Class 10 English (Hornbill) POETRY Word Meanings

Chapter 1 A Letter to God

1CrestTop of a hillशिखा peak, highest point, top
2 Amiable Friendly And Pleasantसौम्यgentle, mild, placid
3 Contentment Satisfactionसंतोषgratification, quietness, reconciliation
4 Exclaimedcry out suddenly in surprise, strong emotion, or pain.चिल्लानाyell, shout, scream
5 RegardedConsider Or Think Of In A Specified Wayविचार करना ponder, mull, think
6Blowhard stroke with fist आघात hit, jolting, damage
7Bossperson in authorityमालिकmaster, proprietor, manager
8Bunchgang / group झुंडbundle, gather, collect
9Careera professionकैरियरbusiness, profession, vocation
10Causedmadeउत्पन्न करनाgenerate, produce, originate
11Charitybenefactionदानी संस्थाfund, trust, foundation
12Confidencefaithआत्मविश्वासtrust, belief, conviction
13Consciencean inner sense of right and wrong.अन्तश्चेतनाmorals, standards, values
14Continentremarkसंयमीmainland, abstinent, abstemious
15CorrespondenceCommunication by exchanging letters with someone.पत्र - व्यवहारcorrelation, similarity, resemblance
16Crookrogueबदमाशshifty, wily, rascal
17DaybreakThe time in the morning when daylight first appearsसवेराmorning, dawn, morrow
18Denyrefuseअस्वीकार करनाreject, decline, disown
19DottedFull Ofछितराया हुआdisseminated, scattered, sporadic
20DownpourHeavy Rainमूसलधार बारिशtorrent, hailstorm, splurge
21DrapedAdorn, Cover, Or Wrap ढांकनाsheathe, shroud, deck
22Effortattemptप्रयासtry, endeavor, offer
23Entirecompleteसंपूर्णthorough, total, overall
24Exposing make (something) visible by uncovering it.; revealप्रकट करनाunfold, evince, disclose
25Expressionaspect of faceमुखाकृतिcountenance, features, phiz
26Goodwillfriendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitudeसद्भावनाamiability, benevolence, compassion
27HailstonesA Pellet Of Hailओलावृष्टिcrystal, glacier, glaze.
28Harvestseason's yield of cropउपज improvisation, collecting, garnering
29InstructTeach / informनिर्देश देंorder, command, direct
30IntimatelyCloselyघनिष्टता सेinformally, personally, well.
31Lickpass the tongue overचाटना partake, taste, lap
32Obligedgratefulआभारीrequire, compel, constrain
33Ox of a manhardworkingमेहनती diligent, industrious, conscientious
34Performdoपालन करनाexecute, act, produce
35Predictsay in advanceपूर्व-सूचना देनाanticipate, conclude, envision.
36Regardedlooked closelyध्यान से देखनाwatch, observe, take notice
37ResembleHave A Similar Appearance मेल खानाdovetail, go together, harmonize
38Resolutiona firm decision to do or not to do something.संकल्पdetermination, pledge, solemn vow
39Shakeweakenमंद करनाquiver, shiver, judder
40Slightestvery littleथोड़ा साmeager, scant, diminutive
41Solitarya lonelyएकान्तunique, only, individual
42Stuckremained determinedदृढ़ निश्चयी रहेfixed, joined, glued.
43Thoughoutall throughसर्वत्रeverywhere, ubiquitously, anywhere
44Upsetworriedपरेशानdistress, trouble, perturb
45Wrinklinghave wrinklesझुर्रियाँ पड़नाcreased, lined, crinkled