Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 2 Nelson Mandela

1Desirea strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happenइच्छाinclination, intent, readiness
2Favourapproval, supportसमर्थन करनाespouse, uphold, champion
3Perish dieमरनाexpire, go under, transit
4Sufficebe sufficientकाफ़ीbe enough, be sufficient, suffice
5Somesome peopleकुछ लोगslight, small, scrimp
6End in fire in the end, this world will end in a fireballअग्नि में समाप्तquench, smother,snuff out
7In icethis world will freeze and ice will cause the end of this worldबर्फ़black ice, glaze, verglas
8From what I have tastedhere from my experienceचखनाsample, savor, sip
9Tasted of desireexperienced passions and desires in loveइच्छा का स्वादcraving, longing, hankering
10Hold with thosestand with those, support those personsखड़ा रहनाgrab, clutch, cradle
11Who favour firethose who believe that this world will end in fireजो लोग मानते हैं कि यह दुनिया आग में खत्म हो जाएगीapproval, grace, esteem
12Enoughsufficientपर्याप्तadequate, substantial, ample
13Hatedislikeघृणा करनाloathe, nauseate, Execrate
14destructionruin fitgralनाशdestruction, ravage, end