Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

1 An appalling spectaclea shocking scene एक भयावह तमाशाastounding, dreadful, frightful.
2 As common as mosquitoeseasily found मच्छरों की तरह आम है….........
3 Cabled sent a message by telegraph (an old method of communication) तार द्वारा समाचार भेजना connected, equipped, sent.
4 Craning stretch out one’s body or neck in order to see somethingगर्दन आगे निकालना boosting, elevating, heaving
5 Crossed my mind (a thought) came into my mind विचार आना reveal, strike, expose.
6 Flicka quick, light movementप्रहार jerk, flip, stroke
7 Marsheswetlands दलदल bog, quagmire, morass
8 Portlystoutमोटाadipescent, corpulent, crass
9 So as to speakas it were (one could say this)तो जैसा बोलना हैas it would be, as might be, in such a way that.
10 Squatting to rest with your weight on your feetउकडूँ बैठनाhunch, cower, cringe
11 Terrapin shellthe shell of small turtle found in North Americaटेरापिन खोलtortoise shell, carapace, horn-rimmed.
12A stone’s throwa very short distanceदोड़ी दूर पर close range, holler, near.
13Abreastside by sideपास-पासappositional, by jowl, closely
14Accustomedfamiliarपरिचित usual, normal, habitual
15Admirationpraise प्रशंसाcompliment, magnification, laud
16Affrontinsultअपमानdisgrace, offense, dishonor
17Aloof and indifferent keeping a distanceदुरावdetached, disinterested, incurious
18Amazedsurprisedअचंभितastonish, astound, bewilder
19Ambush to attack suddenly from a hidden positionघात लगाना surprise attack, trap, snare
20Apathyabsence of interestउदासीनताindifference, disinterest, unconcern
21Appallingshockingडरावनाalarming, astounding, dreadful.
22Apprarentlyclearlyजाहिरा तौर परobviously, evidently, palpably
23Armourshieldकवच harness, coat of mail, panzer
24At lengthat lastविस्तार सेceaselessly, constantly, continually
25Awardedgave outनिर्णय करनाdecide, take the plunge, judge
26Badgeran animal बिज्जू hyena, brock, hyaena
27Barrageflood नदी बांधvolley, fusillade, storm
28Beaveran animalऊदबिलाव otter
29Blood-spatteredblood coveredखून से लथपथ gory, grisly, crimson.
30Bounded on toclimbed up quicklyपर बँधा हुआenclosed, fringed, restricted.
31Bowla containerकटोराchalice, teacup, porringer
32Breakdowna mechanical failureटूट - फूटdissolution, Breach, crack
33Brontosaura prehistoric now extantब्रॉन्टोसोरसapatosaurus, thunder lizard.
34Casuallynon-seriously इत्तफ़ाक़ सेby chance, perchance, haphazardly
35Characteristicsfeaturesविशेषताएँattribute, quality, property
36Charmingattractiveमनमोहकadorable, cute, good-looking
37Chinkscracksझनझनding, tinkle, tang
38Chitteringmake a twittering or chattering sound चहकना cheeping, chirruping, jargoning,
39Christenednamedनाम दिया गयाbaptize, call, lustrate
40Chromiuma hard white metal used to make tapsक्रोमियम…...........
41Compulsive irresistableमजबूर uncontrollable, compelling, overwhelming
42Conceivedthoughtविचार करना mull, think, contemplate
43Conjecturalbased on guessअनुमान पर आधारित speculative, theoretical, hypothetical
44Corridorverandahगलियाराaisle, anteroom, gallery
45Crook of my kneessoft inside part where you bend your knee मेरे घुटनों का टेढ़ा bend, curve, kink
46Crouchingsquat; typically in order to avoid detection or to defend oneselfक्राउचिंगkneel, cower, cringe
47Currya dishकरीgroom, smooth, dress
48Damagedbrokenटूटा हुआ defaced, deteriorated, out of gear
49Distractiondiversionव्याकुलता quandary, ruction, stew
50Distressedtroubledतंगtight, narrow, poky
51Dragonmonsterड्रैगन drake, wyvern, tartar.
52Dreadedfearedडरनाfear, fright, panic
53Dribblerepeated hits on a ball to make it go aheadबूँद बूँद कर टपकना trickle, drop, drizzle
54Emergedcame outउभर आयाjut, emerge, supervene
55Eminently highly; veryप्रमुख रूप से greatly, highly, exceedingly
56Engrossedcompletely interested inतल्लीन immersed, absorbed
57Eventfulfull of eventsघटनापूर्णoccurring, decrescent
58Exhausedtiredथका हुआ aweary, spun, forworn
59Frontagefront sideअग्रभाग contraposition, envisagement, Confrontation
60Fumbling trying to do something in a clumsy mannerलड़खड़ाता हुआ flub, mishandle, screw up.
61Galloprun fastसरपट दौड़ना race, canter, rush
62Giggleslaughsमूर्ख की तरह हंसना titter, snigger, snicker
63Glaredstare गुस्से से घूरना scowl, frown, lour
64Grabhold, catch पकड़ लेना Capture, arrest, graspingness
65Gratitudethankfulnessकृतज्ञता obligation, indebtedness, debt
66Growledgrumbledबढ़ता गया snarl, bark, yap
67Hippohippopotamusदरियाई घोड़ा….............
68Hostileunfriendlyशत्रुतापूर्ण enemy, rancorous
69Hurriedmade hasteजल्दी कर दिया hasten, dash, rush
70Infuriated very angryसंक्रमितenrage, incense, madden
71Insistedstressedज़ोर देना emphasize, stand up, intonate
72Irritationfrustationउत्तेजनाexcitement, stimulation, provocation
73Jugglesplays withजादूartifice, device, dodge
74Leadget onआगे बढ़ना proceed, come up, gain upon
75Leoparda wild animalतेंदुआ…..............
76Lidcoverढक्कन bonnet, cap, shroud
77Mangoosean animalनेवलाWeasel
78Marblessmall glass ballsपत्थरhead, mind, reason
79Minkan animalएक प्रकार का ऊदबिलाव…...........
80Molean animalछछूँदर rat, musk
81Nativeone's place of birthजन्मज connate, congenital, to the manner born
82Nuzzleto rub gently with the noseनाक से रगड़ना nudge, prod, push
83Packedput intoपैक किया हुआload, stuff, cram
84Pastimedistraction; entertainmentक्रीड़ाplay, dalliance, frolic
85Pawsfront part of footपंजेclaw, toe cap, clutch
86Ping-pong ballstable-tennis ballsपिंग-पोंग बॉल्सglobe, baseball, sphere
87Plungingfalling; sinkingडूबनेवालाdive, wade in, fall, throw oneself
88Pointedsharpनोकदारspiry, jaggy, cuspidalate
89Preciselyexactlyठीक-ठीकstrictly, surely, orderly
90Previouslyearlierपहले सेalready, beforehand, antecedently
91Profounddeepगहराdeeply, abyssal, cimmerian
92Prospectpossibilityसंभावनाhope, expectation, anticipation
93Provoking causing anger or some other reactionउत्तेजकstimulating, fermentative, dithyrambic
94Railingsprotecting fenceरक्षा बाड़thread, strand, fibre
95RandomcasualअनियमितIrregular, Erratic, abnormal
96Recognitionidentification; acknowledgementअभिज्ञान recognizance, memento, souvenir
97Resemblemlooked like मेल खानाdovetail, go together, harmonize
98Resumedstarted againदुबारा आरम्भ करनाrestart, recommence, begin again
99Retainedkeptरोक रखनाadjourn, hold in
100Ricocheting bullet a bullet with changes direction after hitting a surfaceरिकोषेटिंग बुलेट…..........
101Ritualsa religious ceremonyअनुष्ठान rite, celebration
102Screaming outcryingचिल्लाकर कहनाhowl, screech, shriek.
103Sealan animalजलव्याघ्रsea lion, sea dog
104Shredspiecesटुकड़े टुकड़े करनाcrumble, kibble, pulverize
105Shuffling dragging (here)पैर घसीटनाshamble, drag one's feet, stumble
107Spaciousbigविशालhuge, giant, large
108Spectaclesceneतमाशा pageant, farce, slapstick
109Sploshedsplashedछिड़का हुआ पानी splatter, swash, plash.
110Sprayedthrewछिटकानाsprinkle, sparge, dabble
111Spring upjumpउत्पन्न होना burgeon, expand, explode.
112Squawks and shriekscriesस्क्वाक्स और चीखें roar, shout, wail.
113Squirmedtwisted aboutऐंठनाextract, feeze, pleach
114Staticmotionlessगतिहीनsedentary, stagnant, inert
115Stoata kind of animalएक प्रकार का रोवेंदार चौपाया…..............
116Symmetricalin symmetryसममित regular, uniform, consistent
117Tameddomesticate (an animal)पालतूpet, domestic
118Thraldombeing in the control ofग़ुलामी vassalage, servitude, kabbalah
119Took her into my confidencehere, shared with her my experiences or secretsउसे मेरे अनुभवों के साथ साझा किया गया….............
120Transportingtakingपरिवहनconvey, carry, move
121Trickleflow in a small streamबूंद-बूंद कर बहना dribble, drizzle, flow
122Trot offto leaveटालमटोल करनाamble, hurry, jog.
123Tugpullखिंचाव exhaustion, gravitation, allurement
124Uprightstraightसीधाdirect, perpendicular, erect
125Varietynewnessविविधता diversity, multifariousness, diversifiction
126Vevletsoft clothमख़मलीsoft, delicate
127Walrusan animalवालरस…..........
128Wild with joygreatly in joyआनंद के साथ जंगलीcrazy with joy, delirious, extremely happy.
129Whimperedcried softlyबच्चे का सा रोनाcry, sniffle, snivel
130Whipped offquickly took offमार पड़ी हैhurry, issue, light out.