Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus

1 Curiouseager to know or learn somethingजिज्ञासु inquisitive, interested, analytical.
2 Curtlyrudely brief or abruptसंक्षिप्ततयाcrudely, harshly, discourteously.
3 Discreet questionscareful questionsचौकस प्रशन attentive, considerate, noncommittal.
4 Gleehappiness and joyआनंदpleasure, enjoyment, delight
5A chit of a girla small girlएक छोटी लड़की damsel, demoiselle, girl
6A slang expressioninformal words, often used within a close group दुर्वचनargot, jargon, lingo.
7Absolutelycompulsiveनिश्चित रूप से definitely, Certainty, daubtless
8Annoyedangryनाराजdisgruntled, indisposed, shirty
9Betela chewing leafपानdrinkables, potation, draught
10Blinda partitionअंधाvisually impaired, unsighted, sightless
11Bumpstrikeचोट मारना collision, crash, smash
12Calculatedmake a countपरिकलित deliberate, premeditated, planned
13Canvasa coarse fabric चित्रफलक scrim, sailcloth, tarpaulin
14Chatterboxtalkativeगप्पीtelltale, peddler, blab
15Chewingmunchingचबानाmasticate, champ
16Chimed inspoke sweetlyसुर में सुर मिलायाchip in, cut in, interpose
17Clappedbeatपटपटाना bang, thump, cuff
18Concernedworriedचिंतितanxious, uneasy, careful
19Crawlmove slowlyमंदगतिdrag, trail, slink
20Dampeningmaking lessनिस्र्त्साह करना dishearten, daunt
21Devouredread quickly and eagerly (here)धुन के साथ पढ़नाgulp, bolt, cram down
22Disapprovalrefusalअस्वीकार spurn, Denegation, non acceptance
23Displaysshows प्रदर्शन demonstration, release, presentation
24Dithpotholeदितgutter, moat, trench
25Drivel silly nonsenseबेहूदा बात poppycock, inanition, fatuity
26Dumbsilentगूंगा mute, speechless, voiceless
27Elaboratedetailedविस्तृतextensive, elaborate, comprehensive
28Enthusiasmcourageउत्सुकताardour, fervour, warmth
29Excitementecstasyउत्साह stimulation, excitation, provocation
30Excursionspicnicsपर्यटनtourism, ramble, excursion
31Fascinatingattractiveचित्त आकर्षण करनेवालाdelightful, Winsome, Elegant
32Firmlystronglyमजबूती से sturdily, rootedly, serviceably
33Frightenedfearfulडरा हुआ afraid, scared, apprehensive
34Gallopedranसरपट दौड़ाrace, canter, rush
35Gapdifferenceअंतरालaperture, space, breach
36Gapedlooked with wonderताकनाpore, scrutinize, see into
37Glancelookझलकpeep, flash, scintilla
38Gleamingshiningचमचमाता हुआ shine, catch the light, glow
39Gluedfixedचिपके हुएstick, paste, affix
40Gobbling upto swallow or eat hastilyभकोसनाscan, skim, speed-read
41Graduallyslowlyआहिस्ता आहिस्ता under one's breath, doggo, quietly
42Hamletvilllageछोटा गांव townlet, whistle-stop.
43Haughtilyproudlyग़रूर सेindifferent, snobbish, snooty.
44Hauntedreturned repeatedly to her mind; was impossible to forgetप्रेतवाधित possessed, cursed, jinxed
45Highwaymain roadबड़ी सड़क highroad, high street
46Honkedsoundedभोंपू बजाना beep, blare, blast.
47HorriblefearfulभयानकDangerous, dismal, dolfulness
48Inductionentry आगमनinauguration, entrance, inaugural.
49Irritablywith imitationचिड़चिड़ापन peevishly, pettishly
50Jolly sorthappyजॉली सॉर्ट buoyant, carefree, cheerful
51Kindleset alight (fire), here, feelingsप्रज्वलित करना Ignite, inflame, arson
52Landscapeland sceneपरिदृश्य scenery, countryside, topography
53Lobesouter part of the earभाग portion, section, piece
54Longingstrong desiresतीव्र इच्छाpining, craving, eagerness
55Luxuriouscomfortableसुखभोगीopulent, sumptuous, affluent
56Merchandisethings for saleबिक्री के लिए चीजें traded goods, undersell, deal
57Mimickingcopyingनकल करनाimitate, monkey, mock
58Mysterysecret रहस्य enigma, arcanum, hugger-mugger
59Napshort sleepझपकी blink, doze, slumber
60Noddedshook headसिर हिलायाincline, dip, wag
61Obstacleshindranceबाधाएंbarrier, hurdle, stumbling block
62Overwhelmingstrongभारी profuse, enormous, immense
63Painstakingpainfulश्रमसाध्य careful, meticulous, thorough
64Pedestrain crossingfoothpathपैदल पार पथzebra crossing, crossover
65Peered overlooked overपर काबू किया हुआsquint, peep, pry
66Pokes her nosetakes an interest in something that doesn’t concern herउसकी नाक में दम कर दियाgape, search, snoop.
67Punchedmade holesछेद करनाhole, drill, dig through
68Railroad crossingan intersection where a railway line crosses a road or pathरेलमार्ग पारगमनroundabout, crosswalk, road junction
69Rattlerattling soundखड़खड़ाहट clatter, bang, clang
70Repulsivehatefulघृणोत्पादक revolting, disgusting, abhorrent
71Resolutely stifledsuppressed/ controlled with determinationपूरी तरह से अस्तव्यस्तassiduously, determinedly, diligently,
72Roarloud sound चीख squeak, howl, roarer
73Scarcelyhastilyबिखरा हुआbarely, only just, almost not
74Shruggedpulled shoulders backघसीटना scribble, drag, move up
75Slack timea time when there is not much workनिर्बल समयbaggy, easy, flaccid
76Slip outgo out secretlyबाहर निकलनाbolt, decamp, disappear.
77Sociableamiableमिलनसारaccommodating, communicative, affable
78Specksmall signसूक्ष्म बिंदुpinprick, spot, fleck
79Spill overfall अधिप्लावन प्रभाव deluge, Drain, inundate.
80Spreadeagled spread outफैला हुआupright, knee-deep, prostrate.
81Starelook fixedly एकटक देखनाgaze, gawk, glare
82Startledsurprisedचौंकनाbe amazed, give a start, tremble
83Stretchedspreadतनी हुई extend, straighten, unbend
84Stripesparallel lines धारियाँ line, strip, belt
85Temptationattractionप्रलोभन bait, seduction, inducement
86Throughfarea busy public roadमार्ग way, door-way, communication
87Thriftilyspend money carefullyकिफ़ायत सेprovident, prudent, canny
88Tinysmallछोटा हैpocket, fun-size, petite
89Traversedcrossed, travelledपार करना pass, swim across, vert
90Treatoffering serviceउपचार करें remedy, occupational therapy, recourse
91Tremendousgreat, highअतिबृहत huge, enormous, immense
92Uglydirty कुरूप misshapen, featureless, ungainly
93Variousmanyविभिन्न different, diverse, several
94Ventured outwent cautiously, courageouslyबाहर निकलना adventure, risk, post
95Windshieldwindscreenविंडशील्ड windscreen, window, glass.
96Wistfullylonginglyजोर से contemplative, dreamy, forlorn.