Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Word Meanings

Chapter 7 The Necklace

1Errora mistake.त्रुटिfault, flaw, oversight
2 Adornmake more beautiful or attractive.सजाना formalize, decorate, lace
3 Anxiousfeeling or showing worry, nervousness about something with an uncertain outcomeचिंतितcontemplated, Wistful
4 Attica space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a building.अटारीatari, bay, superstructure
5 Cast down sad or worriedउदास होनाbrokenhearted, crestfallen, dejected
6 Clerka person employed in an office to keep records, accounts, and other administrative duties.क्लर्कadministrator, cashier, teller
7 Dowryan amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.दहेज layette, dower, portion
8 Elegantgraceful and stylish in appearance or manner.सुरुचिपूर्णsuave, dainty, urbane
9 Embracedhold (someone) closely in one's arms, especially as a sign of affection.गले लगा लियाhug, hold, cuddle
10 Enthusiasmintense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.उत्साहprompting, zeal, rapture
11 Frightfulvery unpleasant, serious, or shocking.भयंकरfierce, awful, hideous
12 Larksa birdभारव्दाज़ पक्षीskylark, stunt, put-on
13 Lodgingstemporary accommodation.आवासdwelling, habitat, domicile
14 Necessitythe state or fact of being required. ज़रूरतneed, requirement, needfulness
15 Odiousextremely unpleasant; repulsive.घृणित hideous, abhorrent, despicable
16 Palelight in colour or shade; containing little colour or pigment.पीलाfaded, insipid, colorless
17 Perceivebecome aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.समझनाunderstand, deem, comprehend
18 Pettyof little importance; trivial.तुच्छinsignificant, frivolous, measly
19 Recallbring (a fact, event, or situation) back into one's mind; remember.याद memorize, retrace, keep in mind
20 Reflectedmeditatedप्रतिबिंबितshine back, return, mirror
21 Substitutionthe action of replacing someone or something with another person or thing.प्रतिस्थापनexchange, replacement, swapping
22Admirablearousing or deserving respect and approvalसराहनीय estimable, meritorious, creditable
23Affairan event or sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to.मामलाcase, matter, shebang
24Apartmenthouseफ्लैटroom, axil, haunch
25Astonishedgreatly surprised or impressed; amazed.आश्चर्यचकितstagger, startle, confound
26Awryout of the normal or correct positionटेढ़ा serpentine, sloping, oblique
27Bewilderment a feeling of being perplexed and confused.घबराहटflurry, palpitation, fash
28Chapleta garland or circlet for a person's head. फूलों का हार garland, necklace, series
29Chicelegantly and stylishly fashionable.सज सजायाposh, swanky, plushy
30Clasp grasp (something) tightly with one's hand.पकड़hold, catch, clutch
31Cloaka sleeveless outdoor overgarment that hangs loosely from the shoulders.लबादाmacintosh, smock, robe
32Coachmen a driver of a horse-drawn carriage.कोच के लोगjockey, motorist, operator.
33Colleaguea person with whom one works in a profession or business.साथ काम करने वालाcollaborator, comrade, companion-in-arms
34Contentin a state of peaceful happiness.संतुष्टsatisfied, acquiescent
35Conventa school attached to and run by a convent.मठpriory, abbey, cloister
36Crudein a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined.अपरिष्कृत unrefined, unsophisticated, coarse
37Decentlyin a way that conforms with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behaviour.सभ्यता से adequately, creditably, fine
38Delicaciesfineness or intricacy of texture or structure.व्यंजनोंweakness, debility, infirmity
39Delightedfeeling or showing great pleasure.प्रसन्नmerry, glad, rapt
40Descendedmove or fall downwards.उतराgo down, drop, fall
41Destinyluckभाग्यfate, fortune, happiness
42Detainedkeep (someone) from proceeding by holding them back or making claims on their attention. हिरासत में लिया retard, keep (back), slow up
43Dictatedstate or order authoritatively.आरोपितcharged, imputed
44Dismayconcern and distress caused by something unexpected.बेचैनीdiscomfort, restlessness, uneasiness
45Distinguishedmarked out, typicalविशिष्टspecific, exclusive, special
46Ecstaticfeeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.अति आनंदितenraptured, elated, euphoric
47Exquisite extremely beautiful and delicate.अति सुंदरgraceful, magnificent, superb
48Flatteredlavish praise and compliments on (someone)खुशblarney, cajole, lionize
49Francsthe basic monetary unit of France, Belgium, Switzerland, and several other countriesफ़्रैंक…...............
50Frigidstiff or formal in behaviour or style.उदासीनindifferent, nostalgic, effortless
51Fursthe short, fine, soft hair of certain animals.फरhair, wool, coat
52Gown a long elegant dress worn on formal occasions.गाउनcloak, smock, robe
53Grievedfeel intense sorrow.दुखीmourn, lament, be sad
54Hagglingdispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.सौदेबाजीnegotiate, quibble, wrangle
55Hailing (of a large number of objects) fall or be hurled forcefully.गिरना या जबरदस्ती फेंकना।beat, shower, pour
56Immediateinstantतुरंतforthwith, At once, instantaneously
57Incessantly without interruption; constantly. निरंतरcontinuously, consecutive, successive
58Inscribedimprintedअन्तर्लिखितhammered, toreutic, inscriptive
59Latter denoting the second or second mentioned of two people or things.बाद वालाlast, back, hind
60Loanedlend (a sum of money or item of property).उधारadvance, credit, allow
61Marvellouscausing great wonder; extraordinary.अनोखाunique, comical, strange
62Midstin betweenबीचparenthesis, navel, spacing
63Miserablewretchedदुखीdestitute, necessitous, penniless
64Murmuringa low or indistinct continuous sound.बड़बड़ाbreathe, purr, rustle
65Nightfall the onset of night; dusk.सांझtwilight, candle light, darkness
66Pailsa bucket.बाल्टीcanister, container, jug.
67Personagea person (used to express importance or elevated status).व्यक्तिindividual, fellow, soul
68Pot piea savoury pie baked in a deep dish, typically with a top crust only.मैं चल सकता हूं….............
69Relatednarratedसम्बंधित respective, in question, referential
70Restoredto identifyपुनः स्थापित किए गएreinstate, put back, replace
71Ruinousdisastrous or destructiveखंडहर वालाdisastrous, devastating, catastrophic
72Salons a reception room in a large house.सैलून…...........
73Satina type of cloth that is smooth and shinyसाटन…...........
74Shabby in poor condition through long use or lack of care.जर्जरdisreputable, mangy, napless
75Shiveringshaking slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited.कंपकपाहटtremble, quiver, shake
76Singulardenoting or referring to just one person or thing.एकवचन lone, only, single
77Soussmall value coin in Franceसूँस….........
78Spitefullyshowing or caused by malice.दुर्भावना से maliciously, bitchily, cattily
79Stammeredspeak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words.हकलाया हुआstutter, hesitate, falter
80Strickenseriously affected by an undesirable condition or unpleasant feeling.घायलtroubled, affected, struck
81Stupefiedmake (someone) unable to think or feel properly.स्तब्धmotionless, numbed, wonderstruck
82Tureena deep covered dish from which soup is served.ट्यूरेनbasin, dish, pot.
83Usurersa person who lends money at unreasonably high rates of interest.सूदखोरpayday lender, loan shark
84Vexationthe state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried.चिढ़chagrin, pinprick, peeve
85Wearilywith extreme tiredness.थकाते हुएdensely, massively, thickly.
86Weepingshedding tears.रोनाlachrymose, slobbery, tearful
87Wrapsshawlsओढ़नाmuffle, cloak, enfold