Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 9 Fog

1Harbourthe place where ships load and unloadबंदरगाहanchorage ground, harbour
2Hauncheshipsजांघthigh, ham, haunch
3Fogthick white cloudकोहराsmoke, pea soup, mist
4Comesto arrive some where or reach a particular place or timeआनाapproach, arrive, come about
5Littlenot bigछोटाmini, small, short
6Feetthe lowest part of the body, at the end of the legपैरtrotter, toe, edge
7Sitsto rest your weight on your bottomबैठनाroost, seat, settle
8Lookinghaving the appearance mentionedदेखनाfocus, watch, view
9Citya large and important townशहरcity, town, burg
10Silent making no noiseमूकnoiseless, soundless, peaceful
11Movesa change of place or positionस्थान-परिवर्तनpass, make a move, shift