Class 10th English Poem Word Meanings

Chapter 4 How to Tell Wild Animals

1Tawnyyellowish brown colorगहरे पीले के रंग काbeige, bronze, brown
2Noblehigh born, aristocraticमहानkingly, supreme, statuesque
3Discern recognizeपहचाननाcognize, discriminate, Know
4Strolling walking casuallyटहलनाramble, dawdle, promena
5Forthforwardआगेonward, in front, fore
6Hideskin of animalखालexuviae, integumentary, hide
7PepperedHere it means the spotsबखेरनाsplash, broadcast, pepper
8Lept (Leapt)jump towards someoneकूदनाbounded, hopped, sprang
9Yardbackyard or the lawn area of a houseअहाताcurtilage, yard, Enclosure
10CaressA gentle touchलाड़ करनाcaress, dandle, canoodle
11DistinguishDifferentiateअंतर करनाdistinguish, tell, differ
12Beast of PreyAny animals that hunts other animals for food    शिकार के लिए जानवरanimal of prey, carnivore, meat-eater
13NoviceSomeone new to a jobनयाfresh, neoteric, newly
14Nonplusbe confusedउधेड़-बुनbewildered, bemused, puzzled
15Roaming roundwanderingघूमनेवालाdrift, meander, prowl
16Wildnot domesticजंगलीjunglee, scapegrace, sylvan
17Greetswelcomesअभिवादन करना hail, salaam, make a bid
18Stripeslinesधारियाँband, strip, belt
19Nodeto see validlyगाँठ anbury, bale, gland
20Viewseeदेखनाperceive, scrutinize, sight
21Spotsmarksनिशानpop, dot, speck
22Leoparda big cat of the tiger familyतेंदुआ leotard, leopardess, pard
23Twill do no goodwill not be of any useटवील अच्छा नहीं करतेprofitless, unusuable, valueless
24Painsufferingपीड़ाanguish, distress, soreness
25Creatureanimalप्राणीlife form, organism, critter
26Twill Hugsembraces tightlyकसकर गले लगाता हैenfoldment, hug, scissors
27Very hardholds tightlyबहुत मुश्किलarduous, exhausting, hard
28Be sureyou must be sureसुनिश्चितmake sure to, see that you, mind that you
29DoubtsSuspectsसंदेहsuspicion, hesitance, misgiving
30GuessI make a guessअनुमानestimate, approximate, calculate
31Thoughalthoughयद्यपिeven though, even if, inasmuch as
32Crocodilea large reptile with hard skin and big jawsमगरमच्छalligator, antelope, buckskin
33Telldistinguishभेद करना differ, discriminate, mark off
34Hyenaa wild animal like a dogलकड़बग्घाbush baby, gorilla, aardvark
35Thusin this wayइस प्रकारconsequently, so, thusly
36Merryhappyसंतोषमयjoyful, joyous, glad
37If they Weepif the animals weepरोते हैंbleed, exude, ooze
38Chameleona lizard like small creatureगिरगिटopportunist, pretender, timeserver
39Lizarda small reptileछिपकलीdragon. n., iguana, alligator
40Everat any timeकभीat any point, on any occasion, always
41By chanceall of a suddenइत्तफ़ाक़ सेperchance, haphazardly, happy-go-lucky
42In the eastin the eastern regionsपूर्वी क्षेत्रों मेंeastward, eastwards, eastwardly
43Advancecoming towardsआगे बढ़ानाoutbid, further, carry forward
44Largehugeविशालspacious, large, gigantic, enormous