Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 11 The Proposal

1 Carafean open-topped glass flask used for serving wine or water in a restaurantगिलास flask, jug, pitcher
2 Egadexclamation (expressing surprise, anger, or affirmation)भगवान की कसम. soberly, seriously, genuinely
3 Excruciatingintensely painful; sever; acute; extremeउत्तेजित करनाagonizing, extreme, savage
4 Gypsiesa group of nomadic people who travel from one place to anotherबंजाराgitana, zingaro, Traveller
5 Hoarsesounding rough and harshबेसुराunturned, disharmonious, inharmonious
6 Impudenceaudacityधृष्टता insolence, effrontery, cockiness
7 Lameunable to walk as the result of an injury affecting the leg लंगड़ाlimping, halting, gammy
8 Pardonforgive or excuse (a person, error or offence)क्षमा करेंremission, clemency, indulgence
9 Perpetuitythe state or quality of lasting foreverसदा के लिएconstancy, continuance, continuity.
10 Spit it outspeak outजो कूछ कहना चाहते हो कह दो confess, disclose, explain.
11 Tremblingshaking or quivering, typically as a result of excitement, anxiety or frailtyसिहरनshake, quiver, twitch
12Affectionate readily feeling or showing fondness or tendernessस्नेह करने वालाfond, amicable, friendly
13Assistancethe action of helping someoneसहायता aid, relief, patronage
14Awfullyvery; extremelyभयंकर रूप से eerily, fearfully
15Birchwoodsa wood of birch trees बिर्चवुड्स…................
16Desirea strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happenइच्छा wish, want, fancy
17Drunkarda person who is habitually drunkशराबीsop, boozer, drinker
18Gamblera person who gambles; speculatorजुआरीbacker, staker, speculator
19Go round and round not coming to the main point गोल-गोल घूमो…...............
20Guzzlinggreedy (here)गूंजनेवालाgulp, bolt, wolf
21Hesitatepause in indecision before saying or doing somethingहिचकिचाना feel shy, shrink
22Housekeepera person who manages a householdघर का काम करनेवालाcaretaker, chambermaid, housemaid
23Idioticvery stupid, sillyमूर्खतापूर्ण senseless, stupid, imbecile
24Impudentnot showing due respect for another personप्रभावशालीimpertinent, insolent, cheeky
25Inheritedreceived as an heir at the death of the previous holderवंशागत assume, take over, come into
26Lovesicklonging, yearning or desiringप्यार करनेवालाpining, frustrated, twitterpated
27Lunatica person who is mentally ill (not in technical use)पागलcrazed, rabid, dement
28Neglige form of nightgownढीला ढाला पहनावाcamisole, dishabille, nightdress.
29Oxen meadows a land full of grass for animals to graze inबैलों का मेड़ा grass, meadow, grazing
30Palpitation heartbeat धड़कन pulsation, throb, dither
31Rascaldevilबदमाशcunning, rogue, shifty
32Restrainprevent from doing something; keep under control or within limitsनियंत्रित करना contain, check, inhibit
33Twitcha sudden quick moment or feelingझटका jerk, spasm, convulse
34A whole verstmuch behindएक पूरी क्रियाentire, total
35Accustomedhabitualआदीgiven, disposed, acquainted
36Acknowledgeadmitस्वीकार करनाavouch, betake, comply
37Agitatingbecoming excitingउत्तेजित करनाincite, rouse, stimulate
39Backbiterscriticizing others behind their backsपीछे पड़नेवाला detractor, calumniator, malingerer
40Bakeheatसेंकना foment, roast, parch
41Balla kind of danceसामाजिक नृत्यविशेषbullet, caltrop, conglobation
42Be damnedan abuseभाड़ मे जाओ infernal, hateful, loathsome.
43Beetlesinsectsझींगुरgrasshopper, cricket
44Blind henan abuseगालीrebuke, invective, scold
45Cabcarriageटैक्सीtaxi, minicab, hackney cab
46Calmlypeacefullyशांत हो जाओeasily, serenely, smoothly.
47Champagnea kind of liquor शैम्पेन…...........
48Clutchesholdsपकड़catch, grip, clasp
49Confoundedconfusedभ्रांतcaptious, Laputan
50Consentagreementसहमतिassent, concurrence, accord
51Contradictiondisagreementविरोधantithesis, Contention, contraposition
52Deserveableयोग्य होना behove, be worth, merit
53Dessiatinsa currencyमुद्रा…..........
54Disputequarrelझगड़ा fight, squabble, strife
55Embezzlementfinancial misappropriationगबनDefalcation, gaban, peculation
56Embraceshugsगले लगाता हैcaress, enfold, enclasp
57Evidenceproofसाक्ष्यtestimony, showing
58Excellentvery goodउत्कृष्टtranscendent, sublime, best
59Get-updressवेषguise, clothes
60Give uprenounceछोड़नाleave, quit, discard
62Haystrawसूखी घासforage, pasturage, herbage
63Heap bettermuch betterबेहतर है a lot better, streets ahead, strongly preferable
64Heartylarge-heartedहार्दिक warm, unpretentious, cordial
65Heatedangryगुस्साannoyed, disgruntled, indisposed
66Hump-backedwith curved backहंप-समर्थितgibbous, bent
67Hystericsmad criesहिस्टीरिक्स wildness, irrationality, frenzy
68Implorerequestप्रार्थना करनाbeseech, request, supplicate
69Interruptinginterferingबाधा डालनाimpede, hamper, balk
70Intriguersplannerसाज़िश करनेवालाconspirators, plotters, schemers.
71Landgrabberone who grabs other's landजमीन हड़पने वाला robber, booster, bunco artist
72Lunacymadnessपागलपन insanity, psychosis, paranoia
73Make head and tailunderstandसमझनाrecognize, realize, know
74Maliciousfull of ill willदुर्भावनापूर्णspiteful, despiteful, diabolic
75Meadowsgrasslandsघास का मैदान lea, mead, lawn
76Milksopan abuseगाली invective, scold, swearword
77Mist fogधुंध blight, hoar frost, tushaar
78Monsterdevilराक्षस demon, fiend, giant
79Mowerscrop cuttersघास काटने की मशीन biter, clipper, mower
80Muzzlenose and mouth of an animalनाल-मुखmouth, jaws, maw
81My treasureterm of endearmentमेरा खजानाvaluables, wealth.
82Numbsenselessसंवेदनहीनinsignificant, objectless, Abracadabra
83Off my balanceexcitedमेरे संतुलन से दूर lopsided, unsteady.
84Overshotwhen the lower jaw is shoter than the upperओवरशोटexceeded, outran, outreached
85Partridgea birdतीतरcurlew, grouse, pheasant
86Pausestopविरामhalt, discontinuation, period
87Pedigreeraceवंशancestry, genealogy, family tree
88Pettifoggera clever personपेटीफ़ोगर cheater, chiseler, mouthpiece.
89Privilegespecial rightविशेषाधिकारcharter, perquisite, faculty
90Pupsmall dogपिल्ला canine, coxcomb, dandy.
91Scarecrowfigure in the field to scare birdsबिजूका bugaboo, bugbear, dread
92Screamscriesचिल्लानाyell, shout, exclaim
93Shedsdropsगिरा देनाthrow down, kick off, tear down
94Shellingremoving shellsगोले हटानाattack, pound, bomb
95Sparkstiny glowing hits of fireस्पार्क्स particle, iota, jot
96Splendidbeautifulशानदारmagnificent, spectacular, superb
97Squeezeswringsनिचोड़ता हैpress, screw, crush
98Stackedstoredढेर लगानाpile, huddle, stack
99Staggersfallsडगमगाता हैstumble, wobble, weave
100Stuffed sausagean abuseगालीexploit, pervert, ill-treat
101Suspiciousdoubtful संदिग्ध suspected, dubious, implausible
102Threshingseparating grain and chaffपके दाने अलग किया जाता है garnering, harvesting, separating
103Throughbredpure hiedशुद्धरक्तpure, full-blooded
104Trackingfollowingनज़र रखनाpursue, shadow, stalk
105Triedsuedकोशिश कीattempt, endeavour, seek
106Tumblerglassटम्बलर goblet, wine glass, beaker
107Turnip-ghost an abuseगालीtreat roughly, knock about, mishandle
108Twistedbentमुड़ गया perverted, warped, deviant
109Unfairnessinjusticeअन्यायdiscrimination, favoritism, inequality.
110Villianscoundrelखलनायकpunk, skunk, ruffian
111Wailsweepsविलाप moan, lament, mourning
112Wedgedlying in betweenपहने हुएcram, jam, crush
113Whipcane with a stringकोड़ा lash, scourge, thong
114Wizen-faced frumpan abuseगालीtreat badly, ill-use, misuse