, expressly, meaningly
66Interplanetary between the planetsग्रहों के बीच काcosmos, celestial spaces, deep space.
67Invasioncapture, annexआक्रमण attack, aggression, offensive
68Launchingstartingशुभारंभinitiate, inaugurate, set up
69Levitycare free attitudeछिछोरापनhigh spirits, vivacity, conviviality
70Lieutenantdeputy, an army rankलेफ्टिनेंटdeputy, number two, assistant
71Locationsituationस्थान place, spot, position
72Magnificentglorious, majestic शानदार splendid, stunning, illustrious
73Mannedcontrolled by manआबाद populated, habitable
74Marblebits of stoneसंगमरमरdapple, dot, fleck
75Martianrelated to marsमंगल ग्रह का निवासी alien, extraterrestrial.
76Microphonesound amplifying deviceमाइक्रोफ़ोनbug, wire, amplifier.
77Mightyfearsomeशक्तिमानstrong, powerful, dynamic
78Missiles a weaponमिसाइल projectile, trajectile
79MuseumA building in which objects of historical, scientific are stored and exhibited.संग्रहालयbuilding, foundation, gallery.
80Notifyannounceसूचित करेंinform, denote, intimate
81Observenoticeध्यान से देखनाwatch, look on, take notice
82Pantomimescomedy based on nursery story/rhyme. Here, it means comic expression on faceपैंटोमाइम्स…..........
83Pausestopठहराव standstill, definition, stay
84Peculiarstrangeअजीबweird, odd, bizarre
85Peerslooksसाथियों match, rival, companion
86Peevishlyirritableचिड़चिड़पनcombatively, contentiously, fractiously
87Popput intoपोपcrack, snap, burst
88Poundpat forcefullyपौंड quid, smacker
89Primitive ballancient ballआदिम गेंदbasic ball, pristine ball, undeveloped ball
90Probesearchजांचinvestigation, enquiry, exploration
91Projectora device that projectsप्रक्षेपकoverhead projector, slide projector, stereopticon
92Rarevery uncommonदुर्लभinfrequent, scarce, golden
93Refreshment standrestaurantजलपान स्टैंडconcession stand, food court, juice bar.
94Resumedrestart, begin withफिर से शुरूrenew, reinstitute, carry on with
95Ridiculousfunny, hilariousहास्यास्पदlaughable, sidesplitting, unsightly
96Rifflingshufflingरिफलिंग confuse, disarray, disorder.
97Rowlineपंक्ति range, file, phalanx
98Salutationgreetingअभिवादनwelcome, salute, respect
99Screamingcryingतेज़ चीकवालाblare, roar, shout.
100Sergeantofficer ranking below a lieutenantउच्च श्रेणी का वकीलauthoritarian, despot, enforcer.
101Shelterprotectionआश्रय resort, concealment, asylum
102Simultaneouslyat the same timeइसके साथ ही at once, concurrently, together
103Smackingto hitचांटा मारनाslap, strike, spank
104Space proberesearch, explorationअंतरिक्ष यानgeo probe, interplanetary explorer, space satellite.
105SpotlightA lamp projecting a beam of light on a particular place or person.सुर्खियोंsearchlight, floodlight, headlight
106Squigglesa short line that curls and loops in an irregular wayउतारsquirm, twist, wriggle.
107Squintslook with/through narrowed eyesतिरछी दूष्टि से देखनाpeer, blink, squinny
108Staple fooda routine foodमूल भोजन daily bread, meat, necessary food.
109Stifflynon flexibleकठोरतापूर्वकclumsily, bunglingly, gawkily
110Strorage barnstoreभंडारण खलिहानouthouse, lock-up
111Structureconstructionसंरचना framework, skeleton, draft
112Surveyoran official inspectorसर्वेक्षकassessor, cartographer, measurer
113Terriblehorribleभयानक eerie, dreadful, dire
114Tome a book of knowledgeपुस्तकwork, opus, publication
115Tracessignsनिशानfind, discover, detect
116Transcribeput thoughts into written formअनुलेखन करनाdecipher, interpret, reproduce.
117Triflingunimportantतुच्छtrivial, unimportant, insignificant
118Twirlturn roundघुमावrocker, flexion, curve
119Uglyunattractiveभद्दाunsightly, ugly, misshapen
120Undoubtelywithout doubtनिश्चित रूप सेdoubtlessly, beyond, unquestionably
121Unfoldopenउधेड़नाunreel, unfix, tear away
122Whisperingspeaking lowधीरे-धीरे बोलनाmutter, mumble, purr
123Zulusan african tribeजूलू…..........