Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon

1Spikesthin pointed surfaceकीलwedge, tack, cleat,
2ScalesThin bony plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles.तराजूscute, plate, scute
3Underneathsituated directly belowनीचेdown, below, under
4Fire placeAn outdoor structure of brick, stone or metal for an open fireअग्नि का स्थानcamp fire, bonfire, balefire
5DaggerA sharp knifeछुराcreese, snickersnee, stiletto
6Barreldrumपीपाkeg, cask, butt
7Chased hunt, followका पीछा कियाpursue, run after, track
8Rageangerक्रोधfury, indignation, ire
9Unmercifulcruelबेरहम remorseless, Draconian, heartless
10PercivalA knight in King Arthur’s courtराजा आर्थर के दरबार में एक शूरवीर,,,,,,,
11Giggledto laughहंसनाtitter, snicker, chortle
12WeeckHere it is the sound made by the mouseयहाँ यह माउस द्वारा बनाई गई ध्वनि है,,,,,,
13Nasty bad or unpleasantबुराnegative, ugly, ungodly
14Growled barkभुनभुनाकरroar, roll, thunder
15PirateA person who robs ship in the seaजहाज़ी डाकूsea cock, filibuster, sea reaver
16Windait is used for windowखिड़की,,,,,,
17Paledturn yellow due to fearपीला हो जानाgrow pale, pale
18Yelpa short sharp cryभौंकनाsquawk, screech, whoop
19Trickled here, runछल किया हुआdribble, drizzle, flow
20Strategicallyplannedरणनीतिकcardinal, decisive, imperative
21Mouseholedhere it is the hole where the mouse livesयहाँ वह छेद है जहाँ माउस रहता हैbuzzard, mousetrap, rat-hole
22Snortingmake a sudden explosive sound through one’s noseसूंघनेsniffing, snoring, snuffing
23Clashedfoughtसंघर्ष करनाconflict, clash, jar
24Dungeonunderground prisonकालकोठरीsolitary cell, prison, jail
25Clatter Clanksound of hard object falling on each otherऐसी चोट लगाना जिससे खनखनाहट पैदा होनाsmash, noise, thunder
26RobinA birdएक प्रकार का पक्षी जिसकी छाती लाल होती हैbudgerigar, bantam, bluejay
27Gaped stared with mouth wide openमुंह खोलनाopen up, yawn, part
28Gulpedswallowगटकना gulp, eat, swallow
29Grog a drinkजलमिश्रित सुराalcohol, booze, aqua vitae
30Flagona container made of silver in which drink is storedतरल पदार्थ रखने का मूठदार झंझरcarafe, decanter, flask
31Embraced to hugगले लगा लियाcuddle, grab, hug
32Mournedfeel sorrow for the death of someoneशोक व्यक्त कियाlament for, plain for, weep for
33Victimsuffererविपत्ति-ग्रस्तcasualty, fatality, wounded person
34Gleedelightआनंदenjoyment, joy, happiness
35Gyratedancedचक्कर खाते हुए घूमनाgo round in circles, whirl, rotate
36Flusteredupset or confusedघबराया हुआupset, disturb, worry
37Kittenthe young one of a cat बिल्ली का बच्चाpussy, pussycat, kitty
38Greyof grey colourधूसरsilvery, gunmetal, sooty
39Mouseratचूहाfield mouse, murine, vermin
40Wagoncartगाड़ीcarriage, roadster,dray
41Realioreallyअसलीin (actual) fact, in reality, genuinely
42Sharpvery active of sharp mindतेज़nimble, precipitant, darting
43Dragona large aggressive animal with wings and a long tail, that can breath out fireअजगरpython, rabbitfish, dragon
44Cowarda person who lacks courageकायरcapon, recreant, faintheart
45Rudelyin a rude mannerबेरूखीunimproved, Incondite, Indelicate
46Meowchcried like a catबिल्ली की तरह रोयाshout, wail, groan
47Cutlassa daggerमुडी हुई छोटी तलवारblade, sword, lance
48Meant no goodhis intention was not good मतलब अच्छा नहींinutile, valueless, drossy
49Fledran awayभाग गएgo off, scram, skedaddle
50Terrifiedin terrorभयाकुलscared, horrified, fear-stricken
51Squirmwriggleकुलबुलानाsquirm, fidget, pleach
52Worminsectकीड़ाmoth, dross, dor
53Firedfired bulletsगोलीeject, hurl, shoot
54Every bit completelyपूराevery bit, Exquisite, Entire,
55Licklicked with tongueजीभ से चाटनाtaste, lap, tongue
56Presentlynowअबnowadays, these days, shortly
57Spoke2nd form of speak saidबोलाvoice, talk, declare