Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Word Meanings

Chapter 2 The Thief

1 Leanthinदुबला lanky, weakly, spindly
2 Borrow take and use with the intention of returning it.उधार loan, debt, advance
3 Fits and Startsnot working on something consistentlyस्वस्थ और प्रस्थानbits and pieces, changeable, choppy.
4 Handperson हाथ….....
5 Lend the use of somthing on the understanding that it will be returned.देनाgive, bestow, confer
6 Misjudgedform a wrong opinion or conclusion about.ग़लतmisconstrue, overrate, underestimate.
7 Perhepsprobablyशायदmaybe, presumably, obviously
8 Successful having the knowledge or skillसफलprosperous, well-turned
9 Wrestlerto strive by grapplingपहलवानgrappler, matman, fighter.
10Ableworthyयोग्य capacitate, potentially viable, samarth
11Acceptanceapprovalस्वीकारassent, promise, profession
12Achieveobtainपानाinstate, take, obtain
13Affordto bearजुटाना adjoin, add
14Aheadforwardआगे further, antecedently, ateriorly
15Aistback side of stomachपूर्व दिशा…............
16Appealingattractive or interesting.आकर्षकpersonable, captivating, flashy
17Approachedwent nearसंपर्क कियाdetain, greet, address
18Bazaar marketबाजार mart, exchange, souk
19Be offrun awayबंद होadvance, leave.
20Beama ray or shaft of light.किरणray, shaft
21Betraydeceive, dupeप्रकट करनाunfold, reveal, evince
22Bita little smallछोटा अंश portion, segment, section
23Bundlea collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together.बंडलbundle, armful, truss
24Careerprofessionव्यवसायbusiness, profession, vocation
25Carriagesany of the separate sections of a train that carry passengers.गाड़ीcoach, saloon, bogie
26Casuallypurposelessly संयोग सेhaphazardly, perchance, happy-go-lucky
27Chillycoldसर्दrefrigerant, refrigeratory, parky
28Cinemaa theatre where films are shown for public entertainment.चलचित्रmovie theater, movie house, cineplex
29Clock Towera tower, typically forming part of a church or civic building, with a large clock at the top.घंटाघरclocher, cupola, dome.
30Cloudedmake or become less clear or transparent.धूमिलfoggy, cloudy, mat
31Confidencegood booksविश्वासconviction, ascertainment, appearance
32Consideringthinking overमानते हुएconclusion, opinion, decision.
33Crawledmoved slowlyघिसटनाlug, drag
34Creptmove slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed.रेंगना pullulate, spawn, rumble
35Curiouseager to know or learn something.जिज्ञासुanxious, Eager, appetent
36Dampslightly wet.नमhumid, dank, dewy
37DashedQuickly ran towards somethingधराशायीrush, race, sprint
38Deserted(of a place) empty of people.वीरान secluded, waste, godforsaken
39Discomfortuneasinessअसुविधाinconvenience, drawback, privation
40Drewpull or dragड्रयू bring out, draw out, produce
41Drizzlelight rain falling in very fine drops.बूंदा बांदीtrickle, droplet, stream
42Edgeouter limitकिनाराstrand, brim, confines
43Employers a person or organization that employs people.नियोक्ताओंexecutive, superintendent and supervisor.
44Enoughsufficientबहुत हो चुकाadequate, ample, abundant
45Experiencedhaving the knowledgeअनुभवversed, dextrous, proficient
46Fairlyenoughकाफीappropriately, properly, choicely
47Feedgive foodचाराbait, fodder, sorghum
48Flatteryfalse praiseचापलूसीapplesauce, taffy, smoothie
49Formerearlierभूतपूर्व ago, before, previous
50Greatfulobligedआभारीbeholden, thankful, testimonial
51Gruntingmake a low, short guttural sound.घुरघुरानाmumble, murmur, mutter
52Hesitatedpause in indecision before saying or doing something.झिझकnibble, vacillate, feel shy, shrink
53Hurrieddone in a hurry, rushed.जल्दी में हुआpush on, run, dash
54Introductionformal presentationभूमिकाestablishment, initiation, launch
55Line of work the principal activity in your life that you do to earn moneyव्यवसायdepartment, employment, field.
56Maidana parkमैदान colleen, damsel, lassie.
57Marksspotsनिशानstreak, fleck, dot
58Matteraffairमामलाcase, shebang, deed
59Mattressquiltsगद्दाcushion, pallet, futon.
60Mealcooked foodभोजन meal, diet, feed
61Midnighttwelve o'clock at night.आधी रात darkness, blackness, nigritude
62Modestlyin an unassuming manner; without vanity or arrogance.विनयhumbly, plainly, quietly.
63Flatteryfalse praiseचापलूसीadulation, sycophancy, smooth things
64Nervousuneasyबेचैनrestless, feverish, preoccupied
65Never minddon’t worryकोई बात नहीं हैdisregard, forget
66Of latefor some daysविलंब सेrecently, lately, newly, freshly
67Opportunitychanceअवसरoccasion, time, juncture
68Pattedtouch quickly and gently with the flat of the hand.पीठ थपथपाईclap, touch, stroke
69Pleasantgiving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment.सुहानी Easeful, delightful, delicious
70Profitgainफायदा milage, expedience, mileage
71Publisherone who gets books printedप्रकाशकpredicant, gospeller, pulpiteer
72Purposeobjectiveउद्देश्यcause, occasion, reason
73Queerstrange; odd.विचित्रunusual, funny, peculiar
74Quietlycalmlyचुपचापsilently, stilly, gently
75Remainedto continueबने रहेendure, abide, carry on
76Robbedtake property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force.लुट गयाflay, loot, despoil
77Sankto declineह्रास होनाdrop, fall, descend
78Scarsspots of woundनिशानburn, birthmark, naevus
79Sheltera place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.आश्रय refuge, concealment, asylum
80Sighedemit a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness, relief, tiredness. गहरी सांसexhale, groan, moan
81Situationconditionपरिस्थितिcircumstances, condition, case
82Slidglidedगिरावटslither, skim, skate
83SpiritsEffortबढ़ावा देनाsoul, psyche, pneuma
84Startledfeeling or showing sudden shock or alarm.चौंकनाsurprise, frighten, scare
85Stilleven nowफिर भीstock-still, immobile, silence
86Straightdirectसीधेoutright, square, sheer
87Stretchedextendedताना हुआstrung, ding-dong
88Strey wanderingभटका हुआdigress, deviate, random
89Suppliesa stock or amount of something supplied or available for use.आपूर्तिCompletion, fulfilment
90Terribleextremely bad or serious.भयानकeerie, dreadful, dire
91Throwingtossingफेंकने cast, toss, pitching
92Trustsrelies onविश्वासconfidence, belief, faith
93Tuckpush, fold, or turn so as to hide or secure them.टकease, insert, slip
94Undetectednot detected or discovered.न खोजा हुआ uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored.
95Unlinedplain झुर्री रहितseamless, unseamed, smooth
96Upperfloor window or door.अपरhigher, loftier, overlying