Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5 | CBSE Board


Question 41. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline. Robert Bruce – king of Scotland – fought bravely for the freedom of his country – did not achieve success – was hiding in a cave – was upset and disheartened – spotted a spider drop by its thread from the roof – attempted to get back its web – dropped repeatedly – came out successful in the ninth attempt – greatly inspired by the spider – filled with new hope – Bruce fought back again – succeeded


Long ago, Scotland was not a free country and Robert Bruce, the former king, was ousted from his own kingdom by his enemies. He fought bravely to win back the freedom of his country but to no avail. He was deeply upset and disheartened by his own failure. He was hiding in a cave, feeling miserable. Suddenly, he spotted a spider drop by its thread to reach the web, but soon fell back. The king was sure that the spider would never reach its web.  It tried again and again but fell down each time. The king said to himself, “The spider will not make another attempt.” To his surprise the spider kept trying and it finally reached the web in the ninth attempt. The spider had finally succeeded and Bruce was greatly inspired and filled with a new hope by the perseverance of the spider. He made another attempt and fought his enemies. He succeeded in giving a crushing defeat to his enemies and won the battle.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 42. Read the opening line given here and the clues in the box. The story is also given below. 

Opening line ‘When time almost ran out……’

Outline: Hari clutched his cell phone – three minutes left to rescue his daughter – no talk time left – imagined her held captive in handcuffs in a dark room – ran down the street in the market – was in a shabby state – worried and tense – tripped and fell – clutched the bag with money to be given to the kidnappers – people stared – got into the blue Ford as instructed – drove into the basement of the building as told – parked in a vacant spot – had almost given up hope of meeting his daughter – placed the bag and yelled – heard his daughter’s voice – she held his hands and they moved towards the car – she was sorry for not obeying her father – she had spoken to a stranger – he activated GPS hidden in the bag – next day read about the criminals being tracked and nabbed by the police


Time almost ran out- Hari had to act fast. He flipped open his cell phone and hurried down the dark, crowded alley. He had three minutes left and almost no talk time. There was a sudden flash as he realized he had emerged on to the main street and into the glowing sun. His daughter was probably in a dark room with cuffed hands and all he knew was that he was to do exactly as they told him or else.

His pace quickened two minutes left and only one phone call. He reached the Hotel Grande and broke into a run. Since morning he had been struggling to keep things under control. He had been running around the city, frantically looking for his daughter. His tattered clothes were full of the smell of blood, sweat and mud. He regretted “If only she would listen to my word”. He had always warned his daughter and told her not to talk to strangers but his words went unheeded. One minute left and he reached the destination, the blue Ford was parked at the back. He dialed the number.

“You are almost late,” said a voice. “Well, I’m not,” Hari said. “Take the car, reach the end of the market, and go into parking and…….”

The voice was replaced by a sudden beep and a message “No talk time.” He dropped to his knees and shouted as people turned to stare at him. He got into the car and drove to the basement parking. The stench of sweet suddenly hit him with a blast of hit air. He parked the car in a vacant spot, kept the bag and shouted, “I, m here!” His voice cracked in desperation. “Dad, I’m here!” Hari felt a small hand clutch his fingers. He felt giddy. He held his daughter as she said, “Dad, I can’t breathe.  Let’s leave before they reach here.” She regretted that she had not obeyed her father and she had spoken to a stranger. She said “Dad, I’ m sorry.” He got into the car, not before he activated the GPS hidden in the bag and said to himself, “The criminals will be sorry now.” The next day the headlines glared ‘Criminals tracked down and nabbed  by alert police’.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 43. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: Akbar’s court – two men Shamsher and Raghav  each claimed that he was the master and the other servant – Shamsher had gone to Afghanisthan – left property and wealth for servant Raghav to look after – he refused to return his wealth or property when Shamsher returned – Birbal  smiled – said he could read  minds_ asked both men to lie down with their faces towards  the floor – ordered a soldier to cut off the servant’s head – soldier confused but took out his sword – Raghav ran to the King and begged  for forgivness – Birbal was rewarded – intelligent and presence of mind

Answer.                      THE REAL MASTER

One day two men named Shamsher and Raghav came to Akbar’ court. Shamsher said, “Greetings my king. We have a problem. I am Shamsher and this man Raghav is my servant. I went to Afghanistan for a  few weeks and left all my wealth and property with Raghav so that he could look after it. When I returned, he claimed that he was the master and refused to return all my property.”Akbar was confused and did not know who the real master was. Akbar called for Birbal and told him to find out who the real master was. Birbal smiled and said, “I can read minds.” He instructed both the men to lie down on the floor with their faces downwards. He told one of the soldiers, “cut off the servant’s head.” The soldier was absolutely confused but he came and stood near both of the men. In an instant he drew out his sword and fleshed it. At the moment one of the two men, Raghav ran and fell down at emperor Akbar’s feet and cried, “ Forgive me Lord, I am the real servant.”Akbar ordered him to be put into prison and rewarded Birbal for his intelligence and presence of mind. Shamsher got back all that rightfully belonged to him.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 44. Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words.                                 (150-200 words)

Outline: Rita – a quiet, intelligent girl – ninth birthday – friend Sunita presented a magical story book – bought from an old woman – pictures of fairies in the book – one fairy would come alive – a good and truthful child could only spot the right picture – an injured parrot – Rita  helped – took it to veterinary surgeon (neighbour) – parrot cured – magic fairy spotted –  became a good friend of Rita

Answer.                            TWO FRIENDS

Rita, a quiet and intelligent girl, was fond of reading stories. On her ninth birthday, her best friend Sunita gifted her magical story book. She said, “I bought this from an old woman who sells story books for children in the nearby town. She said that there is one fairy in this book who is real. If a child is good at heart and truthful and spots the picture, the fairy will come alive and speak to the lucky one”. 

Rita was thrilled and kept looking for the right picture but failed. One morning she woke up to see an injured parrot on the window sill. It was in pain and could not move. She was initially scared but somehow gathered courage to pick it. The parrot appeared helpless and simply fluttered its wings in vain. She ran to her neighbour’s house who was a veterinary surgeon and knocked at the door. Dr. Samarth Gupta opened the door. Rita said,  “  Uncle, please help me. Give some medicine to cure this parrot.” The old man smiled and helped willingly. By afternoon the parrot was better.

After lunch Rita opened her magic book again and to her surprise the fairy on the tenth page came alive. She said, “Dear Rita I was touched by your kind gesture and the way you treated the parrot. We are friends now. You can talk to me once every day but it is a secret to be hidden from others.” Rita was too happy, she spoke to the fairy about her friends and how she loved her family. She also told the fairy about her favourite things. So, the two shared a lot and became friends for life.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5


Question 45. The following outline has been developed into a story. Read the outline and the story that   follows.

Outline: A pool of Clear water — a stag drinking — sees reflection in water — admires his graceful branching horns — ashamed of his weak, thin-looking legs — hunters and hounds — the stag flees — his horns caught in a thicket — caught — the stag pulled down by hounds – his dying thoughts

Answer.                         THE VAIN STAG

One day, a stag came to a pool of clear still water to drink. As he was drinking, he saw his form reflected as clearly in the pool as in a mirror. He could not help admiring his graceful branching horns but he felt ashamed of his weak, thin-looking legs. My horns are my glory, he said to himself, but my thin ugly legs look absurd! Just then he was startled by the sound of hunters and hounds. A hunt! At once the stag took to his heels, the hunters and hounds chasing him in full cry. Taking swift strides and leaps, the stags soon left them far behind. Just as he was about to escape the hunters, the horns got caught in the branches of a thicket. The stag tried with all his might, but could not free himself. The hounds soon came upon him and pulled him down. As the poor stag  lay dying, he thought, my legs which I despised, could have saved me, but my horns, which I admired have caused my death.’

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 46. Write a story about a little red hen and his three lady friends.

Answer.                THE LITTLE RED HEN

There was a Little Red hen who worked on a farm. She had three lazy friends, a cat, a duck and a frog. The three lazy friends did not do anything all day, except sleeping.

One day the Little Red Hen found some wheat seeds. She wanted to plant them. So, she asked her friends to help her. “Who will help me plant seeds?” she asked. “Not me!” replied the three lazy friends and went back to sleep. So, she planted them on her own. When the seeds started growing, she asked for their help in watering the plants. “Who will help me water the plants?” she asked. “Not me!” the three replied again, before going back to bed. So, she watered them on her own.

After the plants were ready to be cut and ground into flour, she asked her friends to help again. They refused again. So, she did everything on her own. Then, she asked their help in baking the bread. “Who will help me?” she asked. “Not me,” the three lazy friends replied. So, she baked nice and hot bread. Finally, when she sat down to eat, the friends came up to her and asked, “Who will share her bread with her friends?” The hen replied, “Not me,” and ate the bread on her own.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5


Question 47. Write a story with the moral “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Answer.                        A THIRSTY CROW

Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water. When he was completely exhausted, he saw a pitcher.

He reached and saw a very little water at the bottom. Some pebbles were also lying beside the pitcher. After some though, he hit upon a plan. He took pebbles and started putting them one by one in the pitcher. The water level rose up. He was happy. He drank to his fill and flew away happily.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 48. With the help of given outlines, construct a story in about 80-100 words.

Outline: A fox very hungry – goes in search of food – Reaches a garden – sees grapes – mouth waters – jumps unable to reach – goes away

Answer.                 THE FOX AND THE GRAPES

Once a fox became very hungry. He had nothing to eat. He went here and there in search of food. He went on wondering but found nothing. At last he reached a garden. There he saw grapes hanging from a vine. They were ripe and nice. His mouth began to water. He wanted to eat them but the grapes were very high.

He jumped again and again but all in vain. They were too high for him. At last he become deadly tried. At last he went away saying, “These grapes are sour. If I eat them, I shall fall ill.” 

Moral:  Greediness is a curse.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 49. With the help of the following outlines write in about 80 words on “Failure are the pillars of Success”.

Outlines: Failures build the pillar of success – blessed are those who failed – sweetness of success – failure symbolises hardships, misfortunes – continuous efforts – example of king Bruce of Ireland – success in the long run.


As bricks help in building a house, in the same way failures are the pillars of success. We can realise the significance of success only after failures .Blessed are those who have failed. The sweetness of success is increased for those who have tasted it after taking the bitter fruits of failure. Failures symbolise hardship, misfortunes and trials. Encountering with them and over-powering them make an ennobled man with the qualities of determination and strong –will. Constant efforts always crown such a man one day. The best example of King Robert Bruce of Ireland can be quoted. He failed seven times to free his country from the foreign rules but he did not lose heart. He tried the eighth time and succeeded. Thus failures are the pillars of success

Question 50. There was a storm brewing outside and you were all alone at home. Suddenly the lights went out. In about 80 words, write a story. You could use some of the phrases given below.

Outlines: Jumped in fright – disappeared in a flash – screamed in horror – scared the daylight out of me – to my relief – touched something eerie

Answer.                   A FEARSOME NIGHT

The night of 15th August put me in a deep vacuum when all my family members had gone to my maternal uncle in Delhi to attend the wedding function .Though they wanted to take me along with them but I totally ignored them as I have to appear for my paper in the combined competitive test to be held on the next day. Thus I was left alone at my house. It was about 8.00 p.m, I was engrossed in my studies. All of a sudden a violent storm brewed outside. There was both thunder and lightning. In no time the lights went out. There was a pitch dark and nothing was visible. I jumped in fright and a scream came out in horror from my mouth. I was totally upset about what to do. 

I closed all the doors and sat on the sofa. Even the inverter lights did not serve the purpose. I searched for a torch and candles but nothing was found. Tears were about to come about but I did not lose heart. I went on gathering courage and peace internally. But whenever I touched anything, it disappeared in a flash and I saw the morning light. I was happy to see the light. I opened the door as the storm had subsided completely. My hawker was standing at the door with the morning paper. I was happy to see him and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5


Question 51. Develop a story using the given outline. Give an appropriate title to your story as well.       

Outline: Man and his wife – fortunate – had a goose – goose laid a golden egg each day – happy – but soon began to think – not getting rich fast – planned to cut the goose – take the gold – become rich – so the man and his wife – killed the goose – shocked – got nothing inside – innards of goose – just like any other goose – couple regretted it


Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife. The couple was fortunate to have a goose who laid golden eggs. The goose laid one golden egg every day. The couple was very happy but they soon began to think that they were not getting rich fast. One golden egg each day was not enough for them. They thought that if the bird is able to lay golden eggs, its inside would be full of gold. So, the man and his wife decided to cut the goose and take out all the gold inside. This would make them rich very soon. So the two of them killed the goose. They were shocked to see that inside there was no gold. The innards were like any other goose. The couple regretted the decision of killing the goose that gave them a golden egg every day.

Question 52. Develop a story using the given outline. Give an appropriate title to your story as well.   

Outlines: The mice were very unhappy – the cat killed many of them – held a meeting to discuss how to get rid of the cat – various suggestions – no plan practicable. Then a young mouse suggested that a bell should be tied round the cat’s neck – all welcomed the proposal with joy – an old mouse stood up – asked who was going to tie the bell round the cat’s neck

Answer.                    BELLING THE CAT

In a certain house which was infested with mice, the cat found easy prey. The mice were very unhappy. The cat killed so many of them that they were all in great fear. At last they held a meeting to discuss how they could get rid of the nasty cat. One mouse said this, another said that, but none of the plans was of any use. Then a young mouse stood up and said, “the best thing we can do is to tie a bell round the cat’s neck. Then when the cat comes we will hear the bell and get out of the way.” All the mice shouted, “Good! Admirable! Simple! Easy!”. They all thought it was a very good plan, indeed. But now an old mouse, who had all the while been listening to the proposals quietly, stood up and said, “Yes, it is a very good plan, no doubt, but who will tie the bell round the cat’s neck?” No one came forward to say that he would.

Class 10 Short Story Writing Page 5

Question 53. Develop a story using the given outline. Give an appropriate title to your story as well.   

Outlines: A young man applying for a post – is told ‘no vacancy’ – goes out disappointed – notices a pin lying near the door – picks it up – is engaged

Answer.             A YOUNG MAN REWARDED

Once a smart- looking young man visited the office of a business firm to seek employment. The manager, though pleased with his bearing, said. ’There is no vacancy for a clerk. ’The young man, disappointed, turned to leave. As he was passing out of the doorway, he saw a pin lying near it, which he at once picked up. The manager saw this, and was favourably impressed by the young man’s tidiness and attention to small matters. He made up his mind that the applicant was too good to be allowed to go away. So he called him back and engaged him as a clerk in his office. The young man in due course rose to be the head of the firm. It was his love of order and economy that brought him success in life.