Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Word Meanings

Chapter 4 A Question of Trust

1Citizena legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.नागरिक townsman, denizen, oppidan
2 Expensive costlyमहंगा precious, sumptuous, high
3 Straightenedunfoldसीधा erect, plumb, disarm
4Agentwho works for some agencyजासूसspy, scout, fink
5Amusedfinding something funny or entertaining.मनोरंजन करनाbeguile, enliven, regale
6Arrestedcaughtगिरफ्तारdammed, frozen, impounded
7Autumnthe season after summer and before winterपतझड़ fall of the leaves, Indian summer
8Bowlflower potकटोरा chalice, teacup, porringer
9Brightshinningउज्ज्वलradiant, orient, flamboyant
10Burglara person who commits theft.चोरstealer, lacencer, cracksman
11Charmingvery pleasant or attractive.आकर्षकcircean, fascinator, glamorous
12Closelynearlyनिकट सेnearby, nigh, short
13Described gave full accountउल्लिखितreferred, envisaged, Mentioned
14Desperatein despairमायूस dispirited, heartsick, dead-alive
15Diseaseailmentरोगillness, malady, sickness
16Doorwayan entrance to a room or building through a door.द्वार gateway, portal, threshold
17Exceptleaving asideके अतिरिक्त excluding, saving
18Expecthopeउम्मीदbank, look forward to
19Fingerprintsign of fingersअंगुली की छापattribute, character, criterion
20Fireplacehearthचिमनी chimney, ingle, stovepipe
21Firmnesssteadinessदृढ़ता persistence, tenacity, fixture
22Frightenmake (someone) afraid or anxiousडरानाstartle, intimidate, appal
23Glovescovering of the handदस्तानेmitt, gauntlet bandage
24Grangea country house with farm buildings attached.खलिहान सहित देहाती मकानacreage, farmstead, hacienda.
25Hay fevera summer ailmentपरागज ज्वरallergic rhinitis, pollinosis, rose cold.
26Hesitatedpause in indecision before saying or doing somethingझिझकnibble, vacillate, suspect
27Hinderingmake it difficult for (someone) to do something or for (something) to happen.निरोधकobstruct, impede, inhibit
28Honourhigh respect; great esteem.सम्मानreverence, deference, veneration
29Housekeepera person employed to manage a household.घरबारीcaretaker, chambermaid, housemaid.
30Howeveranyhowहालाँकि nevertheless, notwithstanding
31Hurtstrikeचोटcrista, dint, concussion
32Inconvenienceuneasinessअसुविधाजनक discomfort, privation, discommodity
33Kindlypoliteदयालुgracious, permissive, indulgent
34Lot ofplentyबहुत साconsiderable, countless, infinite.
35Mendedrepair (something that is broken or damaged).मरम्मत किया हुआfix, restore, sew
36Mentionedspoken aboutउल्लेख कियाdescribed, envisaged, referential
37Moviefilmचलचित्र picture, feature, flick
38Noddedmade a sign with the headसिर हिलायाnutate, , nid-nod
39Nonsensemeaninglessबकवास rubbish, chatter, blah
40Ornamentsjewelleryजवाहरातgems, jewellery
41Pausedstoppedरोके गएcease, halt, discontinue
42Persuadedinduce (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.राजीconfident, guaranteed
43Picked upliftedउठायाraise, hoist, take up
44Poundsbasic monetary unit of the UK, equal to 100 pence.पौंड…...........
45Prisonsjailsजेलों imprisonment, penitentiary, gaol
46Professiona paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.व्यवसायbusiness, vocation, industry
47Promiseassuranceवादाobligation, pawn, seal
48Protectedguardedसंरक्षितconserved, dern
49Quitesilentखामोशtacit, dumb, reticence
50Rareunommonदुर्लभinfrequent, sparse, scattered
51Remainedstayedबने रहेendure, last, abide
52Repliedansweredने उत्तर दियाrespond, rejoin, return
53Robto plunderलूटनाflay, ransack, despoil
54Safea strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables.सुरक्षितshielded, defended, secure
55Secretlywithoutany body's knowledgeगुप्त रूप सेstealthily, backstage
56Sentencethe punishment assigned to a defendant found guilty by a courtमुद्रित लेखन सामग्री जिस पर नाम, पता लिखा हो।judgement, ruling, pronouncement
57Seriouislygravelyगंभीरता सेsolemnly, earnestly, soberly
58Sharp - tongued (of a person) given to using cutting, harsh, or critical language.तीव्र - जीभवाला mordant, stinging, peppery
59Sneezemake a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth छींकsternutation, gesundheit.
60Spite ofin addition toके बावजूद contempt, gall, malevolence.
61Stirredmove or cause to move slightly.उभाराblend, agitate, beat
62Theartensto attempt to menanceधमकानाintimidate, browbeat, bluster
63Tickle in a way that causes mild discomfort or itching and often laughter.गुदगुदीstroke, pet, chuck
64Took offremovedनाश करनाdestroy, debauch, undo
65Toolsinstrumentsउपकरण implement, utensil, device
66Treatmentcureइलाज therapy, surgery, care
67Trickeddeceivedबरगलायाdelude, hoodwink, mislead
68Usuallyoftenआमतौर परcommonly, nearly, Generally
69Watchingseeingदेख रहेobserve, view, look at
70Wonderedsurprisedआश्चर्यponder, meditate on, conjecture
71Worthvalueक़ीमतprice, cost, feck