Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying

S.No.WordMeaningsMeanings (in hindi)Synonyms
1 Ascending the sky the act of rising up through the air आकाश पर चढ़नाflying in sky, rise up
2 Beckoninggestureइंगित signal, wave, motion
3 Beneathunderनीचेdown, below, underneath
4 Compassinstrument for telling direction दिशा सूचक यंत्र scope, range, extent
5 Flapped(of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly फड़फड़ाया flutter, agitate, swing
6 Frightened terrified डरा हुआfearful, afraid, scared
7 Herringa soft-finned sea fishएक प्रकार की मछली amphioxus, cavally, Eel
8 Monstrous horrible राक्षसी demonic, infernal
9 Runwaya strip of hard ground along which aircraft take off and land मार्ग route, path, passage
10 Shriekingmaking a high-pitched piercing cry or soundज़ोर से चिल्लाना howl, squeak, scream
11 Strangelyin a strange mannerअजीब तरह से prodigiously, quizzically, rummily
12Brinkthe extreme edge of land before a steep slope or a body or waterकिनारा strand, edging, confines
13Cacklelaugh in a loud, harsh way खिलखिलकर हंसना guffaw, chuckle, giggle
14Cawedutter a cawजगाया हुआ cackle, hoot, screech.
15Commendedpraised प्रशस्त expansive, smashing, nifty
16Courageboldness साहस adventure, daring, spunk
17Cowardicelack of bravery कायरता effeminacy, recreancy, poltroonery
18Curvettingperform a series of jumps on the hind legs घटता हुआ bounding, hopping, leaping,
19Derisivelyin a manner expressing contempt or ridicule. उपहासपूर्वक disdainful, insulting, mocking.
20Desperatefull of disappointment निराश frustrated, hopeless, despondent
21Devoureat quickly निगलना ingest, swallow, ingulf
22Expansea wide continuous area of something चौड़ा क्षेत्र stretch, sweep, tract
23Followedchased पीछा करना ensue, pursue, chevy
24Gladhappy प्रसन्न cheery, complacent, hilarious
25Haltedstopped रुका हुआ cease, finish, discontinue
26Headlongwith the head foremost लंबे समय तक reckless, precipitate, rash
27Humpa rounded raised mass of earth or land उभार protuberance, lump, bump
28Immediatelyat once तुरंत instantly, quick, forthwith
29Ledgea narrow horizontal shelf projecting from a wall (or here) a cliff पहाड़ से निकली चट्टान shelving, projection, protrusion
30Looking forward towaiting eargerly प्रतीक्षा करना anticipating, awaiting, expecting,
31Mustergather एकत्र होना forgather, close up, congregate
32Obedientone who obeysआज्ञाकारी compliant, dutiful, meek
33Plaintivelysad शोकपूर्ण ढंग से agonizingly, bitterly, dolefully
34Plungejump or dive डुबकी लगाना dip, submersion
35Preeningto clean its feathers संवारना tidy, arrange, plume
36Ridgesa long, narrow hilltop, mountain range, or watershed पर्वत पृष्ठ mound, knoll, pimple
37Scrappeddiscard फेंकना emit, shove, plunk
38Seagulla bird that lives near the sea and has short legs, long wings, and white and grey feathers सीगल…..............
39Seizedgrab छीनना snatch, shear, pillage
40Shrillywith a high pitched and piercing voice or soundतीव्र कर्कश आवाज से acute, high-pitched, loud.
41Skimtouch lightly हल्के से स्पर्श करें cream, glide, move lightly
42Soaringflying or rising high in the air उड़नेवाला flying, volatile
43Swooped(especially of a bird) move rapidly downwards through the air झूलकर उतरना descend, sweep, pounce
44Tauntingmocking मज़ाक करना droll, jest, poke fun
45Twistedshook मुड़ गया perverted, warped, deviant
46Upbraidingscoldफटकार reprimand, castigation, Invective
47Utteredmake a sound with one’s voice मुंह से उत्पन्न करना emit, let out, produce
48Vastbig विशाल massive, cyclopean, decuman