Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses

1Nudgea gentle pushकुहनी मारना poke, elbow, dig
2 Assembledgather together in one place for a common purposeसंकलितcompiled, amassed, anthologized
3 Drizzling rain lightlyबूंदा बांदीshower, mizzle, sprinkle
4 Exaggeratedoveremphasiseअतिरंजित overstated, inflated, magnified
5 Gaspedcatch one's breath with an open mouth, owing to pain or astonishment.हांफता हुआ blow, heave, wheeze
6 Mistreatedto treat someone badlyबुरा व्यवहार करनाmishandle, misbehave
7 Scarcelyhardly; barelyकठिनता सेheavily, inchmeal
8 Shudderedshake, trembleकाँपना pulsate, quake, shiver
9Absent-mindedlywithout making muchअनुपस्थित-मन से forgetful, distracted, inattentive
10Accordwish सहमत होनाconsent, symbolize, concurrence
11Accountdetail वर्णनdescription, narration, representation
12Admirationrespect and warm approvalआदर honor, reverence, esteem
13Announcedeclare घोषणा करना promulgate, publicize, proclaim
14Blonde hairgolden hairसुनहरे बाल pearly, sallow, snowy.
15Brilliantshinningचमकदारbright, glossy, lucid
16Censuscounting of peopleजनगणना enumeration, poll, demographics.
17Courteouspolite, respectfulविनम्र docile, tactful, soft
18Crooked sortawkward कुटिल प्रकार devious, gnarled, meandering.
19Cruelunkind निर्दय unmoved, heartless, dispiteous
20Dazzlingextremely impressive, beautiful, or skilfulबहुत चमकीलाblinding, glaring, gleaming
21Discriminatedmade discriminationभेद करना differ, tell, mark off
22Disguise to give a different appearance to conceal its identityकपट वेश बनानाcamouflaged, incognito, under cover
23Eagerlywith eagernessबेसब्री सेdazedly, distractedly, deucedly
24Embarrassedashamedशर्मिंदा awkward, self-conscious, uneasy
25Encyclopediabook dealing with all branches of knowledgeविश्वकोशalmanac, compilation, concordance.
26Enduringlong lastingटिकाऊdurable, permanent
27Ethnicitypetaining to raceजातीयताnationality, race, background.
28Exactlycorrectlyठीक ठीक precisely, entirely, absolutely
29Exquisitebeautifulअति सुंदरlovely, elegant, graceful
30Greetedwelcomedसत्कार करनाdignify, respect, entertain
31Hang rightfit properlyसही लटकाओpass, spin, swing.
32Hitchingcatchingपकड़ जाना pull, jerk, hike
33Hopscotcha kind of game एक लोकप्रिय खेल…..........
34Hurriedquickजल्दी कर दियाspeed, lose no time, dash
35Identifiedrecognisedपहचान की recognize, single out, pick out
36Incredulouslyshowing unwillingness to believeअविश्वसनीय रूप सेdoubtful, hesitant, quizzical.
37Inseprablethat which cannot be sepratedअविभाज्यIndivisible, Impartible, Indecomposable
38Inventeddiscoveredआविष्कारdevise, inventory, contrive
39Ironedpressed with ironइस्त्री किया हुआpress
40Judgeassessedआंकनाestimate, define, evaluate
41Lavish gorgeousउदारsumptuous, luxurious, costly
42Ledgeshelfआगे निकला हुआ भागsalience, prominence, jag
43Mockingmaking fun of मजाक करनाdroll, jest, fun
44Murmuredsay something in a low or distinct voiceबड़बड़ाया हुआrave, haw, grumble
45Notablefamousप्रसिद्धrenowned, legendary, popular
46Obviouslyapparently जाहिरा तौर परperceptibly, cognizably, overtly
47Occurred took placeप्रयुक्तhappen, transpire, materialize
48Peals of laughterloud laughterहँसी के ढेर giggle, twitter, snicker
49Possessionswealth/things keptसंपत्ति property, assets, fortune
50Pretended not genuineढोंग कियाfabled, seeming, professed
51Protectedsavedसंरक्षितconserved, guarded
52Rarelyvery seldomशायद ही कभीinfrequently, hardly ever, scarcely ever
53Roughindisciplinedअसभ्यrude, intractable, uncivilized
54Sashscarfपट्टीstrip, bandage, spline
55Scuffling of feetcreating noise by thumping shoesपैरों का फड़कनाfracas, ruckus, strife.
56Shrieks screamचिल्लाहटshout, vociferance, outcry
57Stolidlycalm, dependable, and showing little emotion and animationपूरी तरह सेcatatonic, deadpan, empty
58Suburbsoutskits of the cityउपनगरperiphery, faubourg, purlieus
59Surroundedencircledचारों ओर से घेरनाlocal, adjoining, bordering
60Targeta person chosen for attackलक्ष्य goal, objective, tee
61Teasingbotheringछेड़ छाड़ aggravate, molest, banter
62Treatbehave withव्यवहार करनाdemean, carry, affect
63Trimmingsdecorationट्रिमिंगcuttings, clippings, parings
64Velveta kind of clothमखमलीsoft cloth, delicate
65Windowsillledge or sill forming the bottom part of a windowखिड़की के नीचे की आलमारी.…..................