Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

1 Musingsa period of reflection or thoughtसोच thinking, brooding, consideration
2 Adorable lovable, cute अति आकर्षक asthore, Idol, love worthy
3 Confideto tell personal things privately to a person that one trustsविश्वास करनाbelieve, give credit to, rely
4 Contraryopposite in nature, direction, or meaningविपरीत against, adverse, antagonistic
5 Enhanceintensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of. बढ़ानाEnlarge, develop, Eke
6 Farewellan act of parting or of making someone’s departureबिदाई goodbye, adieu, hooray
7 Intendedplannedप्रयोजन रखने का deliberate, intentional, calculated
8 Listless with no energy or interestउदासीन indifferent, nostalgic, effortless
9 Not to lose heartnot be discouraged हतोत्साहित न होंfearless, indomitable, steadfast.
10 Old fogeyan old fashioned personपुरानी प्रसिद्धि pensioner, elderly person, old-timer.
11 Quakingshake or trembleबुझाना quiver, shiver, shudder
12 Roaredlaughed (here)दहाड़े मार कर हंसना loud, prospering, thrifty
13Annoyedslightly angry; irritated नाराज disgruntled, indisposed, shirty
14Assignedgave crammedनियत Fixed, stipulated, prescribed
15Celebrationfestivity उत्सव fete, feast, function
16Chatterboxa person who likes to chatter; talkative गप्पी telltale, peddler, blab
17Convincingcapable of causing someone to believe that something is true or real; powerful समझानेवाला cogent, persuasive, potent
18Dedicationcommitmentनिष्ठा enthusiasm, zeal, diligence
19Depressedsadउदास dreary, gloomily, crest fallen
20Dummiesan object designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual oneपुतली imbecile, dullard, moron
21Emigratedleave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another.स्वदेश त्यगना relocate, resettle, defect
22Exhaustedcompletely used up थका tired, aweary, spun
23Faultmistake दोष blame, defect, flaw
24Forthcomingimminent आगामी next, ensuing, future
25Get alongdeal with तरक़्की करना progress, succeed, flourish
26Glancestake a brief or hurried look झलक glimpse, peep, flash
27Grandamagrandmother दादी granny
28Incorrigiblenot able to be changedअसुधार्य inveterate, incurable, unreformable
29Ingenuitythe quality of being clever, original and inventive कौशल, सरलता simplicity, ingenue, dexterity
30Inheritedderived genetically from one's parents or ancestors. वंशागत assume, take over, come into
31Jottedwrite (something) quickly संक्षेप में लिख देना note down, put on paper
32Liablelikely (here) संभाव्य probable, imaginable, plausible
33Mistressa woman in a position of authority or control मालकिन captain, woman-leader, chief.
34On the surfaceapperentlyसतह पर evidently, ostensibly, presumably
35Outburstsa sudden release of strong emotion प्रकोप eruption, explosion, flare-up.
36Pleadingto make an emotional appeal सानुरोध याचना petition, supplicate, importune
37Plungejump or dive quicklyडुबकी लगाना submersion, dipping, diving
38Proceededto begin a course of action प्रवृत्त होना progress, carry on, press on
39Promptedprovokeउसकाना stimulate, spur
40Rambleto talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential ways असंबंद्ध बात करना chatter, babble, prattle
41Ridiculousdeserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd बेहूदा fibbertigibbet, inept, Laputan
42Severalmany कई, विविधvarious, sundry, divers
43Solemncharacterised by deep sincerity संस्कारपूर्ण dignified, ceremonial, stately
44Stakedbet, chancedदाँव लगाना controvert, impugn, make a match
45Traitqualityविशेषता specialty, characteristic, predominance
46Unpredictable not able to be predicted; changeable अप्रत्याशित incalculable, uncertain, unsure
47Versewriting arranged with a metrical rhythm, typically having a rhyme श्लोक poetry, Parnassus, poesy