Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 10 The Sermon at Benares

1Scripturesthe sacred writings of a religionएक धर्म के पवित्र लेखनScripture, Evangel, Bible
2Befittedbe appropriate for; suitबेफिक्रेin keeping with,fitting,
3Chanced uponcame across by chanceसंयोग से आयाmeet, happen, find
4Alms money or food given to poor people; charityदानDonation, presentation, Alms
5Enlightenmenta state of high spiritual knowledgeशिक्षाeducation, learning, teaching,
6Wandered to move without a fixed courseभटकनाperegrinate, tramp, hang about
7Vowedsolemnly promise to do a specified thingक़सम खानाvow, take an oath, swear
8Preacheddeliver a religious address to an assembled group of peopleधर्म का उपदेश देनाsermonize, evangelize, speak
9Holysacredपवित्रgodly, pavitr, blest,
10Dipping places bathingस्नानablution, bathe, bath
11Inscrutablesomething which cannot be understoodरहस्यमयmysterious, occult, secret
12Royaltykingly familyराज-धराने के सदस्यauthority, eminence, distinction
13Heretoforetill thenपहलेin the first place, primarily, since
14Shieldedprotectedरक्षा करनाpreserve, guard, intercede
15Funeralprocessionशवयात्राinterment, entombment, committal
16Monkmendicantसंन्यासीfriar, hermit, anchorite
17Witnessedsawदेखनाsee, observe, watch
18Reflectsshowsप्रकट करना disclose, declare, manifest
19At lengthin the endविस्तार सेincessantly, constantly, ceaselessly
20Physiciandoctorचिकित्सकtherapist, medic, medico
21Repairedwentजानाwalk, come in, visit
22Mustard seedan oil seedसरसों के बीजflavouring, seasoner, seasoning.
23Procuregetप्राप्त करनाprocure, realise, reap
24Griefsorrowशोकmourning, weeds, lament
25Wearytiredथका हुआeffete, sick, weariful
26Hopelessin despairआशाहीनdisappointed, disgusted, desperate
27Flickered upshoneजगमगनाglint, glimmer,gleam
28Extinguishedput outबुझा हुआ blow out, refrigerate, suffocate
29Desolationdeep sorrowमायूसी disillusion, despondence, despondency
30Immortalitydeathlessnessअमरताimperishability, immortalization, immortelle
31Surrenderedsubmittedआत्मसमर्पण कर दियाyield, concede, submit
32Mortalshuman beingsनश्वरcreature, individual, earthling
33Earthen vesselspot made of baked clayमिट्टी के बर्तनearthy, secular, tellurian
34Potterone who makes potsकुम्हारthrower, mess about, mess around
35Overcomecontrolled byकाबू करनाconquer, defeat, tame
36Departgo awayचला जानाmosey, drive away, move off
37Kinsmenrelativesसंबंधीrelationship, kinsfolk, kindred
38Marklookचिह्नsymbol, emblem, trace
39Lamentinggrievingविलापीquerulous, plaintive, grieve
40Slaughterkillingहत्याmurder, killing, assassination
41Afflicted withaffected byसे प्रभावितimpaired, suffering, doleful
42Decayrotting degenerationsसड़न putrefaction, rottenness, putridity
43Paleyellowपीलाashy, paleface, paly
44Composedcontrolled रचित composing, composed, composite
45Blessedthe one who gets blessingसौभाग्यशालीblessed, auspicious, lucky barge